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Ukraine Asks Zuckerberg to Discipline Kremlin Facebook Bots

i Re:Rules of war (254 comments)

I suppose you have a source for this...? Oh, BTW, a russian source will not impress me.

about 5 months ago

'Just Let Me Code!'

i Problem with tools (372 comments)

The main problem with the usage of these kind of tools is that they often is used as a remedy for the lack of skill and knowledge by the programmers.
And they of course always fails that.

Managers without managing skills in the area of IT projects = easy target for selling tools.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Re-Learning How To Interview As a Developer?

i Re: Maybe it's not you (218 comments)

I've been at my current company 25 years now. Based on what I heard people saying about me (often in third hand by people that had worked with me and is now based at other companys) I'm technically and methodically in top among comparable professionals and very good at taking in new areas of software systems. I have also never seen anyone be "in full speed" after 3 months. And by full speed I mean handling the application/system as good as one that have worked with it e g 5 years.
Of course, I would had a better career if I had switched jobs much more often. But not all people is career oriented, some like me like the job we're doing where we are and like our coworkers and therefore decides to stay. OTOH I'm a dinosaur that began programming 1979 and is probably obsolete. ;-)

about 10 months ago

EU Commission: Corruption Across EU Costs €120 Billion

i Re:mistresses (196 comments)

Actually, Hollandes popularity poll number was raised after this affair was published.
In France, having a mistress is a natural thing. The only requirement is handling it discrete. In Hollandes case he did that, but the journalists did nevertheless find it out when they found that he leaved his resident through a backdoor and went to the mistress on a bicycle.

about a year ago

Obamacare and Middle-Wheel-Wheelbarrows

i Re: No dude... (199 comments)

..."The closest you're going to get to needing to support millions of unique users on the first day, and hundreds of thousands simultaneously are things like MMO launches and WoW expansion packs or something like google+"

That has mainframe systems done for decades. (Think airline booking systems and banks.) And they do it quite well.

about a year ago

A Review of the "Mental Illness" Definition Might Prevent Crime

i Re:This raises a question they try to avoid (260 comments)

It's not only about "knowing of right vs wrong", maybe the more important point is whether they can *control* their behavior.
This point is also why we should not put children in prisons.

about a year ago

Elevated Radiation Claimed At Tokyo 2020 Olympic Venues

i Re:Fukushima or naturally occurring (164 comments)

There is no such thing as "safe" radiation, so eliminating all man-made causes is a good thing, even if the levels are lower than background in some areas.

Source (with proof!) ?

about a year ago

US Nuclear Commander Suspended Over Gambling

i Re:Pay Scales (149 comments)

Manning released information that shows US military committing war crimes - ordered ultimately by US government. Which is the same as the country.

War criminals have no right to judge anyone else.

about a year ago

First Cases of Flesh-Eating Drug Emerge In the United States

i Re:Gross, but... (618 comments)

People die because the don't eat and because of infections. They don't eat because they have to use all their money to get he drug. And they get infections becuase they don't have access to clean injection needles - mainly because of the criminalization.

about a year ago

Linux 3.11-rc7 Release Celebrates 22 Years of Linux

i Re:Whoah whoah (151 comments)

I don't recommend you to work in Finland... :)

about a year and a half ago

Linux 3.11-rc7 Release Celebrates 22 Years of Linux

i Re:Whoah whoah (151 comments)


about a year and a half ago

Fukushima Actually "Much Worse" Than So Far Disclosed, Say Experts

i Re:Fear Mongering (274 comments)

AC as usual.

about a year and a half ago

Fukushima Actually "Much Worse" Than So Far Disclosed, Say Experts

i Re:It's like this (274 comments)

AFAIK, not here in Sweden.

about a year and a half ago

International Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty On Warming

i Near certainty...? (510 comments)

Either you have proof or you don't know.

Science by acclamation...

about a year and a half ago

Huffington: Trolls Uglier Than Ever, So We're Cutting Off Anonymous Commenting

i Cutting off anonymity... (582 comments)

..means that those who will be punished for what they say will be quiet. (Or punished.)

If you think this is a good thing you have a very limited knowledge of history.

The majority is almost always hostile to the truth.

about a year and a half ago

With Microsoft Office on Android, Has Linus Torvalds Won?

i Re:Technically yes, but in reality, no. (365 comments)

I do not agree with your definition of a operating system. I rather prefer the definition as written at http://www.jfsowa.com/computer/memo125.htm :

"The primary architecture of an operating system comprises the following seven areas:

        Resource allocation
        Process creation, control and communication
        Symbol resolution and linkage
        Data descriptor schema
        Data management
        Program run-time environment
        Communication with external systems, devices, and emulators."

" By contrast, the secondary architecture is an open-ended list that evolves throughout the lifetime of the system. Whereas the primary architecture is one and cannot be subdivided, the secondary architecture can come in an endless variety of sizes and capabilities. Some examples of the secondary facilities include:

        Command interpreters
        HLL [High-Level Language] compilers and interpreters
        Query facilities
        Formatting/presentation facilities
        Application development facilities
        Information/HELP facilities
        Program analyzers
        Data validity checkers
        Migration aids
        Various design aids
        Etc., etc., etc."

about a year and a half ago


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