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SpaceX Looking For Help With "Landing" Video

hvm2hvm Re:Something Awful (110 comments)

I'm not an expert but it looks like what happens when a keyframe is dropped. Maybe reverse engineering (or solving like a puzzle) the key frame would yield some results?

about 5 months ago

For the First Time Ever, the FAA Is Trying To Fine a Drone Hobbyist

hvm2hvm Re:Pretty big differencfe (297 comments)

So if you jump and hit someone or if you throw a rock at a window it's the FAA's turf?

about 5 months ago

Nine Traits of the Veteran Network Admin

hvm2hvm Re:Will read later (142 comments)

It gives me 403 forbidden... so that's ironic

about a year ago

Linux 3.11 Officially Named "Linux For Workgroups"

hvm2hvm Re:what? (376 comments)

I think this was Linus' plan all along when he set the main linux version to 3 and made the second number grow faster.

about a year ago

No US College In Top 10 For ACM International Programming Contest 2013

hvm2hvm Re:Could be a good sign... (199 comments)

Yeah, you can get a programmer that writes beautiful frame-worthy code that doesn't work and I will hire programmers that solve the problems they are presented with.

about a year ago

Scanner Identifies Malware Strains, Could Be Future of AV

hvm2hvm Re:Eh? (70 comments)

Not really, heuristic analysis means looking for specific patterns in code or other data. Things like the program setting himself to start at bootup while deleting itself from the initial run location and so on.

What this guys does is divide the code in small pieces and comparing those. The thing is I know for a fact that AVs today already do that so unless he has some really smart way of analyzing those "structures" his research is too late.

Disclaimer: I used to work at an AV company and actually I used to work on the part of the product that does exactly what this guys does.

about a year ago

"Terrorist" Lyrics Land High Schooler In Jail

hvm2hvm Re:News For Nerds? (573 comments)

I'm still pretty sure Osama was not the one who came up with the plan. I know this sounds like all the other conspiracy theories but whoever is pulling the strings in the US right now are the ones who have the most to profit from the so-called anti-terrorism.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Anti-Spam Service Extortion?

hvm2hvm Re:Excessive smiley faces (279 comments)

Yep, they remind me of forum/irc operators with a god complex. Example:

We feel sorry for you :-) but it appears that you sent SPAM to the wrong people :-)

about a year and a half ago

Notch Expands On 0x10c, Microsoft and Quantum Computing

hvm2hvm Re:Success Seems Unlikely (94 comments)

I think it will be a great game. And if it's good enough that non-programmers will want to join it will get interesting because programmer will become the most important characters of the game. Everyone will need their help with programming and if something like trading programs for money/other stuff will be possible it might become really nice to play as a programmer.

about 2 years ago

Study Claims Human Intelligence Peaked Two To Six Millennia Ago

hvm2hvm Tag suggestion. (637 comments)

Duuuuh! We see this trend everyday, people refusing to think further than what the TV tells them to, people relying on safety measures and warning signs instead of common sense, people preferring to do mindless repetitive tasks instead of thinking of ways to improve their work/life.

about 2 years ago

Flaws Allow Every 3G Device To Be Tracked

hvm2hvm Re:"Flaw" allows us to be tracked. (81 comments)

Challenge accepted!

DeBeers, OPEC, all IT firms, all food/drinks chains
Zionists, Illuminati, jew conspiracy, mormon conspiracy
JFK inside job, 9/11 inside job, terrorism in general inside job
USA wants oil, europe is USA's bitch, USA doesn't care about selling out to china, Russia is too drunk to care
I dunno, I'm running out of shit to say but there you go

I'm not a journalist nor an anonymous coward so I guess I don't apply to your comment?

about 2 years ago

Laser Strikes On Aircraft Becoming Epidemic

hvm2hvm Re:Yes, this is a problem (687 comments)

Do you still think you're in the 90s too? Everytime I hear about someone born in '95 and see he/she is a 17year old I shit bricks.

about 2 years ago

Milky Way Is Surrounded By Halo of Hot Gas

hvm2hvm Re:Warm Gas (121 comments)

I spent 30min on Wikipedia because of you...

about 2 years ago

Gates and Others Offer $150k For Open Source School Software

hvm2hvm Re:What software ?? (151 comments)


about 2 years ago

Wikipedia Scandal: High Profile Users Allegedly Involved In Paid-Editing

hvm2hvm Re:Sure Jimmy, sure. (154 comments)

Ok then, I just looked on the wikia site at the "about us" and nothing came up... Pretty sneak I guess.

about 2 years ago

Notification UI Overhauled in KDE 4.10 (And a Plan For Modernized Notifications)

hvm2hvm Re:Plasma Active 3 (67 comments)

It might be beautiful but it's huge and still seems clunky and wasteful.

about 2 years ago

Wikipedia Scandal: High Profile Users Allegedly Involved In Paid-Editing

hvm2hvm Re:Sure Jimmy, sure. (154 comments)

Wikia is not owned or doesn't have any connection to Jimmy Wales...

about 2 years ago


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