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Press Favored Obama Throughout Campaign Greater number of stories means favoring? (1601 comments)

What if all those stories were negative?

Isn't any pre-election article about one candidate also pretty much an article about their opponent(s)?

If I read an article about Candidate A concerning Issue X, isn't that article likely to mention Candidate B's stance on Issue X as well?

What if one candidate simply had more reportable news?

Simply having a greater number of stories written about you means absolutely nothing. If I'm a staunchly against Candidate A, it doesn't really matter how many stories I read about Candidate A's support of issues I disagree with... I'm still going to disagree with them. The Washington Post, I would say, has a fairly informed readership. There aren't many people that read it that are going to be making up their mind so close to an election.

more than 5 years ago

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