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Low-Protein Diet May Extend Lifespan

iamhigh Re:Misleading Summary; Less than exhaustive resear (459 comments)

And nobody knows anyways. Eggs are bad one decade and good the next. Carbs, Protein, HFCS, Red Dye #5, Gluten, etc., and on, and on....

You are, in all likelihood, going to survive at least 50 years, and less than 80. Fuck it. Eat what you want. Look like what you want. Smoke dope. Have fun.

about a year ago

WhatsApp Founder Used Unchangable Airline Ticket To Pressure Facebook

iamhigh Re:How cute (144 comments)

Worked for me. Maybe you're behind a firewall or proxy, or clicked the Back button, or an idiot. If you can't sign up, Soylent doesn't need you. Stick with /.

about a year ago

Gmail's 'Unsubscribe' Tool Comes Out of the Weeds

iamhigh Outlook 2013 Mail Tips (129 comments)

Outlook 2013 has a pretty neat feature that I think is part of what they call Mail Tips.

It basically gives you little "apps" that parse the email for certain item and give you options based on the text. Unsubscribe links (gives options, but I haven't clicked), dates (sucks at being useful), action items (barely useful), and I think addresses (haven't tried).

Maybe this feature forced google to go ahead and release it for Gmail. I hope the gmail implementation of dates and action items is better than the Outlook implementation.

about a year ago

How to Get Help Online (2013 Edition)

iamhigh Really? IRC and StackOverflow for beginners? (5 comments)

The subject says it all. Why would IRC and StackOverflow be on a short list of help for a beginner? Are they trying to figure out syntax for the C++ app they are writing, but just can't figure out how to adjust the screen resolution?

about a year ago

Layoffs At Now-Private Dell May Hit Over 15,000 Staffers

iamhigh Re:For Example (287 comments)

Going bankrupt doesn't do much good for employees in the long term. There is no doubt, companies have to make a profit or else owners, shareholders, employees and customers are screwed.

about a year ago

The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer

iamhigh Re:Dreaming of code? (533 comments)

And only 2 of his 6 items listed equate directly to more money for the employee. They represented the following:

Bonuses = Money, Recognition Salary = Money Good Benefits = Security, Money?, Appreciation, Recognition and maybe more Reasonable Metrics = Don't treat us like slaves, Don't treat me like a kid, Treat me like an adult who is trying to make you money so you pay me money Pizza during Meetings = Cool Bosses, Relaxed Atmosphere, Not Cheap Bastards Holiday Parties = Cool Bosses, Relaxed Atmosphere, Not Cheap Bastards

So again, only two are directly related to money. Benefits does indirectly equal more money, but most studies and such do not equate it to salary/bonus. Investment/belief in the product is another factor, but there are many people that work for companies and barely understand the product as it is not relevant to their daily duties. An internal helpdesk position would be a fine example. In fact the helpdesk guy cares more about the internal service they are providing as that is their "product". Using that example, it might be hard to justify giving up a well paying job with a stable company just because they released a crappy java application.

The reality is that there are many concerns when evaluating one's job: friends at work, social setting, management (direct and upper), money, benefits, location, product, job title, company "coolness" (thinking back when I thought I was cool because I worked at the buckle), and so many other intangibles. There is too much to try to break it down... this is really one of those things that even I, as a self-proclaimed lover of any type of systematic process, have learned is judged best by gut.

If you have been dreading a major portion of your job for more than 2 months, then it's time to move on.

about a year ago

California Regulator Seeks To Shut Down 'Learn To Code' Bootcamps

iamhigh Re:Remember MCSE Bootcamps? (374 comments)

As another /.er stated recently, do you realized how many courts would be needed for this libertarian ideal? The government would be just as big as it is now, therefore requiring just as much money and therefore wielding just as much power. But they would all be judges... you know those "activist" judges that right-wingers (cousins of the libertarians) always complaint about.

Not only that, it would make it so that the poor guy trying to find a job to support his family has to sue the company that took his last few thousand out of the account. The rich would have such a major advantage in this "take everyone to court" society you dream of...

about a year ago

Court Says Craigslist Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support

iamhigh Re:Dont do anyone any favors (644 comments)

Try reading articles.

I do... just not the ones posted to /.

about a year ago

Nebraska Scientists Refuse To Carry Out Climate Change-Denying Study

iamhigh Re:Really? (640 comments)

It sounds like a case of "begging the question".

about a year ago

Facebook Lets Beheading Clips Return To Its Site

iamhigh More "graphic material" needed? (277 comments)

Sometimes I wonder if the lack of "graphic material" has caused a dissonance from death. As a young kid my father killed pigs so they could eat (or at least watched it). He saw them get sick and die. Several family members died unexpectedly in his youth. He had real life experience with death.

