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The Free State Project, One Decade Later

iamcadaver Re:Too bad they chose NH.... (701 comments)

NH unemployment is the lowest in the New England, if not the East coast, and has been for the last decade.

about a year ago

The Free State Project, One Decade Later

iamcadaver Re:If all else fails... (701 comments)

This was part of the debate as to which state to move to. As was having a seaport. Free-er trade than the rest of the country could mean big bucks down the road.

about a year ago

The Free State Project, One Decade Later

iamcadaver Re:The Free Staters chose my town as the test bed (701 comments)

It is true that amongst the small set of early movers, a smaller still subset of this small set of individuals have chosen to further concentrate their subset of ideas of how to best minimize the effects of force on their lives.

Meaning - yeah, if you live in Grafton then you will live in interesting times.

about a year ago

The Free State Project, One Decade Later

iamcadaver Re:Good luck... (701 comments)

There are a whole lot of anarchists here in NH. They decide to engage in the political system, or not, as they wish. It is great to have anarchists as part of the greater discussion. When talking about politics, one is talking about force - at least here in NH that is not disputed and is part of the framework of debate. ... some of them are even elected, under different costumes.

about a year ago

The Free State Project, One Decade Later

iamcadaver The last time the FSP was front page on /. (701 comments)

The first time the FSP was on /. I was tempted. The second time the FSP was on /. I signed up.

Now I've lived here for five years. This is the real deal, NH has the perfect state and local government for this experiment. Politics is the unofficial state sport of NH with 400 state reps for only 1.3 million constituents that are about equally divided between the two major parties. Republican and democratic parties engage our ideas, sometimes in battle, other times in courtship. You don't have to explain first principles over and over again, everyone here knows government like fire can be a dangerous master, you get to have debate and make an impact on people and policy with all that stuff as accepted framework of the discussion.

about a year ago

New Hampshire Begins Open-Data Efforts

iamcadaver Re:Secession? (164 comments)

Some Free-Staters (again, not all) actually have been working hard on the notion of State Sovereignty; see the FSP page on this topic.

Also, a new bill has been introduced this session:
  HCR19 - Affirming States' powers based on the Constitution for the United States and the Constitution of New Hampshire.
There are also a few bills in play this session asserting the NH manufacturing shall not be regulated by the federal government. Longshots? Well, with over a dozen Free-Staters elected to the NH House of Representatives, maybe less long-shot than in other states....

Or even which is having a hearing today.

AN ACT relative to lawful commerce in goods and services sold, made, and retained in the state of New Hampshire.

more than 3 years ago

New Hampshire Begins Open-Data Efforts

iamcadaver Re:Small government? (164 comments)

The states nullified the Real ID act which shows that it works if the people are politically active enough in their states

In point of fact - Free State Project early movers were largely behind NH nullifying Real ID. The other states followed NH's lead.

Nullifying RealID is a point of pride in the NH legislator and you hear them refer to it over and over again in committee hearings.

Now pardon me, I've got to get back to work writing Drupal Feeds plugins to parse that nerd friendly data dump so citizens can get cell phone alerts for every move their Representatives make. With their reps email and cell phone number, of course.

more than 3 years ago

95M-Year-Old Octopus Fossils Discovered

iamcadaver Re:Timetravel rules (290 comments)

No, this is proof of time traveling will arrive in the near future!

more than 5 years ago

Solar Cell Achieves 40% Efficiency

iamcadaver Has anyone patented "transportable energy" (632 comments)

All that is left is the invention of the Energon Cube.

I feel like these advancements towards decentralized energy production are the most significant step forward for human advancement since the steam boiler.

more than 7 years ago



iamcadaver iamcadaver writes  |  more than 7 years ago

1st1000 (104579) writes "Of approximately 1,000 campaign Web sites surveyed two weeks before the Nov. 7 election, only 35 passed the validation tests created by the World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C. Seven of those were created by Libertarian candidates, some of whom have degrees in computer or electrical engineering or count themselves as free-software aficionados. (Republicans came in a close second.)

Call the Libertarians the political party of geeks, for geeks."


iamcadaver has no journal entries.

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