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BD+ Successfully Resealed

honold Re:A list of movies NOT to buy (443 comments)

I think that DVD-A and SACD aren't tearing up the market because people are satisfied with CD audio, not because of DRM.

more than 6 years ago

New Super Mario Bros. Review

honold i dig it, but the lack of anytime saving sucks (248 comments)

the new powerups are less inspired than suits of old, but i think the mini-mario is a great addition for the floaty long jumps. i would have really, really liked to see it be more world-style with a cape and yoshis, though. it feels closer to smb1 than 2 or 3 though, and i do appreciate that. the level design is very good and nothing has felt too long so far. i'm currently on world 5.

the lack of saves is a drag though. perhaps i'm missing something, but it seems that you have to win a castle or pay to unlock a path in order to save. when i play, i actually avoid unlocking because the option to save is more valuable than the house items.

more than 8 years ago


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