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Nathan Myhrvold's $500 Cookbook Now an $80 iPhone App

hugg So innovative (193 comments)

I wonder how the culinary specialists that first developed the techniques in his book are getting compensated for their innovations.

about a year ago

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate US Army Database, Compromise Safety of Dams

hugg Article translation (256 comments)

According to

"Chinese hackers" = “the Chinese government or military cyber warriors” according to unnamed officials

"sensitive U.S. army database" is a database where users are emailed their username and password in cleartext

"Non-government users can query the database but cannot download data from it" (???)

about a year and a half ago

Is Bitcoin Mining a Real-World Environmental Problem?

hugg Security fees (595 comments)

I don't think many critics actually understand the dual purpose of mining. It's not only to govern the supply of new money, but also to protect the block chain. Many attacks require that the attacker control more computational power than 50% of the network, which is a lot of hardware.

Eventually mining slows down and transaction fees become the dominant reward for mining new blocks. So transaction fees will essentially be the "security cost" for protecting the network against a centralized attack. It's anyone's guess where they'll eventually stabilize.

about a year and a half ago

Is Bitcoin Mining a Real-World Environmental Problem?

hugg Conversion (595 comments)

"About 982 megawatt hours a day, to be exact"

982 MWh/day / 24 = ~41 megawatts

Come on reporters, convert brain-dead units into normal units.

about a year and a half ago

Supreme Court Disallows FISA Challenges

hugg Dissenters were all progressives (306 comments)

Hopefully the President will still get the chance to appoint more progressives to the Supreme Court to protect us from his policies.

about a year and a half ago

Patent System Not Broken, Argues IBM's Chief Patent Counsel

hugg With all due respect... (152 comments)

"Economists also tell us that 75 percent of a company’s value is attributable to its intellectual property (IP) — and that IP-intensive industries contribute $5 trillion per year to the U.S. economy. These industries account for about 35 percent of gross domestic product and 40 million jobs, including 28 percent of the jobs in the United States."

The report linked in the article discusses copyright, trademark, and patent-intensive industries. Patent-intensive industries are the *lowest* employer of the three, around 4 million as opposed to the 40 million jobs cited. It's misleading to lump all three industries together.

The same report lists another interesting metric, which is percentage of self-employed workers for each industry. Patent-intensive industries have the lowest number of self-employed workers, at 2.2% (vs 16% for copyright-intensive industries). This indicates to me that patent-intensive industries do not support capital-poor startups very well.

Of course I would expect counsel for the top patent recipient in the U.S. for two decades running to have differing opinions from my own.


about 2 years ago

White House Releases Trusted Internet ID Plan

hugg it's optional (229 comments)

Don't worry, they point out that use of the system is completely voluntary. Just like owning a mobile phone or participating in interstate commerce.

more than 3 years ago

DHS Seizes 75+ Domain Names

hugg Re:Let's test it (529 comments)

Xtifr, my somewhat-cheeky comment was just pointing out that speech can be censored as a side-effect of these takedowns. And we have seen that whenever government gets a new capability that makes certain things more convenient, they tend to push it as far as they can (e.g. pen register requests). I think the torrent tracker was included here as a trial balloon to see just how bright that line is.

more than 3 years ago

DHS Seizes 75+ Domain Names

hugg Let's test it (529 comments)

I'd like to know what would happen to a site that is 50% torrent search and 50% political speech.

more than 3 years ago

TheSpaceGame — Design Your Route To Jupiter

hugg How it Works (76 comments)

I'm very confused why a computer couldn't just iterate through millions of iteration of the equation ('s_problem) and pick the best.

Heck you could even use my old game:

about 4 years ago

Sifting Authorities From Celebrities On Twitter

hugg Dave's not here mam (86 comments)

Probably not, because many domains don't have Twittering experts. Go look for experts on programming language research, for instance. The terms used won't even appear in search results. If it can't be marketed, it won't be on Twitter.

more than 4 years ago

Math Indicates Pollster Is Forging Results

hugg The Dishonest Casino and Hidden Markov Models (319 comments)

There's not enough eigenvectors in this thread...

about 5 years ago

Air Force & NASA Fire Off Green Rocket

hugg Ice machine? (157 comments)

"Spacecraft might one day refuel on the moon or Mars using plain old ice."

Isn't there not a lot of water on the moon and Mars? In fact isn't there not even a lot of hydrogen?

more than 5 years ago

US Life Expectancy May Have Peaked

hugg Re:Wait, really? (1053 comments)

I'm sure excessive booze and partying takes its toll (if only to leave less time for exercise) but I believe the cancer stats about NOLA. My dad who was in the ANG down there talks about how many of his friends were lost way too early to cancer. I'm sure there's as much money spent keeping it "anecdotal" as there is money spent covering up the illegal waste dumping.

more than 5 years ago

The Problems With Porting Games

hugg Port shmort (330 comments)

Cry me a river .. Back in the day we had to port arcade games with real sprites and dedicated sound chips to computers with 1 bit per pixel graphics and 1 bit sound (seriously). Oh, and controllers? You'd get the "key down" but not the "key up". Now get off my lawn :)

more than 5 years ago

Three Indicted In Huge Identity/Data Breach

hugg Re:Faith is gone. We need a better way! (101 comments)

Including any kind of active circuitry in the credit card would severely impact the cost of shipping dozens of "free credit cards" to those who shouldn't be trusted with a lemonade stand.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Trial Misconduct Cost $40 Million

hugg Wow (231 comments)

Can any law-talking folk explain how the $290 million figure is derived? And if the state of Texas collects tax on this award? Not being conspiratorial, I really don't know much about the follow-the-money aspect of these cases.

more than 5 years ago

NASA's Cashflow Problem Puts Moon Trip In Doubt

hugg Moon is not a subset of Mars (357 comments)

Not surprising ... the political will barely existed to get us to the Moon in the first place, even though we had the fear of the Red Menace pushing the program along and fast-tracked it to take place within a decade. The biggest problem with Constellation is that it requires a Moon shot as a prerequisite. We've learned everything we need to from that dusty old rock, visiting it again is just an excuse to keep aerospace dollars following for another couple decades.

more than 5 years ago

Why Do Games Still Have Levels?

hugg Divide and conquer (512 comments)

Because it's easy to divide the game design tasks among several designers by level. It's harder to show "emergent behavior" on a Gantt chart.

more than 6 years ago


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