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Australian Linux User Group Fights Back Against SCO

hobsonchoice Re:The fake invoice scam (504 comments)

you can write a contract which makes it legal (include a clause that if SCO is found not to have IP rights, they will refund the licence money).

I don't think there will be any refunds (assuming they get anyone to pay). I expect they will say something like "This purchase is for UnixWare license, but also covers any SCO IP that may be found by a court to be present in Linux".

This way, they'll say you aren't entitled to a refund as you bought a Unixware license - and it's your problem if you're not using it.

P.S. My guess for the price of the license, $1500. I think they have to set the price high as 2 million X $1500 = $3bn. If they set it low, this might undermine their damages claim against IBM.

more than 11 years ago


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