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Russia Says Drivers Must Not Have "Sex Disorders" To Get License

hufter Re:Homosexuality (412 comments)

Some scientists have suggested that, in ancient times, homosexuals were beneficial to society, because they took care of orphans. (sorry can't find a reference now. i read that in a science magazine years ago)

about three weeks ago

AMD Catalyst Linux Driver Catching Up To and Beating Windows

hufter Re:Gaming on linux (136 comments)

The number of commercial games that run natively on linux may still suck, but generally Linux is an OK gaming OS, if you have good driver for your graphics. Proprietary nVidia drivers are quite good, and I'm glad if AMD drivers will be good too. In last few years Radeon proprietary radeon drivers have had trouble installing, and had some problems even if you do. So my advice has been buy nVidia if you want to game on Linux and install the proprietary drivers. If you want all open source, get a radeon but don't expect it to run games smoothly. Let's see what I have for Linux on steam: Half Life 2, Portal, Star Conflict, Dead- Island. They all run well on my machine AMD FX.6300, nVidia GT 430. See if I must upgrade my graphics card for Bioshock Infinite, that should get Linux binaries soon (which I already bought on christmast sale for 7€).

about a month ago

Swedish Regulator Orders Last "Hold-Out" ISP To Retain Customer Data

hufter Appeal (43 comments)

Why shouldn't ISP's appeal to EU Court of Justice or European Court of Human Rights?
CJEU stated that the directive "interferes in a particularly serious manner with the fundamental rights to respect for private life and to the protection of personal data".
One could understand that any similar local laws or practices should be void/illegal in the EU, and in violation of European Convention on Human Rights.

about 3 months ago

Here's Why Apple Rejected Your iOS App

hufter 46% other reasons (145 comments)

Including stuff that didn't meet their "moral" standards, stuff they want no competitors on and stuff they just don't like...

about 3 months ago

Preferred smartphone screen size?

hufter Re:try real measurements (258 comments)

Yes, it's silly. In most of the world we use SI units, but screen sizes are still annonced in inches. Another one is dpi for printers/snanners.
It's annoying.

about 3 months ago

Apple Denies Systems Breach In Photo Leak

hufter Re:Seemed pretty obvious this was the case (311 comments)

How do I know this tool doesn't collect passwords that people try, which could then be used to break into people's accounts?

about 5 months ago

Run Netflix On OpenSUSE

hufter Re:Android is linux (128 comments)

Saying that Android is Linux is like saying that Ubuntu is Linux. Linux is actually just the kernel, which they both use.

about a year ago

What percentage of the software you use regularly is open source?

hufter Phone (222 comments)

I for one forgot to include my phone. The apps that I have on my Android phone are nearly all closed source. And android itself is kind of semi-open source.

about a year ago

How much I care about GMO food labeling:

hufter Re:Banned (461 comments)

Yep. It's banned in the EU.

No, it's not. It's controlled though, there are 14 varieties of GMO accepted to be cultivated in EU. And yes you have to label it.

GMO's are not common on shelves in Europe. Most of it goes to animal feed. (you don't have label the meat, if the animal has eaten GMO)

Legistlation here

about 2 years ago

Opus — the Codec To End All Codecs

hufter Re:Obligatory (327 comments)

PowerAmp plays practically everything. I wouldn't be surprised if it soon supported this Opus thing too.

more than 2 years ago

NYC Taxi Commission Nixes Cab-Hailing Apps

hufter Re:Turf Wars ... limo vs cabs (264 comments)

Basically a cabbie in new york, according to regulations, HAS to stop for anybody that hails them.

That has to mean if the taxi is free, so that you can't discriminate people, like "That dude looks like a hobo, so I'm ignoring him, I'm looking for someone who looks rich.".

You can also "call a cab", then a taxi driver somewhere hopefully nearby will put on his meter and come to pick you up. Surely he doesn't have to stop for anybody hailing. (Otherwise it would be more like call and pray taxi service).

