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NSA Metadata Collection Program Has Stopped Zero Attacks

iamriley Re:Nearly one? (199 comments)

Why does youtube need ssl?
I could understand logging in needs to be secure, but every page afterwards? They're public pages man!

Just sort of happened *shrug*

about a year ago

NSA Metadata Collection Program Has Stopped Zero Attacks

iamriley Nearly one? (199 comments)

Interviewer: Now tell me, what exactly are you doing?

Spotter: Er well, I'm camel spotting. I'm spotting to see if there are any camels that I can spot, and put them down in my camel spotting book.

Interviewer: Good. And how many camels have you spotted so far?

Spotter: Oh, well so far Peter, up to the present moment, I've spotted nearly, ooh, nearly one.

Interviewer: Nearly one?


about a year ago

DCC2 Protocol for IRC file transfers

iamriley Re:What? No encryption? (233 comments)

A least it can do, is allow encryption... I don't even see that in the spec....

Probably because you didn't look hard enough.

--Riley, dIRC developer, Algenta Technical Staff member

more than 10 years ago


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