Granted, I never did any of that as I didn't grow up on a farm, nor did I experience unexpected family deaths, and I came out pretty normal. Maybe it takes two generations. Even those in richer families 100 years ago were much more exposed to death than the average kid is now.

One of you psych grads now working in IT, does that make any sense?

about a year ago

Most IT Workers Don't Have STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) Degrees

iamhigh Re:And it shows :( (655 comments)

You just described the /. user base.

about a year ago

British NHS May Soon No Longer Offer Free Care

iamhigh Re:More signs of strain on NHS (634 comments)

Either this is complete bullshit or you guys have bigger issues than healthcare... because, you know, running water is pretty damn basic to a society. From your dehydration link:

At Stafford Hospital – where up to 1,200 patients died needlessly – there were numerous reports of desperate patients resorting to drinking from flower vases because they were so thirsty.

If you don't have sinks that work, you need plumbers, not doctors. Also it seems this is a sensationalist headline (no way!) as these are from kidney failure, of which dehydration is a symptom.

about a year ago

How PR Subverts Wikipedia

iamhigh Embrace... (219 comments)

Wikipedia needs to embrace that companies want to get their products on a website with that much traffic - AND they want to control the content. I have been asked by my employer to get products/services/brands on wikipedia and I have experienced the annoying editors taking down items because it was on a copyrighted web page or source, or stating it was advertising, or other things. I even tried to be partial (maybe that's just impossible). I get it; they don't want blatant marketing drivel on a fact based site.

Embrace it or lock down who gets to modify your site. Locking down modification would be the worst thing wikipedia could do. So give employers a section or specially flagged pages that they can put whatever they want on it. Hell, charge for it and get rid of those banners begging for money.

Maybe at some point they can move on to extend, and then...

about a year ago

DOJ: Defendant Has No Standing To Oppose Use of Phone Records

iamhigh Re:Scary (396 comments)

So if it was government run, and it was a tax, the argument that it is unconstitutional goes away, correct?

about a year ago

Owner of Battery Fire Tesla Vehicle: Car 'Performed Very Well, Will Buy Again'

iamhigh Re: The are mortal after all (232 comments)

I have a question: Why do you need a 3,000 lb vehicle to transport you to the grocery store and back?

What a troll question as he was obviously using the weight and distance as an example of energy density. But you just have to make this about something other than the safety of gasoline and/or electric vehicles, don't you?

Now I have a question: How much gasoline does it take to push a 3,000 lb agenda?

about a year ago

Lockheed To Furlough 3,000 On Monday, Layoffs Also Kicking In

iamhigh Re:Who shut down the government? (341 comments)

I am sure there are some excellent rebuttals that will be coming your way... many on a technical/procedural level that I will not attempt. I will however, give you an example that shows the absurdity of this line of thinking.

When/if Democrats/Libertarians get in power of the House, you have basically stated that they are allowed to "defund" any part of the government they wish. Don't like drone strikes, just defund it. Don't like the whole damn military, just defund it. Don't like national parks, just defund it. Don't like border patrol, just defund it. Don't like the FBI/CIA/NASA/etc., just defund it. Don't like a single program within any of those agencies, just defund it.

You have basically created an end-around to the entire democratic process and made the House the most powerful group of people in the country. Screw the Senate, the Executive branch, the Judicial branch and the People... it's all up to the House to decide what is law; after all if they don't like, just defund it.

Where is the check of power on the House?

about a year ago



Hackers and Zombies Attack Austin, TX

iamhigh iamhigh writes  |  about 6 years ago

iamhigh (1252742) writes "Details of the perp are still sketchy, but I'm willing to bet UT students had something to do with this. Quoting the Statesman 'Someone reprogrammed two city construction road signs near the University of Texas early Monday morning in an attempt to warn Austin of an imminent zombie attack.' And apparently Godwin's Law is already in effect."
Link to Original Source

Red Flag Linux Forced on Chinese Internet Cafes

iamhigh iamhigh writes  |  more than 6 years ago

iamhigh (1252742) writes "Reports are popping up that Chinese Internet Cafes are being required to switch to Red Flag Linux. Red Flag is China's biggest Linux distro and recently received headlines for their Olympic Edition release. The regulations, effective Nov. 5th, are aimed at combating piracy and require only that cafes install either a legal version of Windows or Red Flag. However, Radio Free Asia says that cafes are being forced to install Red Flag even if they have legal versions of Windows. Obviously questions about spying and surveillance have arose, with no comment from the Chinese Government."


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