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Airbnb To Hand Over Data On 124 Hosts To New York Attorney General

hirschma NYC Resident Here (149 comments)

People forget that there is another side here - the NYC resident. Consider that there's likely several people within 20 feet of me at any given time - this is the reality of big city living.

What AirBnB means to me is a diminished quality of life.

It means "guests" rolling in at 2am, feeling the need to open and close every door and cupboard (and waking up my household). Ringing my bell accidentally at all hours. Using AirBnB to find one-night party space. Smoking everywhere.

This is all from one apartment directly above me. If I complain to NYC, it means that they're sued to death and evicted (which I'm sorely tempted to do, but the punishment is very harsh). If I don't, I have to live in a noisier, less enjoyable circumstance.

And yes, I've taken the time to ask the folks upstairs to be more considerate. Their response? "It's our right", even though it's against the law.

AirBnB sucks.

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs?

hirschma Two kinds of people in the future (509 comments)

The notion of "haves" and "have nots" are going to be about robots, not about money. There will be two kinds of people in the future - those that own the robots, and those that are either displaced or enslaved by them.

Automation is going to make the future rather bleak, indeed. Universal welfare, anyone?

about 7 months ago

$30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

hirschma Re:To be fair... (653 comments)

FWIW, Sparkfun's revenues are something like $100mm+, which only makes their crybaby attitude even more silly.

They had to know that this was a risk. They gambled, lost, get back to work.

about 10 months ago

$30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

hirschma Re:To be fair... (653 comments)

Sparkfun must have known that those meters look almost exactly like a Fluke (because of the yellow, and a bunch of other reasons).

Sorry, but it is not an example of IP run amok. This is Sparkfun being disingenuous.

about 10 months ago

Undiscovered Country of HFT: FPGA JIT Ethernet Packet Assembly

hirschma So much innovation for so little value (452 comments)

Things like high frequency trading make me want to vom. Essentially, all they're doing is shuffling money around, taking advantage of an outdated system, and increasing risk for the entire world.

It'd be great to see this kind of innovation in something that actually is useful and valuable - not for creating an incremental improvement on a corrupt system.

about a year ago

Valve Announces Hardware Beta Test For 'Steam Machine'

hirschma Re:Not True (271 comments)

HDCP is cracked, this means you can record from the Tivo or the PS3 just fine.

Some helpful links? I'd love to record from those devices.

about a year ago

Valve Announces Steambox, Sort Of

hirschma 100 million? (252 comments)

Both the PS3 and the Xbox have lifetime sales figures of under 80 million.

I think that 5-10 million in sales, first year would make them a contender.

about a year ago

Robotics Research Lab Willow Garage Shutting Down?

hirschma Old news is old (23 comments)

That story was from the 21st. Of August :) If a robotics company falls in the Valley...

about a year ago

Work Halted On Neal Stephenson's Kickstarted Swordfighting Video Game

hirschma Poor, poor Stephenson (124 comments)


So let me get this straight: Best-selling, presumably well-heeled author uses his star power to hold the beggar's cup on Kickstarter.

Author spends the proceeds without delivering anything.

Author pens a nice FU to the folks that trusted him, gives up.

Stephenson: how about digging into your pocket and delivering what you promised? I sincerely hope that he now has 9000+ former fans that will never buy another book from him, and will tell their family and friends to do the same. And thus ends up taking a bigger financial hit than just simply doing the right thing.

about a year ago

Nokia To Release Lumia Case Design Files For 3D Printers

hirschma Um, no. (129 comments)

"The N900 might have been this neat little device but clearly it sold poorly or Nokia wouldn't have ditched it."

Your entire post starts from a false assumption. Actually, it sold really well considering. Some estimates are over 1mm. Here's some substantiation:


This was a phone with no subsidies, no marketing or advertising, not compatible with anything else...

OK, then of course, the N9 must have been a sales failure, right? Nope.


Again, no subsidies, no advertising - and Elop shitting all over it, disowning it, etc.

If anything, it looks like Nokia made the absolutely wrong decision. It's almost as if there was an agenda that wasn't primarily motivated by profit or unit sales. Hmmm.

about 2 years ago

Samba: Less Important Because Windows Is Less Important

hirschma Thank you, Jeremy Allison! (162 comments)


Since you're hanging about, let me take the opportunity to say thanks for making such a vital, useful and wonderful piece of software - and thanks to the rest of the Samba team, too.

I've used it at work over the decades, I use it at home even now. It's made my life better. That is not at all hyperbole.

I know that this is Slashdot, but it wouldn't hurt to say thanks, right?


about 2 years ago

Engadget Experiences the Solidoodle 3 3D Printer

hirschma Makergear M2 is *NOT* Open Source (70 comments)

Like Makerbot, they went closed source for their latest printer - the M2 that you're touting.

I have an M2, and it's a great printer, but there's nothing Open Source about it, sadly. Well, except for the fact that Makergear looks to the community for help with support and such.

more than 2 years ago

The Three Pillars of Nokia Strategy Have All Failed

hirschma Re:Thought plenty (409 comments)

The N900 sold somewhere between 1 and 1.5mm units.

This was without advertising.
Without marketing.
Without subsidies.

Yeah, that didn't sell particularly well. The N9 apparently did substantially better, even with Elop bending over backwards to prevent its success.

more than 2 years ago

The Explosive Growth of 3D Printing

hirschma Re:Extra E (213 comments)

There was a presentation about the genesis of Maker Faire at the Open Hardware Summit last week. The pointed out the French translation of "faire" - and said that it was something that they learned after the fact. FYI.

about 2 years ago

Poll Finds Americans Think the TSA Is 'Doing a Good Job'

hirschma Re:$10,000 CHALLENGE to Alexander Peter Kowalski (523 comments)

Yeah, that's pretty much it. The poll is polluted by non-traveling mouth-breathers.

Consider that only 1/3 of Americans hold valid passports. I'd guess that the percentage that flies more at least once a year is around the same, perhaps less.

Which means that the non-travelers are just fine with whatever tactics that the TSA uses.

more than 2 years ago



MakerBot Parent Stratasys Files Patent Litigation Against Afinia

hirschma hirschma writes  |  about a year ago

hirschma (187820) writes "Stratasys, which recently bought MakerBot, announced that it was filing for patent infringement against popular 3D printer vendor Afinia. While the Afinia UP! 3D printer is a closed-source design, the Open Source Hardware community is both worried and annoyed. Mostly annoyed, it seems, since MakerBot got it's start using OSHW designs to build their business. MakerBot's co-founder says it best in an older post back when MakerBot first went closed-source, which happened just a couple of days before MBI's Bre Pettis gave a talk about the challenges of OSHW in consumer products. Well, challenge apparently met."


hirschma has no journal entries.

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