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High-Tech Walkers Could Help Japan's Elderly Stay Independent

hurfy tech is cool and all but..... (34 comments)

That walker doesn't look all that great. It is very far forward in front of the person. The best wheeled ones let you walk in between the handles like the standard alum ones do. Even the common wheeled ones are closer to you than this one is. It appears to lack support for..umm..walking. Besides a motorized walker just sounds like trouble. It is going to pull grandma along without pulling her over?

If you insist on high tech there is one that shines a laser on the ground to show you where to step, kinda cool for Alzheimers and stuff.

That back support is cool but I can't see a nursing home paying over $1000/month, they balk at a $150 patient lift.

3 days ago

The Guardian Reveals That Whisper App Tracks "Anonymous" Users

hurfy sure, i am convinced (180 comments)

"Zimmerman also said the Guardian has had a months-long partnership with Whisper that used the very techniques the article decries."

Would that be the technically impossible ones or the ones they would NEVER use?

3 days ago

Designing Tomorrow's Air Traffic Control Systems

hurfy Couple of issues (72 comments)

1st this was done 4 years ago. The future is now.

But mostly...

Why were none of the tests more than 4 hours long? What happens after the test period, do they need to recover or something?
If this is so efficient why are we talking about a 4 year old test instead of the implementation 3 years ago?!?

5 days ago

Samsung's Wi-Fi Upgrades Promise Speeds Up to 4.6Gbps

hurfy wrong focus (92 comments)

I am a little more concerned with why they think my frig is gonna need 4.6Gbps :O

about a week ago

The Greatest Keyboard Ever Made

hurfy Re:I love Model Ms. I still have two of them. (304 comments)

Looks like it takes a lot of work for them to get an old keyboard on a modern system. Probably kills my hope of someday getting my old minicomputer keyboard to work on anything :( Someday I will figure out if a microcomputer can translate it somehow. Especially as it would crush the Model M in a fight :)

about two weeks ago

Physicist Claims Black Holes Mathematically Don't Exist

hurfy Re:"into harmony" (356 comments)

Politicians and lawyers don't sound very appetizing, count me out.

about a month ago

Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?

hurfy Re:Mustang Shelby GT 500 (393 comments)

lol, the house across the street from me is listed at $80k right now. Disregard the smell and don't touch the garage lest it fall down on you, but the house is pretty solid.

about a month ago

CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"

hurfy Re:Welcome to America! (462 comments)

You're behind the times. I am out at the fair all this week, the lastest and greatest is a cheeseburger with a glazed donut for the bun :)

about a month ago

Universal Big Bang Lithium Deficit Confirmed

hurfy ARRRRGH (171 comments)

" there is about three times less lithium in stars than expected "

God I hate this style of description. We expected to find 100 units but we found -200 instead?

pet peeve of the day completed.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

hurfy Me too (635 comments)

Average age of stuff in my house must be a good 25 years old.

Or the equivalent in the case of my flip-phone from 2007 which several people have said sounds better than their smartphone :) Even my TV is almost 20 years old (ok, I don't want to replace the 30 year-old entertainment center actually) My home phone has Bell Systems stamped on it and the other is Conair Trimline that has survived 100+ falls by now. My stereo is over 30 years-old now and does a great job of recording 8-tracks but it weighs about 1000 lbs. Just got rid of my 23 year-old car for one that's only 9 ( i was aiming for pre-2007 on purpose). Finally got my 1974 Opel on the road again. The Atari 2600 isn't tooo dusty. None of my music is on a HD, nor video for that matter. ...insert other 2 pages...

Even the 386 gets a little use as my music database doesn't sort on a HD larger than 250MB due to the 25 year-old shareware program from my 286.
I DO have an i7 gaming computer......attached to a CRT :)
Hell, my toaster is from the 70's because all the prettier replacements died in a year or two. After the 1st couple I gave up. (ISO: 70's proctor-silex toaster that is NOT green)

To make matters worse I collect old toys and computers. I have a working 1960's slot car setup in the basement and my original 1st year Hot Wheels in a wall display.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

hurfy Re: slashdot (635 comments)

But if you just keep repeating it enough.....

about 2 months ago

HP Recalls 6 Million Power Cables Over Fire Hazard

hurfy Re:Not the PSUs? The actual cables? (137 comments)

It wasn't that long ago a tons of standard power cables were discovered to be subpar. Grab your thinnest feeling one and cut it open.

I think I still have a cable that says "18 GA 15 amp" that contains at best 24 ga wire but looks even smaller. Probably ok on the cheap thing it came with, but they get swapped around a lot and hooking that to your laser printer is not so good.

I always found the ones with 3 strands like the pic to be the better ones (Dell usually)
Luckily my HP one has been replaced a friendly Chinese company already...

about 2 months ago

Comcast Tells Government That Its Data Caps Aren't Actually "Data Caps"

hurfy LOOK! (341 comments)

All you can eat pizza.... ...only $1.00 per slice.

about 2 months ago

California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels

hurfy missed one (506 comments)

Convince the AI to pull onto your yard to wash it :)

about 2 months ago

California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels

hurfy Re:Not surprising (506 comments)

lol, that was one of the 1st things I tried when my dad got our 1st FWD car. It had no problem dragging the locked rear tires. While moving it does little but make a lot of tire smoke. Only useful for flipping a 180 while parking the car, oh, and holding it in place afterwards ;)

I just tested my 'new' car. The engine wins from a stop even, much less a running start. Does ABS encourage this by not locking the tires? Either way I suspect Traction control+Adaptive AWD beats out ABS.

about 2 months ago

Study: Ad-Free Internet Would Cost Everyone $230-a-Year

hurfy What makes no sense? (611 comments)

My cable company DOES make a quarter of those shows now.
The other cable company used to? ...I gave up trying to decipher Time-Warner.

about a month ago

The Billion-Dollar Website

hurfy *COUGH* (194 comments)

Mine says, "Lifewise"

It also says, "Essential Silver 2500 HSA" which defines it as one selected from the website. The network name probably identifies it also. Not to mention the 4 other id numbers on the card.

Not sure why a doctor would care as they seem to be rather normal insurance plans but they could tell if they wish.

Medicare/Medicaid are a whole other story. Often patients don't have the copay and that is profit for many procedures/items due to low payments on SOME things. (and some are still overpaid) Often the additional paperwork and the threat of an audit put many off accepting those. Or, as in my case, All of the above plus the fact I can't afford the bookkeeper JUST for 3rd party billings.

I currently sell medical supplies and did the books for a medical supplier for almost 20 years.
Survived a Medicare audit and a Sales Tax audit with no penalties ...don't try this at home!

about 2 months ago

A Thousand Kilobots Self-Assemble Into Complex Shapes

hurfy Re:plot from Crichton novel (56 comments)

lol, I think you'll still be ok for bit. It took them 11 hours to make the letter K. It would take them days just to cuss at you. To make something threatening would take... way longer than anyone is going hang around and keep them charged.

On the other hand...I'll take a set as cat toys. See how long they can hold the shape of a mouse :)

6-12 hours per formation....there is probably a good reason everyone uses virtual ones.

about 2 months ago


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