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What To Expect From Apple's Rumored MacPad

hrbrmstr setting itself up for failure? (213 comments)

(Mostly replying to the ending sentence of the post)

Unless Apple really has a complete QA failure with a future OS upgrade or new device release, they will remain in front of the other device manufacturers for a very long time. They will be free to pick-and-choose which interesting & successful bits they steal and then super-engineer/implement from Android, Palm, Microsoft, etc and continue their lead.

I'm still convinced these netbook/tablet rumors are just that - rumors.

more than 5 years ago

Obama Calls For Nuke-Free World

hrbrmstr What gives us the right? (705 comments)

So far, the United States has been the only country insane enough to actually use atomic/nuclear weapons offensively (pretty much to kill scores of civilians). How does that give us the right to prevent other countries from doing the same thing? The "civilized" world has no moral high ground to stand on for this issue.

more than 5 years ago

Obama Calls For Nuke-Free World

hrbrmstr Re:Rhetorical Question ... (705 comments)

He (and you) *are* naive. Those "countries who really have no business with them" don't give a hoot about what the international community thinks and have demonstrated - consistently - that they are immune from this "pressure" you speak of.

Obama continues to undermine the leadership position of the United States in the world through statements like this and also continues to show how much he just does not "get it".

more than 5 years ago

Are Long URLs Wasting Bandwidth?

hrbrmstr Focusing on the wrong problem... (379 comments)

Isn't Facebook itself the huge waste of bandwidth as opposed to just the verbose URLs it generates?

more than 5 years ago

More Mac Vulnerabilities Than Windows In 2007?

hrbrmstr Glad /. will be discussing this (329 comments)

but I'd hate for MacNN to get any ad revenue or new, regular visitors from the traffic this will generate.

I posted my retort on this just before the /. post : http://www.rudis.net/content/2007/12/18/macnn-editors-egg-nog-consumption-increases-disastrous-results

I wish non-security folks would stop reporting on security "stuff"... I can't wait for NPR, CNN and Fox to run with this "breaking news!" tonight or tomorrow.

more than 7 years ago



Automated Propane Tank Monitoring?

hrbrmstr hrbrmstr writes  |  more than 5 years ago

hrbrmstr writes "We just moved into our new house where we have two decent-sized above ground liquid propane tanks that feed the dryer, hot water heater and backup generator. I googled for solutions for residential propane tank level monitoring (since we need to call the provider when it gets down to 20%) and really didn't find anything of use (there's a Robert Shaw device that won't work in this application). I'm looking to roll my own either with a wired or wireless, low-light camera above the gauge which I could write a program to snap an image of and determine the level. If I go that route, I'd like recommendations on good and preferably inexpensive cameras that can operate at close range to the gauges for said application, but I'm also curious as to whether other DIY slashdotters have rigged something up to do the same thing or have suggestions for replacement gauges that can be tied into a ZigBee, Insteon or X10 home automation system. I realize the very doable low-tech solution of checking the gauges a couple of times per week is not exactly a laborious task, but it would be much cooler to get it going digitally."



In NYC, you're not the only one watching your back...

hrbrmstr hrbrmstr writes  |  more than 8 years ago The AP (via Yahoo! News) is running a story on the new police cameras in NYC.

[the cameras are] the first installment of a program to place 500 cameras throughout the city at a cost of $9 million. Hundreds of additional cameras could follow if the city receives $81.5 million in federal grants it has requested to safeguard Lower Manhattan and parts of midtown with a surveillance "ring of steel" modeled after security measures in London's financial district.

Officials of the New York Police Department -- which considers itself at the forefront of counterterrorism since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks -- claim the money would be well-spent, especially since the revelations that al-Qaida members once cased the New York Stock Exchange and other financial institutions.

"We have every reason to believe New York remains in the cross-hairs, so we have to do what it takes to protect the city," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said last week at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Except that all of the cameras in London did nothing to prevent the subway bombings, so I'm curious as to how these are going to make NYC residents (and visitors) any safer.

Perhaps the scariest quote is:

Police officials insist that law-abiding New Yorkers have nothing to fear because the cameras will be restricted to public areas.

Is *anyone* else getting tired of the "law-abiding citizen" references these days?

I suspect that the NYPD will have to produce a set of guidelines as to what behaviour you need to avoid in order to be considered a law-abiding citizen. I'm guessing that walking around in costume might get you confined for a while.

[sarcasm]But, law-abiding citizens really do not have1 any2 evidence3 of law-enforcement officials absusing surveillance cameras...[/sarcasm]

But I'm sure the Patriots of this New Order would be glad to see such measures in place everwhere so that we feel more secure.


[DIGG-WATCH] Trouble in blogistan

hrbrmstr hrbrmstr writes  |  more than 8 years ago

So, I'm now starting a Digg "watch" journal right here on slashdot. It won't be read, but it's as good a place as any.

So there's this "story" over on Digg about Engadget using content from DAPreview and not crediting it. (Apologies for driving *any* traffic to Digg). Imagine that. A blog site run by someone with an ego complex who reports on *gadgets* stealing content from another site that reports on *gadgets*. Get me CNN or Fox News! This outrage must be stopped!

One more reason blogistan needs to die a slow and horrible death and, if you read the comments in the Digged story, so does Digg.

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