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Wikipedia May Censor Images

hkgroove Morality Watchdogs? (171 comments)

More and more we're becoming a nation of pussies.

Let's hide the truths from our precious snowflakes or else they'll grow up to be the next Hitler.


more than 3 years ago

Stieg Larsson Is First Author To Sell 1M E-Books

hkgroove Re:American "Men Who Hate Women" (122 comments)

I think Ellen Page could pull it off. It's a bit more brutal than Hard Candy and just as dark.

more than 4 years ago

100 Million Facebook Pages Leaked On Torrent Site

hkgroove Re:frist psot (163 comments)

that was my facebook password before I deleted my account after someone changed it to "no it's not"

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Sues Salesforce.com Over Patents

hkgroove I love this patent for "embedded menus" (243 comments)

I would say a good 60% of high-content sites have used some form of this over the years - many now with just CSS and little-to-no JavaScript. Initially invented by SGI and involves a java applet... 14 years ago.

Patent 5,742,768

I have no faith in the judicial system when it comes to understanding patents and why MS has never gone after another rival who uses these and expect them to rule in favor of MS.

more than 4 years ago

Why Linux Is Not Attracting Young Developers

hkgroove Re:bad attitudes (742 comments)

Bad attitudes suck, but I can understand. When I go to one of my co-workers to talk about a problem I'm having, it's more to discuss and figure out the answer for myself. I know that logically, I have the answer (just may not realize it), but sometimes it's that response back to me during a brief discussion that might not be correct, but inadvertently leads me to the correct course of action.

I think that most people have an idea of what the answer is, it just hasn't manifested itself in an obvious way.

more than 4 years ago

PA School Spied On Students Via School-Issued Laptop Webcams

hkgroove Re:This is too protect the children (941 comments)

You're confused, the district was too cheap to install the Virgin Alarm program.

more than 4 years ago

Anonymous Speaks About Australian Gov't. Attacks

hkgroove "Don't Mess with Football" (235 comments)

I think the Jake Brahm incident (when he threatened to bomb stadiums) may have been a better avenue for saying that anonymous sites can still track someone stupid down and work with government officials.

Don't mess with football
Jake Brahm

more than 4 years ago

Google In Talks To Buy Yelp

hkgroove Yelp deletes reviews (95 comments)

I've had two reviews deleted that were "unfavorable" from Yelp. These weren't just "I don't like this" bland reviews, but critiquing service, food, etc. justifying 1 or 2 star ratings.

more than 5 years ago

The Technology Behind the Magic Yellow Line

hkgroove Re:Amazing... (261 comments)

They would still have to calculate the camera parameters to show the line in the proper position. The RFID sensors could possibly take out the human element of positioning the line manually after each first down.

about 6 years ago

Birth of the Moon: a Runaway Nuclear Reaction?

hkgroove Re:Wouldn't there be an empty space? (355 comments)

Tidal Forces, also, it could act as a blocker for rogue material headed Earth's way. Jupiter is also extremely important in deflecting comets and debris also keeping the asteroids at bay. But at the same time, Jupiter is most likely responsible for the belt.



more than 6 years ago


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