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Office Robots of the Near Future, Gearing Up

hildi i didn't suggest anything (100 comments)

i merely pointed out the logical consequences of a particular action.

this is not 1999. they can't go get another job down at starbucks serving lattes to html "coders".

our real unemployment is about 20 percent, our real inflation is about 6 percent.

if you automated everything that could be automated, there would be no jobs left for a mass swath of the population. yes you can send them back to shcool, that means funding that schooling somehow, which of course, is not really happening because so many hundreds of billions of have been wasted in the for-profit diploma mills, because comunity colleges are funded by states/cities, whose tax base is shrinking and whose federal stimulus money is gone.

more than 3 years ago

New York Times Reports US and Israel Behind Stuxnet

hildi yes! just like a german jew (406 comments)

1. its illegal for you to marry a non-'common sense american'

2. you are not allowed to work

3. your house/apartment has been taken from you and you live in a walled ghetto

4. your money has been 'kept for safety' by a special bank for 'common sense americans' only

5. your place of worship got burned down last year

6. several of your friends are dead

7. within 6 years, everyone you ever knew or loved will be a skull in a mass grave

8. you live in a one party state without any elections, with one single labor union controlled by the state, a massive military industry based on slave labor, and a dictatorial leader who has corrupted the entire court system, and replaced the constitution with laws that specifically single out 'common sense' americans for death or imprisonment

yes. i can see very much how being a "common sense american" is JUST LIKE being a german jew in 1939.

more than 3 years ago

NASA's Next-Generation Airplane Concepts

hildi hooray for the planned economy (120 comments)

NASA existed only because of the Soviet Union. The SU is gone, all the NASA fanboys need a fat sandwich of reality.

Boeing needs to stop fucking around with pie in the sky bullshit and focus on, you know, not going bankrupt because their main product line (Dreamliner) is 2+ years behind schedule and still full of bugs, while their main competitor (Airbus) is kicking their ass in the marketplace.

You know, the marketplace. That thing America was supposed to understand and be good at. Because of all our freedom or something. Whatever.

Next thing you know, we will be flying on Chinese jets while we listen to our Chinese ipods through our Chinese earbuds eating our Chinese peanuts wearing our Chinese shoes.

Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman, unless I am mistaken, are supposed to be making robots that kill people. Not this milk toast hippie bullshit 'green airplane' stuff. When was the last time the US ever sold a Northrup Grumman passenger plane to Denmark or Saudi Arabia? Didn't think so.

Oh, and if we dont need killer robots anymore, then maybe Lockrop Grumtin should merge and/or shut down just like every other @#$@# obsolete company, ever, you know, the way things are supposed to work in a capitalist system.

We need to wake the fuck up and realize some things.

1. The only reason we went to the moon was to beat the Commies there, so they wouldnt put a nuke base and start raining down 50 megaton Tsar Bombas on Omaha Nebraska.

2. The only reason we had Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, the Shuttle, etc, was because of Sputnik, Voshkod, Buran, Borscht, whatever the hell their stuff was called. That's the only reason Congress approved the money, and the only reason the executive branch approved it. We could have fucking annexed Canada and given every goddamn person a fucking lifetime supply of refrigerators and Chryslers for what we spent going to the moon, but we chose the latter because we hate Commies.

3. The commies are gone. The only commie left is Castro, and he loves baseball. not shooting protestors like Mao's friends over in the Great People's Wal-Mart/Apple Production Facility On The Yangtze.

conclusion: suck it up. NASA should be abolished and replaced with something called Starfleet, with one mission, to explore and seek out new life and new civilizations. or something. as long as its cheap and uses unmanned robots that can be controlled by teenagers working for minimum wage, preferably (better yet, outsource it to india)

Boeing should build fucking airliners and sell them to foreigners.

Luckup should shut the fuckup and build robot bombers or close down. The air force should be abolished.
Our aircraft carriers, which are gigantic fucking floating three-mile-islands waiting to happen, should be scrapped.
Preferably in an Indian shipyard where workers have no rights or pollution controls, to reduce costs.
The navy, thus, could be abolished, its actual useful duties taken over by the Marines.

And NASA, well, NASA needs to do what the Russiands did with Buran. Leave it in a crappy hanger until it collapses and
saves us all a lot of maintenance costs.

End of interview!

more than 3 years ago

New York Times Reports US and Israel Behind Stuxnet

hildi it means they have spies in Russia (406 comments)

considering that 1. Massive numbers of Jews left Russia to go to Israel in the past 20 years 2. Massive numbers of those Russians know a shitload about computers and 3. Massive numbers of them keep contact with their buds in Russia and 4. Russia has been helping Iran with its 'civilian' nuclear program for a long time. Now, 4 is probably at the behest of the CIA, who pays the Russians big bucks to go "help" Iran. Thank god, is all I have to say, because of the Russians weren't inside Iran's program watching it, then the Chinese would be, and that's the last thing we need, a China-Iran alliance.

more than 3 years ago

New York Times Reports US and Israel Behind Stuxnet

hildi like if say, someone blew up a ship of our ally? (406 comments)

and killed dozens of sailors? or, say, shelled their islands killing 4 people? like that kind of act of war that brought on armageddon? you mean we would go and bomb them into the stone age? oh .. ok. coz im pretty sure we would 'write them a very stern letter', or in Obama's days, "work closely with our partners to blah blah blah blah" i love the 'work closely with our partners' thing. where the hell did that come from?