There's no difference between calling and mobile-app-hailing, except the way the order comes through.
The central depends on people calling taxis to make money. They don't like people being able to bypass them.

more than 2 years ago

Federal Patents Judge Thinks Software Patents Are Good

hufter good for who? (171 comments)

It's not really the judge's job to say if a law is good or bad. He's job is to know the law and judge according to it.
If he is a "patent judge", the more patents, the more arguments about patents and the more work for him, and he can make more money. So software patents age good - for him.

more than 2 years ago

SOPA and PIPA So Far

hufter Re:Not exactly.... (273 comments)

The blackouts and other campaigns are are raising awareness of SOPA. Slashdot is used by nerds who already know about SOPA, and mostly already oppose it.

about 3 years ago

In the simplistic left/right divide, I'd call myself

hufter Then and now (639 comments)

I used to be leaning right 20 years ago. I even was a member of a right-leaning party, and a nominee in a local municipal elections. Since then all we wanted to go right had gone so and even further right. So now I gotta lean left, while my opinions are about the same. And that's in Finland. In Bill O'Reilly scale I am a total communist.

more than 3 years ago

A Quarter of the EU Has Never Used the Web

hufter Finland (392 comments)

In Finland banks have practically forced people to use Internet for paying bills, by making payment at the desk ridiculously expensive and reducing the number of payment machines. The 8% of Finns that have never used the internet must be old people that are wealthy enough to pay 6€ per bill. Learning even basic usage is a big effort if you haven't touched a computer before, people growing up with computers and other gadgets have no idea how hard it can be.
That's why R-Kioski (chain that makes most of it's money selling tobacco, candy, magazines and lottery tickets) has started a service where paying a bill costs "only" 3 euros.
Oh, internet access is not a "right" in Finland. There has only been talking about that every household should be capable of having a broadband access for a reasonable price, with government support if needed, but there has been no real action yet. For people living in cities there is no problem, but in the countryside many farmers can't get a broadband, or are struggling with a 3G connection that works sometimes.
Though most of Finland is covered with 3G networks, ensued by Finns need to go to a shore of one of Finland's 187888 lakes every chance they get. People expect their UMTS modem to work in their summer cottage, 100 paying customers by a lake makes you build a station for them. But if you are a lone farmer with no lakes near, who's gonna care for you? In current economic situation propably nobody.

more than 3 years ago

NVIDIA Releases Source To CUDA Compiler

hufter Re:GPU drivers (89 comments)

For most people it is all the same if a driver is open source or not as long as it works and you get it for free.
As I appreciate AMD opening up some of their secrets. The open source Radeon driver is a lot better than it was on ATI times. However, the closed driver still gives you double the fps on games, the bad news that it works so badly. Messes up the screen and stuff.
I recently bought a new nVidia based card, partly because I was fed up with the proprietary Radeon driver not working. Gave up trying to install it on Fedora 16 or Mint 12.
GeForce is the only choice if you want fast graphics for Linux right now.

more than 3 years ago

GNOME Shell Extensions Are Live

hufter Re:It's not just GNOME 3. (204 comments)

It's good that someone forked Gnome 2 into Mate, however Gnome 3 should have been the fork, because it's more of a new product rather than upgrade of the old.
Usually when you upgrade you get something similar, but with new features. Now you'll lose features if you upgrade. But I will not join Gnome 3 bashers. It's not "dumbed down" as some folks claim, It's an early version of the new DE.
When Mate fork is finished it will be just like Gnome 2 was, and Gnome 3 will get more customisability while it develops, things will be good again.

more than 3 years ago

Smart Meters Wreaking Havoc With Home Electronics

hufter Re:only going to get worse... (375 comments)

I remember how it used to be. When the reader guy made his first round and you weren't home, you had a note: "I was here to read a meter, but you weren't home, please be home at this other time, or call to arrange a better reading time". The reader guy came once a year, and the monthly bill was based on an assumption how much you are using. Once a year there was a correcting bill that got payments up to date with the actual consumption. Of course electric and water companies had their own reader people.
Now I get a monthly bill based on the actual consumption and I don't have to let anyone in.

So what's the security risk? Someone finding out how much power I'm using?

more than 3 years ago

RAM in my most-used personal computer:

hufter Re:RAM's cheap (543 comments)

Sure, say 1333 MHz is dirt cheap, but if you are looking for 1066 DDR2 for a two year old system, it's not that cheap. If I wanted 8 GB now, it would be cheaper to buy a new motherboard and the RAM for it + all the hassle of changing the motherboard.

more than 3 years ago


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