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Extracting Audio From Visual Information

hippo It's curtains for privacy (142 comments)

The minimalist architects are in league with the spooks!

about a month and a half ago

An Engineer's Eureka Moment With a GM Flaw

hippo Re:Public service announcement (357 comments)

I think you should point out that this advice is for automatic gearbox cars. In a manual the engine will keep turning while in gear and will keep the power assist to the brakes and steering going.

about 6 months ago

Synthetic Chromosomes Successfully Integrated Into Brewer's Yeast

hippo Re:New dimension for beer (107 comments)

I'd like to volunteer for the testing process. Two pints a day for ten years should give you a good idea if it is harmful. Please deliver to my local.

about 6 months ago

Drone-Assisted Hunting To Be Illegal In Alaska

hippo Re:Sadistic (397 comments)

It's not a level playing filed if you carry a knife. Vladimir Putin strangles them with his bare hands and Chuck Norris just kills them with a single punch.

about 5 months ago

BP Finds Way To Bypass US Crude Export Ban

hippo Re:So all the crap stays in the US? (247 comments)

Since most of the crap ends up in the atmosphere or ocean it really doesn't matter where you refine in the long term.

about 7 months ago

It's True: Some People Just Don't Like Music

hippo Finally (268 comments)

Someone has taken the trouble to study Simply Red fans.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Online News Is Worth Paying For?

hippo Financial Times (361 comments)

Not afraid to print numbers and graphs.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Practical Bitrot Detection For Backups?

hippo Re:Checksums? (321 comments)

I run a weekly cron job that calculates md5sums for all the files on the media drive. Then it compares it to the previous weeks and emails the diff. If anything goes wrong I restore the file from one of my backups and check the MD5 again. I did have one drive that was slowly losing data. Turned out to be a dodgy sata port/cable but I've not lost a file yet.

about 9 months ago

"Ballooning" Spiders Use Electrostatic Forces To Generate Lift

hippo Re:Nature is amazing (213 comments)

> but I don't see why anyone would want to believe that

Maybe that's because you aren't as smart as the creator. Not saying that's the case but if I can't figure out why someone is doing something it's usually because I don't know as much as they do. I don't just assume it's because they're crazy.

1 year,7 hours

FOI Request Reveals UK Houses of Parliament Workers' Passion For Adult Content

hippo Wankers the lot of them (61 comments)

nuff said

1 year,19 days

Scottish Academic: Mining the Moon For Helium 3 Is Evil

hippo Not evil but dangerous (462 comments)

Seriously guys, he's a philosopher. I'm surprised no-one here has pointed out that it's the Helium that is keeping the moon floating way up there. Take the Helium away and it will sink back down to earth and we do not want that to happen. You think global warming is bad, just imagine how bad it would be with the Moon orbiting at 10000m. I guess we could try to time it so it touches down in the Sahara but if it overshoots it's goodbye Panama.

1 year,25 days

Obama Administration Overrules iPhone Trade Ban

hippo Re: You know (397 comments)

Agreed. It doesn't matter where the material get put together, the value added is reflected in the fact it is a US corporation and the value added is subject to US taxes.

Oh, wait...

about a year ago

Surveillance Story Turns Into a Warning About Employer Monitoring

hippo Re:Private browsing (382 comments)

You should run an ssh tunnel through the corporate proxy to your own installation of an apache proxy running on your home server. Then use that as your proxy for firefox. At least then you'll be spared the embarrassment of a SWAT team turning up at work.

about a year ago

Early Surface Sales Pitiful

hippo Sidebars are for you (251 comments)

Shove the taskbar to the side and stretch it out to 128 pixels wide. You can easily get 40 quick launch icons on the taskbar and you can add a toolbar folder and have launchers for all your favourite docs right there.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Setting Up Non-Obnoxious Outdoor Lighting?

hippo Re:But why? (445 comments)

Agreed. I find burning a faggot* best and quite safe with the modern faggot burners that became available around the time of the Jubilee. There were thousands of faggots burnt that night on all the hilltops around England.

* Bundle of dried sticks and twigs.

about a year ago

Launch of India's First Navigation Satellite Successful

hippo Re:So far, it sucks. (89 comments)

That's actually amazing. One satellite and your device can tell how far away it is.

about a year ago

One Year Since Assange Took Refuge in Ecuadorian Embassy

hippo Re:seems like a waste of money (541 comments)

Not sure how I managed to piss you off but I was just pointing out that the police cannot stop this situation. Nor can the UK government without being accused of political interference in judicial/police operations. The only people who can get Mr Assange out of the embassy are the Swedes, the Equadorians and Mr Assange. Of course, once he's out of the embassy he will be arrested by the UK police and charged with jumping bail (and he won't be getting bailed again). After that who knows. Time is not on his side, governments don't die of old age and there is no statute of limitations in the UK.

about a year ago

One Year Since Assange Took Refuge in Ecuadorian Embassy

hippo Re:seems like a waste of money (541 comments)

Well since most, if not all, of the taxpayers money is going in to the wage slips of the police guarding him it's not really a waste. It's not great but at least the money isn't going to some corporate tax haven.

The police cannot just let him go, there's an extradition request from Sweden, and those things are taken seriously mostly because of the quid pro quo.

about a year ago



Anonymous UK co-founder cleared of rape by not being anonymous

hippo hippo writes  |  about a year ago

hippo (107522) writes "In a rare case of positive irony Malcolm Blackman has been cleared of a rape charge at the Old Bailey. From the linked report: "Key video evidence and witness testimonies put Mr Blackman elsewhere at the time the woman – who cannot be named – claimed she was attacked.".

There's a picture too of him wearing a V for Vendetta mask on top of his head just to confuse things further."

Link to Original Source


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