more than 3 years ago

Sony Closing 18M CD/Month Plant

hildi i'm saying, lets stop lying to ourselves (318 comments)

the tech industry is not green. it never has been green. if you want to make it green, you have to deal with reality.

more than 3 years ago

Sony Closing 18M CD/Month Plant

hildi where do you think computers come from? (318 comments)

a CD manufacturing plant in a country with an actual working EPA is far, far better for the environment than the toxic waste dump that we are creating in China right now,where environmental activists get thrown in prison as 'enemies of the state'. . Thats what we do to make all of these iphones, ipads, iwhatever, which seem to get thrown out every 2 years for the 'new generation'. Close your eyes, stick your head in the sand, pretend that magic fairys give you printed circuit boards. also, where do you think the energy comes from to power the servers for downloads? it ain't some wind farm. i don't see any "renewable offset purchasing" logo on the apple istore. that 'clean tech' is powered by dirty, dirty coal dug out from the innards of a mountain and burned in a giant plant that pours smoke into the air

more than 3 years ago

Hank Chien Reclaims Donkey Kong High Score

hildi do you know what a Credit Default Swap is? (122 comments)

according to a large number of people on wall-street, it is nothing more than gambling. and we didn't spend "millions" to bail out the gamblers, we spent hundreds of billions.

more than 3 years ago

EMC Engineer Steals Almost $1 Million of Kit One Piece at a Time

hildi Goldman Sachs made several billion ... (235 comments)

from credit default swap contracts with AIG that got payed off 100 cents on the dollar when the taxpayers were forced to bail it out. the biggest theft in history was the credit bubble of 2005-2007, but people are too busy refreshing fark and watching live at 5 to care.

more than 3 years ago

When Smart People Make Bad Employees

hildi and then there is reality (491 comments)

imagine your boss literally starts fights between coworkers by telling lies. he sexually harasses the staff and fires people for no reason, while keeping favorites on who lie and cheat on their projects. he doesnt want to learn anything and thinks you are all morons. of course, the 'good managers' elsewhere in the company cant do or say anything about it, because thats 'undermining the chain of command' or whatever. so badboss sits there, driving 20+ people out of the company in 2 years. good people. thats how life works. your 'example' is nice, but ... there is no 'positive outcome' dealing with a sociopath. the bitter, angry coworkers tend to be the best people, because they are the only ones you can trust, and who have some semblance of honest human feeling left inside them, while the gossiping smileys are the most likely to stab you and leave you to die so they can get a better job review.

more than 3 years ago

NJ Server Farms Remake the US Financial Markets

hildi how shorting a stock works (216 comments)

1. you borrow stock 2. you sell it 3. you wait till the price drops 4. you buy some of the stock (even if it is still falling, you never know when the bottom will hit) 5. you return the 'borrowed' stock to the original lender between step 2 and step 4, your income was high_price*number_of_shares, minus low_price*number_of_shares

more than 3 years ago

Should Wikipedia Just Accept Ads Already?

hildi a business. like GM, bear stearns, enron, lehman? (608 comments)

i think the best thing wp did is to not hire a bunch of MBAs to suck money out of it for their own benefit. it should allow 'underwriting' like NPR not ads.

more than 3 years ago

US Army Unveils 'Revolutionary' $35,000 Rifle

hildi Hope you read more books (782 comments)

until kids in afpak have a choice between A. Starvation and B. Taliban school, there isn't going to be any end to the fighting. if anything good came from wikileaks, it is that ambassador to Pakistan who has been screaming at the guys in washington about this.

more than 3 years ago

Empire Strikes Back Director Irvin Kershner Dies at 87

hildi well, another unsung woman (132 comments)

Marsha Lucas edited the first two movies, then george became a workaholic and they divorced. downhill ever after imho. editing is key to a great film, or so i have heard from film geeks. Tarantino's editor Sally Menke, died and ... i dont think it will be the same without her.

more than 3 years ago

USCG Sues Copyright Defense Lawyer

hildi your basic human rights are not a technicality (360 comments)

you cant sue someone thousands of miles from where they live just so you can get away with it becuase they cant afford to defend themselves and you cant sue someone for harming you if they --didnt actually harm you--. if they have properly transferred power of attorney or something thats one thing. but there are rules and they need to be followed.

more than 3 years ago

USCG Sues Copyright Defense Lawyer

hildi strict constructionist (360 comments)

im pretty fucking sure the founding fathers meant 'legal advice' = 'free speech'. especially if our modern SCOTUS thinks corporations donating billions to false campaign ads is 1st amendment. this whole fucking argument is re god damned diculous.

more than 3 years ago

Homeland Security Seizing Pirate Site Domains

hildi my subission on this (2 comments)

i screwed up the url in my submission, but i wanted to point out they are tracking visitors to the seized websites using google analytics and the GPL piwik funnily if they have modified piwik code then they must release their modified code otherwise its a GPL violation.

more than 3 years ago



DHS seizes domains, tracks visitors, violates GPL?

hildi hildi writes  |  more than 3 years ago

hildi (868839) writes "Department of Homeland Security has seized several dozen domain names. In place, they put their seizure logo, along with google analytics and piwik tracking code. First off, what right do they have to track visitors to these domains? Second, have they modified their version of piwik? If so, are they violating the GPL by not releasing their source code modifications?"
Link to Original Source


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