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Why Are There No Popular Ultima Online-Like MMOs?

holychicken Re:EvE Online? (480 comments)

Nonsense. I started Eve in November 2009. I joined a piracy corp and was immediately doing roams finding other ships in my crappy little Rifter. That wasn't exactly for me, so I joined a blob and was immediately included in some huge battles. I also have a trader who I spend a lot of time just making a lot of ISK in the markets.

Sure, you can't be some uber soloer very quickly in the game, but to act like you can't do anything without having played for a year is an outright misrepresentation. . .you just can't be a loner and you have to know how to work in a group.

more than 4 years ago

Google Says Ad Blockers Will Save Online Ads

holychicken I can guarantee you (419 comments)

that I will never find online advertising to be a good thing.

more than 4 years ago

Checked out from the library right now, I've got ...

holychicken Library? (369 comments)

If you are going to do something as outdated as going to the library, you might as well use the dewey decimal system while you are there.

more than 5 years ago

I hold paper to vertical surfaces by preference with

holychicken Spooge (310 comments)


more than 5 years ago

In Defense of the Classic Controller

holychicken I think it is incredibly short-sighted (251 comments)

to not only not see the end of button controllers coming soon, but to see that as a bad thing.

Unless something drastic happens that makes us believe that we can't control games well with natural human movements, the controller is going to die.

Games are just so much more fun for so many more people when the input is intuitive rather than requiring you to learn what every buttons does. For those of us who grew up doing so AND kept practicing, it is not so hard, but for most people that is not true. And even for those of us who can do it, I wouldn't believe you if you said that you didn't find picking up the Wii controller "refreshing" the first time you did so.

more than 5 years ago

Sony CEO Proposes "Guardrails For the Internet"

holychicken They just don't get it (708 comments)

the internet has changed the world and people are no longer willing to pay the high prices for the crap that they are trying to deliver.

The implication that the internet could somehow destroy art really just exposes how out of touch with reality he is.

more than 5 years ago

Ball And Chain To Force Children To Study

holychicken I am getting one for my girlfriend (346 comments)

for when I want to have sex and the timer will only need to go up to two minutes.

The ironic name is just a plus.

more than 5 years ago

Most vital body part / system?

holychicken Re:Brain and Genitalia (480 comments)

"Can't enjoy genitalia without the brain."

I've been doing so for quite some time.

more than 5 years ago

Privacy In BitTorrent By Hiding In the Crowd

holychicken Re:Here's an idea... (240 comments)

It does not necessarily have to do with stealing. It is a privacy concern. Do you want someone being able to watch you without you knowing and getting a ton of information about you by doing so? Whether or not I am stealing, I do not want that. I suspect you do not want that either.

more than 5 years ago

Obamas Give Queen Elizabeth an iPod

holychicken So movies are a bad gift (649 comments)

But a signed picture of yourself is a good gift? Especially considering it is a zero thought gift because you give it to every dignitary that visits.

more than 5 years ago

Circuit Board Design For a Small Startup?

holychicken Re:IP in China (262 comments)

This cannot be stressed enough. Maybe some companies in China are trustworthy, but chances are if you do a "swap" all you would be doing is giving them your idea for them to make cheaply.

more than 5 years ago

The Most Influential Games In History?

holychicken Re:No sense of history (254 comments)

I don't mean to be a jerk but. . . I have been a serious gamer since the early 80s. If you can't see how influential Guitar Hero has been, from a gaming standpoint, and if you think it is a "button masher" you are quite possibly the most clueless gamer of all time.

Have you ever even played it?

more than 5 years ago

The Most Influential Games In History?

holychicken Re:This list is utter rubbish (254 comments)

Console games.

Repeat: Console games.

There isn't a single one on your list.

more than 5 years ago

Darkfall Set For Launch

holychicken Re:My review. . .as if any of you care (80 comments)

Yup, you can play. But the release is currently limited and they are temporarily sold out. So you would have to wait at least a little bit.

more than 5 years ago

Darkfall Set For Launch

holychicken Re:My review. . .as if any of you care (80 comments)

Didn't play any Diablo II so I have a hard to relating to it. But full loot is full loot. Everything you have on your character when you die is fair game to anyone who happens to come along and find your grave before you do.

