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68% of US Broadband Connections Aren't Broadband

hondamankev Keeping up with who? (611 comments)

The US carriers make no additional money by competing with anyone outside of the US. And did the report take into consideration that many people opt for the cheapest broadband available? The cheapest might not qualify as 4/1, or the "minimum" to be considered broadband. Which is just fine in that case. The consumer is getting exactly what he/she paid for.

more than 4 years ago

A Gut Check On Gutsy Gibbon

hondamankev Re:duhh. Where are they now? (390 comments)

RH brought the linux desktop to the masses. it was roundly criticized for it being too newbie friendly. PEOPLE WONT LEARN LINUX! they all said. Later, the same allegations were leveled at mandrake(iva) and Lindows/spire. IT HURTS LINUX MORE THAN IT HELPS they all cried. Well now that ubuntu is taking the desktop maturity to new levels of easeness, its now completely acceptable, and welcomed by all. Ease of use is in.

The ubuntu cheerleaders, which is allegedly now ~30% of all linux desktop users, defend their darling distro till death. I would wager that many of these same people are the very same people who publicly smacked RH around, mocking those who used it.

My question is, where are those people now?

I grew up on RH, and use Fedora today. I was one of those who, back in the day, would get lol'd at in efnets #linux channels when I asked for help. Perhaps I am the kid who got virtually beat up too many times in my linux childhood, but it seems to me the hypocrisy level is in overdrive in regards to ubuntu.

more than 7 years ago


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