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EFF Says Obama Warrantless Wiretap Defense Is Worse than Bush

hypnagogue Re:Obama Will save us all. (904 comments)

Explanation given to the EFF: "Yes we can!"

more than 5 years ago

Obama Proposes Digital Health Records

hypnagogue Re:stupid question but..... (563 comments)

Note the part where this will "create 212,000 jobs". It's not supposed to save money, it's supposed to spend it -- and the sugar daddy footing the bill is you.

Regulatory boondoggles. Girls singing to ABBA albums. It's like 1979 all over again.

more than 5 years ago

EEStor Issued a Patent For Its Supercapacitor

hypnagogue Re:Comparison with gasoline (603 comments)

Crude oil needs to be transported, refined, and transported again... Electricity only has the grid losses.

Because everyone knows that power plants run on Hope.

more than 4 years ago

Election already decided?

hypnagogue Statistical error does not account for poll bias (5 comments)

Using the old canard of "statistical margin of error" completely misses the point. Every political poll is designed with deliberate poll bias. This bias is a feature, not a defect -- you have to figure out a mathematical model to convert the input set "people who will respond to a political poll" into the output set "people who will vote". Unfortunately, determining this model is incredibly difficult, and errors in this model general exceed the "margin of error" as reported. This is why different polls have such different results -- inter-poll variability that exceeds the stated "margin of error". The big question this year, which is completely overlooked by the pundit site mentioned, is: "Are there really dramatically more democratic party voters this year than any year in modern history?" Most pollsters have created their models with this as a core assumption. We'll know the answer to that tomorrow.

more than 5 years ago


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