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Network Solutions Suspends Site of Anti-Islam Film

hylander_sb Re:I declare Network Solutions a bad citizen (874 comments)

We're not talking about access to the Internet. We're talking about a hosting company. Network Solutions is not the only hosting company. There are, what, thousands to choose from, at least? I'm sure some of them would host this content. I don't think the bandwidth providers, like AT&T, would get involved at this level. That remains to be seen, I'll admit.

I defend a corporations right to control the content it hosts. Like you said: "they don't want to be another target of violent factions of Islam or hordes of politically correct, censorship-minded people / investors." and they have a right to that position, too. Let your wallet speak for you. They don't exactly have a monopoly on web hosting.

Nationalizing the Internet is the LAST thing you want. You have heard what China does with their piece of it on a fairly regular basis, right?


more than 6 years ago


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