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Bluetooth Versus Wireless Mice

hikerhat Don't waste money on a wireless mouse (519 comments)

I've used both types and a wired mouse is far superior and much cheaper. A bluetooth mouse does take too long to wake up, costs too much, and the batteries will die when you need them most. With a wireless mouse with a USB dongle you will lose the USB dongle. But before that happens your batteries will die when you need them the most. And it costs too much. Cheap wired mice weigh less, cost so little you don't worry about losing it, are durable, and always work perfectly.

more than 5 years ago

The Beginnings of a TLD Free-For-All?

hikerhat Chaos I tell you, absolute chaos! (489 comments)

OMG. Anyone can create any second level domain they want! Think of the chaos!!! Oh, wait, you said TLD. OMFG Think of the chaos!!! Extortion! Porn! Actually nothing bad will happen. Settle down 14 year old slashdot readers.

more than 6 years ago


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