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Eric Schmidt: To Avoid NSA Spying, Keep Your Data In Google's Services

houghi Re:Under US Jurisdiction? (273 comments)

Good that there are privacy laws, because we know how much the US Agencies and especially the NSA respect the law.

The time of paranoia is over. You don't have to THINK that your could be cvomprimised. You must act as if it IS compromised. Almost all companies are stillin the 'let's protect our data' but have NO clue what to do if that fails. "Yeah, but the IT guy said that if we change the password every 30 minutes, it would be safe."

2 days ago

IsoHunt Unofficially Resurrects the Pirate Bay

houghi Re:Found a better site (112 comments)

Just add filetype:torrent to your search and you are golden.

4 days ago

Google News To Shut Down In Spain On December 16th

houghi Re:Censorship (183 comments)

What really worries me is that one company can decide the policies of a country.

about a week ago

British 'Porn Filter' Blocks Access To Chaos Computer Club

houghi Re:Suprised *gasp* (135 comments)

Perhaps better make a list of free states, as that would be shorter.

about two weeks ago

Sony Employees Receive Email Threat From Hackers: 'Your Family Will Be In Danger'

houghi Itr should not be an issue (184 comments)

The issue is that the SSN is used for identification. In Belgium we also have a national number. Pretty easy. in Dutch yet this only links to you and does not identify you as such.

Everybody above 12 needs to have an ID. Checking vadility is free and the chip on it is opensource

Oh and if you are a financial company, you can do verification at the national bank where you can check if you are allowed to give people a credit or not and add that you gave people a credit.

With just the number, you can do nothing. You would at least have the (valid) ID card as well.

about two weeks ago

Facebook Founder Presents Vision For The New Republic, Many Resign In Protest

houghi Re:Hard to say (345 comments)

Panic. I have seen it many times. People quit after a takeover because of panic. The best you can do (at least in Belgium) is wait it out and see if they pay you to leave or if there are options in the future.

I mean, why quit now? You can quit in a week or a month or anytime you want, yet still people panic and think thye will have some advantage by leaving now.

about two weeks ago

Make a Kids' Power Wheel Toy Awesome for $500 (Video)

houghi Re:As a parent... (39 comments)

Well, why would this be a bad thing? Just hear me out.
For the religious people it is Gods wil. For the Atheists, it is darwin and evolution. So everybody wins.

This is also why I am against any trafic rules. If we would get rid of them, in only a few hundred generations, we would have drivers who have extremely fast refelxions on avoiding accidents as well as pedestrians who can jump out of the way with enourmous speed. (and with a bit of luck, we gfot rid of the cyclists in the process)

This is already happening as driving has become safer and safer over the years Less accidents per mile.
So as it is already clearly proven, people are already adapting to cars.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Convincing My Company To Stop Using Passwords?

houghi Re:Every 30 days. (247 comments)

You laugh, but I once advised a friend to write (most of) her passwords down on a slip of paper and carry it in her wallet

I once had to change my password every week for a project. I wrote it down.

My father writes his pincodes down as part of a phonenumber. e.g. have it as "John Doe 1-212-555-1234" where John Doe is a real sounding name and the phonenumber looks real. The last 4 are the pincode. (Could be any of them in any order. Also will depend on the country. e.g. the real pincode here could be 3215)
He has done that for number codes since at least 60 years.

He uses some sort of Monoalphabetic encryption which uses only one word and is even simpler as VigenÃre cipher as he can do it without any paper. And no, it is not Caesar cipher or anything like it. It is based on one word. Not sure what it is. He explained it to me when I was a kid and I forgot most of it.

This all from a time where he used (and still uses) paper agenda's and no access to anything electronic.

I personaly have 5 passwords. Work, Bank, Personal machines, Unsafe Internet, Safe Internet. The issue is that I often need can't remember my login as often you can not select your own login.

At one company I had 17 different logins with variations of my name, company or combination because the systems were handled by different companies. (Also had 3 digipasses.)

One had such a 'secure' system that we had the process (including the 3 differnt logins and passwords that were send to us each month) printed out and hanging next to the dedicated PC for all to see.
Yes, they were stupid enough not to give individual logins and/or digipasses, but insisten on a group password.

about two weeks ago

18th Century Law Dredged Up To Force Decryption of Devices

houghi Re:5th Admendment? (446 comments)

Yeah. So?

