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Passenger Lands Plane After Pilot Collapses and Dies At the Controls

iJed Re: And the pilot? (249 comments)

That just isn't true. I own a small share in a Cessna 152 (much like he plane in the story) and am currently building a two seat aerobatic kit plane. The Cessna share cost me ~$700 and I budget to fly it on average once every two weeks during the weekend. The total value of that little Cessna is about $20K and there are plenty around like it. I am nowhere near what you would classify as rich either.

about a year ago

UK ISP Filter Will Censor More Than Porn

iJed Re:Esoteric material? (329 comments)

They will never block homeopathy due to our health secretary believing in homeopathy: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/tomchiversscience/100179258/jeremy-hunt-health-secretary-thinks-homeopathy-works/. Yes the man put in charge of the National Health Service, once the greatest health care system in the world, believes in magical healing. Hunt isn't only a criminal (see his dealings with Rupert Murdoch) he is also a nut job.

about a year and a half ago

Does Coding Style Matter?

iJed Don't invent your own style (479 comments)

More important than using your own code style is using the language code style if there is one. For example in C# you should code in the same style as the .NET, in Java like the Java SDK and in Objective-C (on OS X/iOS) like the Cocoa APIs. Don't invent your own style if there is already one existing.

more than 2 years ago

Sony Adopts Objective-C and GNUstep Frameworks

iJed Re:How compatitble (345 comments)

C++ is an incredibly powerful language but ObjC is also extremely capable. Cocoa (Touch) is simply the most productive framework that I have ever used. Yes, it has a pretty steep learning curve but once you get used to the Cocoa way of doing things you can produce excellent and rich GUI applications in a fraction of the time it takes in many other development environments that I've used. I work mostly in C# in my day job too...

more than 4 years ago

Dual-Core CPU Opens Door To 1080p On Smartphones

iJed Re:Nokia also uses ARM 11 (314 comments)

The last iPhone to have an ARM 11 was the 3G. They have been Cortex A8 based since the 3GS.

more than 4 years ago

Apple To Ship Mac OS X Snow Leopard On August 28

iJed Re:free upgrades? (647 comments)

I've been running the Snow Leopard GM for a week or so now and it is a very big improvement on 10.5 performance wise. Startup is faster; shutdown is faster; sleep and wake are faster; app launches are faster; menus popup faster; animations are smoother; Finder 10.6 is faster; Safari is much faster.

Basically Snow Leopard is a much faster more refined Leopard. Its well worth the upgrade just for the performance gains alone.

more than 5 years ago

Sony Announces PS3 Slim, Price Cut, Improvements To Home

iJed Still overpriced in the UK (427 comments)

According to the BBC the UK price is amazingly £250 or about US$413. Which is a ripoff. At this price there is no way that I would consider buying one.

more than 5 years ago

ARM Hopes To Lure Microsoft Away From Intel

iJed Re:Here's what I think would be funny... (333 comments)

No, Iphone OS is not OS X.

Except that it is OS X. It has the same kernel, frameworks, driver model, graphics subsystem and so on. The only thing really different is the UI layer because a desktop UI is highly unsuited for use on a mobile phone.

WinCE, on the other hand, shares little code in common with Windows XP/Vista/7 other than its APIs.

more than 5 years ago

ARM Hopes To Lure Microsoft Away From Intel

iJed Re:Good way to enter the market (333 comments)

However they did port it to ARM for the iPhone and iPod touch.

more than 5 years ago

Telling Fact From Fantasy In the World of Apple Rumors

iJed Analysts (91 comments)

Generally anything predicted by these so called analysts is almost certainly fantasy and is usually quite obviously so.

Some of the rumor sites (such as Apple Insider and MacRumors) have a better track record but even then are often wrong.

more than 5 years ago

Apple Updates iPhone and iPod Touch

iJed Re:Dammit, now I need another excuse (316 comments)

1) Requires iTunes.
2) Doesn't work with Linux.
Also true
3) Is laden with DRM.
Hardly laden with DRM. It plays MP3s, WAVs, AIFF and AAC all without requiring DRM. It just so happens that it ALSO plays DRMed AAC iTunes Store tracks.
4) Doesn't support popular codecs like OGG.
OGG is not a popular codec
5) ONLY supports iTunes Music Store and not other, cheaper services.
Rubbish! Amazon music store and anyone who supports MP3 works fine with it
6) Doesn't allow simple drag-and-drop access to copy music.
True, but then who actually cares?
7) Software is locked down on the device.
True for the moment. The SDK will be available this month.
8) Non-removable storage.
Yep also true but doesn't matter to most people.
9) Non-removable battery.
See my answer to 8
10) Costs $500, much more than cheaper, more open-devices do.
Actually the iPod touch starts at $300 which is $200 less than your fanatical comment

You can get a cheaper device that works just as well.
For example?

more than 6 years ago


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