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US Arrests Son of Russian MP In Maldives For Hacking

hugetoon Re:Imperial Police (176 comments)

More to come I'm afraid...

about a month and a half ago

Russia Bans US Use of Its Rocket Engines For Military Launches

hugetoon Re:Original ethnics groups ... (522 comments)

Then You might be interested in investigating the history of this region :

My point is: Russian speaking people of east Ukraine have graves of their grand-parents on this land.
Abolishing their language and telling them to leave if they are not happy about that seem a tad excessive so there is no surprise that they decided to fight for their independence from Kiev.

about 3 months ago

Russia Bans US Use of Its Rocket Engines For Military Launches

hugetoon Re:Space programs as a crowbar? (522 comments)

By all means feel free to ignore my posts, I'm certainly not interested to have a flame war or any other sort of interaction with the likes of You.

about 3 months ago

Russia Bans US Use of Its Rocket Engines For Military Launches

hugetoon Re:Space programs as a crowbar? (522 comments)

Agreed, in order for the analogy to be complete, Ukrainian Russians should further oppress local populations with the military support from their country of origin to the point where locals are can no longer be of any treat to them.

about 3 months ago

Russia Bans US Use of Its Rocket Engines For Military Launches

hugetoon Re:Space programs as a crowbar? (522 comments)

Hm, that's an interesting suggestion.

Then what about people in US move back wherever they came from and leave the continent to the ethnic groups that were cleared out ?

about 3 months ago

Russia Bans US Use of Its Rocket Engines For Military Launches

hugetoon Re:Space programs as a crowbar? (522 comments)

No problem, they do move to the country where they want to stay. They are just taking the land with them :P

about 3 months ago

WikiLeaks Cables Foreshadow Russian Instigation of Ukrainian Military Action

hugetoon Still far from... (479 comments)

Forging evidence of and publicly lie about mass-destruction weapons in order to make a case to invade a country...

about 6 months ago

Regex Golf, xkcd, and Peter Norvig

hugetoon Re:FWIW, the Regex Golf game (172 comments)

Yep, lots of fun, thank You.

Got 3912 but I'm really confused by the "Alphabetical" level , I could craft a regex to discriminate both set that scores at 262, however I suppose it is considered cheating since I do not implement any underlying "principle" here because I cant recognize it. Any clues of what was the intent of this level?

about 7 months ago

France's 'Culture Tax' Could Hit YouTube and Facebook

hugetoon Re:Not Culture (314 comments)

I beg to differ: If you don't need to subsidize it, then "it ain't culture"; it's industry

about 8 months ago

Square Debuts New Email Payment System

hugetoon virtual paymend cards not supported (240 comments)

I tried a 1$ transfer using a virtual payment card (I can obtain a one time card number on my bank site limited to a specific amount, this is usefull for online purchases). I could not link this card: "Card not supported".
Too bad, i really wanted to test their service with a spoofed mail after doing first transaction normally.
There is no way I'll be providing them my real card number.

Hint: they do not brag about being PCI DSS certified (not even compliant) that certainly means they are not.
They only say: "You’re safe with us. The privacy and security of your financial information is our top priority." which is not very reassuring to say the least.

about 10 months ago

Better Tools For Programming Literacy

hugetoon Re:Won't work (317 comments)

Worked for me :D

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How Can I Explain To a Coworker That He Writes Bad Code?

hugetoon Read the Tao of Programming (683 comments)

Once You attain enlightenment You'll know what to do.

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Says Google Trying To Undermine Windows Phone

hugetoon L'Arroseur Arrosé (476 comments)

That's how it is called in French :D

about a year and a half ago

Can Anyone Become a Programmer?

hugetoon It is always the same (767 comments)

Manufacturing the Oldowan tool set was not for anyone either back in 2.6ma... The rest is history

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot - Careers In Computer Science That Keep You Physically Active?

hugetoon CIO (220 comments)

And play golf

more than 2 years ago

China Pirates Austrian Village

hugetoon If only... (150 comments)

If only they did that using 3d additive printing performed by adruino/PV cells powered drones swarm that are controlled using crowd sourcing trough a cloud.

That'd be hardcore....

more than 2 years ago

Scientists Say People Aren't Smart Enough For Democracy To Flourish

hugetoon Re:Democracy: the averagest (1276 comments)

Technically this is called aristocracy

more than 2 years ago



Producing FW rules from logs

hugetoon hugetoon writes  |  more than 5 years ago

hugetoon (766694) writes "Greetings Slashdot community,

To avoid reinventing the wheel I'd like have your opinions on how this should be done.

Rules should be in canonical form: Source,Destination,Service,Action.
Source,Destination and Service are groups of respective objects types.
Action should be "allow" or "deny" but I think it would be better to only have "allow" rules if possible.

I need to go beyond a simple " by".
At least some kind of optimization of groups contents is needed to reduce the number of resulting rules while not authorizing anything other than seen in logs.

The main difficulty I see here is to make sensible decisions when multiple group combinations are possibles.

Some A.I. tricks that would make resulting rule-base easier to read would be welcome."


hugetoon has no journal entries.

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