Seriously, I keep seeing people quoting the constitution, the amendments and other stuff as if it means something outside of discussions.
As long as nobody takes any action, it is just words and utter meaningless. Just like the North Korean constituations claims it is a democracy.

about two weeks ago

Obama Offers Funding For 50,000 Police Body Cameras

houghi Re:Privacy (262 comments)

I am sure that most police harassment will still be filed under "hardware malfunction". Even now when people film it and it is clear there was police brutality. Even now when it is availble to the press. Even now they walk free.

Having a camera is a technical solution for a social problem.

about two weeks ago

The Cashless Society? It's Already Coming

houghi Re:Cash (375 comments)

I luckily live in a country where they can not link my purchases to my credit card.
The store does only hold the last few numbers and a transaction code in their adminitration. The credit card company only holds the price and the store type, but not the amount. Here in Belgium they are not even allowed to analyze the data to see e.g. if you use your card more for online shopping or for buying gas (or whatever).

The moment I use a bonus card, ir will be clear what I bought in the past at the store. Otherwise? Nope.

I basicaly use cash when I go easting or drinking with some friends, because it is easer when you split the bill to just give money. Although sometimes one of us pays with a card and the others transfer the money. Not a real issue as that is free of cost.

about two weeks ago

Want To Work For a Cool Tech Company? Hone Your Social Skills

houghi Don't pretend to be something your are not (139 comments)

If you are not the social type they are looking for then they are not looking for you and you dio not want that job.
Perhaps you can lie and fake your social skills (or anything else), but at some moment they either notice you are a liar or you become extremely unhappy playing something you are not.

In the end you do not really know what they are looking for.

It could very well be that you have a serious lack of social skills. Working on that will help. Not to get a job, but to get a better life. (if you have problems with it)

But do not lie. The moment they know you lied, you are done. I have terminated interviews the moment I noticed they were lying. One I remember was a person who lied about a skill we did not ask about nor needed. My reasoning: if he lies about this, he will be dishonest about other things as well.

about two weeks ago

UK Police To Publicly Shame Drunk Drivers On Twitter This Christmas

houghi Re:Knee-jerk... (256 comments)

The reaction of most people would be "Fuck em". I believe that is why there should be a difference between the police and the law.
The police are there to uphold the law. They should NEVER be allowed to so anything else. People who drive drunk will already get a punishment. It is not up to the police to add anything on top of that.

One of the reasons there is a juridical system is to prevent these kinds of things.

And no, arrests should not be public record. Many people who are arrested are later proven innocent. At least as long as there is no conviction by a judge (pr jury) it should NOT be public. That means no public records for tickets, wrong parking or similar things.

I would even be unwilling to make criminal records public. Once I did my time, I did my time and as I am released, I should be able to start over. That said, there can be limitations. e.g. in Belgium where I wiork, you need a clean slate. You ask a proof at the police and they will give it to you to give to your employer. They can NOT ask it directly. And even that only gives a general indication if you are convicted.
It will also be cleaned after a while, depending on the conviction.

So where do I set the line? At the beginning of individual priivacy, regardsless.

about two weeks ago

Open Source Craft Brewery Shares More Than Recipes

houghi Re:The real trade secret is the yeast (50 comments)

The same goes for ANY receipe. Take a look at a real cookingshow (where they actiualy cook) and sometimes they must make something where they get a recipe. They all get the same, yet it all tastes (and looks) different.

Furthermore it is cooking, not chemistry. If you need to add two tamatoes, how big are they? If they say 200gram tomatoes, what kind? If they say 200gram cherry tomatoes, how ripe are they? What is the quality?

There is a reason breweries have a brewmaster. He tastes all during the process to see if anything needs changing and adjusts things when needed. And a propriarty yeast train will help it a bit, but if they give it to you, you will not be able to make the same beer.

It is as having identical computers would make you identical coders or gamers and that is just not true. (I know, I am a lousy coder/gamer)

about two weeks ago

Taxi Medallion Prices Plummet Under Pressure From Uber

houghi Re:Why no taxi company's app? (329 comments)

I understand the need for regulations. e.g. to be sure that the meters are checked and legit and that the cars are safe and the driver has a legitimate drivers licence.