I have always had another set of gear in the bank so that when I die, I can just run to my bank and grab the other set out. . . but there have been times I have been naked, or close to it. Crappy gear drops all over the place so you are rarely stuck for very long with nothing on. . .and I find a lot of help from within my guild. Really, I think working with a group is vital for this game.

Certainly there is no reason to delete your character when you die and it would probably be a bad idea. You do "skill up" as you use things, so if you hit with your 2-handed sword you get skill points in 2-handed swords and eventually do more damage with those weapons. Thus remaking your character makes you start this process all over again and it is slow going.

The major drawback to the game being "hardcore" is Universal Banks. You can easily just put something in the bank and then run naked to where you need to use it without risking losing your stuff.

As for the DVD, I wouldn't expect it any time soon although there was talk about releasing a box version at some point. Keep in mind that this is technically only the EU release. But, as I said, being a month or two behind DOES NOT make you useless. Sure, 1v1 you would probably get your butt kicked, but you can easily run with a group and still be able to contribute. It is nothing like being a level 1 character vs a level 70 character.

That being said, another drawback to the game is that I don't believe solo play is all that viable. There are not that many mobs that I can solo at this point and I have a hard time seeing them actually becoming soloable at any point. But really, all I have is a month of testing the game and it was up and down all the time so there may be much more to the game than what I know. But if you like FPS games and you like MMOs, it is certainly worth a closer look.

more than 5 years ago

Darkfall Set For Launch

holychicken My review. . .as if any of you care (80 comments)

I got into Beta over a month ago.

The good:

I like the fact that one can start a fresh character, jump into the game and immediately start to contribute to the cause. Sure, if you are a noob, you will suck, but that is only because you suck, and not just because your character is worthless gimped.

I like the combat. It is shallow, at least to start, but it is FPS based instead of target-based. I found myself in WoW staring at my bars waiting for CDs to expire. In DF, I have to focus on the screen and lead my target with my spells and archery. I couldn't play a caster or ranged DPS character in any MMO before because of the targeting system made it boring. But DFO makes ranged DPS very entertaining. Melee isn't much more than a knife fight in an FPS, but, honestly, I kind of like that.

Full loot. Some might not like it and I thought I wouldn't, but the rush I get from pretty much every PvP encounter in this game is unlike any I have experienced before.

The Bad.

Forum community is terrible and childish. But, honestly, I find that to be true with EVERY forum of an MMO. I haven't had much of a problem with griefing in the game itself, but it was only beta. . .so who knows what will happen at release. My guild however is one of the most fun I have been in.

Combat lack of depth. I can see this being a deal breaker for a lot of people. It doesn't bother me at all, but it could have a bit more going on.

Crafting/Harvesting is boring and just terrible in general. Harvesting literally is just sitting there clicking every ten seconds. Or, having a macro do it will you go walk the dog, get something to eat, take a dump, molest the girlfriend, masturbate to gay pr0n.

Company inexperience. Everything has been botched for the past few months from a company perspective. Pre-orders pretty much blew up. They have little communication with the community as to what is happening. They announced a release date, didn't say anything for a month, until the week before release they said it would be delayed. It was supposed to launch around noon EST yesterday, didn't launch until 2 in the morning and the servers went up and down all night.

Graphics are "eh" at best.

All that being said, when the pre-orders went up, I spent 3 hours refreshing the page waiting for it to work so I could get in on this game on the ground floor. To me it like an entirely fresh genre and I have enjoyed my time playing the game. It has some SERIOUS problems right now, but I think that if and when they are able to sort them out, this will be a great game. I wish I were at home playing right now instead of at work. . . but I guess that ain't saying much.

more than 5 years ago

How To Handle Corporate Blackmail?

holychicken Lawsuit. . .and I hate them. (675 comments)

I don't think you are required to give any notice and giving them more than the customary 2 weeks should make them happy with you, not threaten you. This is extortion and, as someone else said, libel. If you have any official documentation of that claim, I would sue them. . .and I am NOT a big lawsuits, but a company trying to threaten you like that deserves one.

more than 5 years ago

Jurassic Web

holychicken 1996. . . (430 comments)

was the year I realized that the internet really is for porn.

more than 5 years ago

Balancing Player Input and Developer Vision?

holychicken What players say they want (77 comments)

and what they actually want are two entirely different things.

more than 5 years ago


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