However that is not what the medailions are about anymore. What should have been done is get rid of the medailions and give out licences with a specific set of rules that is not limited by numbers.

Safe car, medical test for the driver (e.g. eye sight), check on the meter, technical test of the car every X months, ...

about three weeks ago



Famous paintings help study the Earth's past atmosphere

houghi houghi writes  |  about 9 months ago

houghi (78078) writes "From European Geosciences Union:
A team of Greek and German researchers has shown that the colours of sunsets painted by famous artists can be used to estimate pollution levels in the Earth’s past atmosphere. In particular, the paintings reveal that ash and gas released during major volcanic eruptions scatter the different colours of sunlight, making sunsets appear more red.

The original paper can be found right here

Furthermore, in the last 150 years, the sunsets have become redder, likely refelecting increased manmade polution."

Guantanamo Bay defense lawers emails are read and files are removed

houghi houghi writes  |  about a year and a half ago

houghi (78078) writes "The defense lawyers of Guantanamo prisoners are ordered to stop using government computers for sensitive information.
They are also asked as can be read on politico.com, that they are asked to stop using e-mail as well. It is stated there as well that 7 GB of information is gone for good.
The Washington Post quotes that there is no proof, but when you can read between the lines, it is clear that they believe they have been hacked.
One News from New Zealand says "In another case, system administrators were searching files at prosecutors' request and were able to access more than 500,000 defense files, including confidential attorney-client communications, [...]". There were also bugs placed.
Due to all this, hearings are postponed as can be read on reuters"

openSUSE 12.3 is out

houghi houghi writes  |  about 2 years ago

houghi (78078) writes "OpenSUSE 12.3 is out. There are several methods of downloading, as well as different media. It is also possible to boot the live CD from a USB stick.
When using the DVD or Net install ISO, the standard is to select between KDE or GNOME, but XFCE and LXDE are then also an option.
ARM images are available as well.
More information about the release can be found in this announcement by Jos Poortvliet."

Link to Original Source

Google changes the images layout

houghi houghi writes  |  more than 4 years ago

houghi (78078) writes "Google has a new Bing style layout for their images section as explained here. It shows only the images with an on-mouse-over. On the page of the image, you are not able to browse the site itself anymore.
At this moment it is available to about 10% of the people and depends on country and browser.
A demonstration can be seen here. The first part is the new layout. The second part is after changing the User Agent identity."

openSUSE 10.3 released

houghi houghi writes  |  more than 7 years ago

houghi (78078) writes "openSUSE 10.3 has been officaly released. From the anouncement: The openSUSE team is proud to announce the release of openSUSE 10.3. Promoting the use of Linux everywhere, the openSUSE project provides free, easy access to the world's most usable Linux distribution, openSUSE. openSUSE is released regularly, is stable, secure, contains the latest free and open source software, and comes with several new technologies.

Downloads can be found at http://software.opensuse.org/ in both CD and in DVD, both BitTorrent and FTP/HTTP"

houghi houghi writes  |  more than 8 years ago

houghi (78078) writes "openSUSE 10.2 Beta 1 is anounced in this mail. There are several ways to download it. Normaly you only need CD1-3. There are 7 CD's in total and a DVD containing those 7. Obviously the best way is with Bittorrent.
32 bit torrent and a 64 bit torrent to the DVD.

From the mail: openSUSE 10.2 Beta1 comes in different medias:
* 5 CDs, you need CDs 1-3 for a normal installation with just GNOME or KDE (any language)
* 1 AddOn CD with only binary packages on it
* 1 AddOn CD with language packages that are used for our tier 2 languages (tier 1 languages are english, french, italian, spanish, german, chinese, japanese and czech — and support for those is on the standard 5 CDs) (the 5 CDs have support for installation in all languages, just extra packages are only on this extra media)
* 1 DVD containing the contents of the above 7 media
* a FTP tree with open source packages (only for the final version, for now use the factory tree)
* a FTP tree with binary packages (only for the final version, for now use the factory-extra tree)"


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