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Google Patches 30 Chrome Bugs, Adds Instant Pages

iceT Re:Instant Pages? (103 comments)

Think of it as free hits to your website, without getting all those pesky customers...

more than 3 years ago

Why Doesn't 'Google Kids' Exist?

iceT Or, perhaps a different plan is in order... (561 comments)

here's an idea... instead of having some company try to develop software that allows you to leave your child unattended on the Internet, why don't you set aside some time with them and go through the videos TOGETHER?!?! It's called "parenting". You should try it sometime.

more than 3 years ago

Verizon Customers: Say So Long To Unlimited Data

iceT Complain with your $$, not with your KEYBOARD. (303 comments)

This isn't that hard. They'll get the message when people start leaving vendors in DROVES. Reward the companies that still provide what you want, and punish the ones that don't by not giving them your $$$. They'll get the message when their people leave. Don't cling to your 'grandfather' clause. Go now. (and no, I don't work for Sprint).

But whatever you do, don't WHINE about it until you no longer *have* choices.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Is There a War Against Small Mail Servers?

iceT Stop using cable companies for your ISP service? (459 comments)

I learned a long time ago that the address ranges used for end-user oriented services routinely get blocked... If you got a dedicated line, and not a business class cable system, it would help your situation.

more than 3 years ago

Tech-Unfriendly Cafes Say No Kindles Allowed

iceT Look past the device... (375 comments)

I'd wager it's not the device... or the table space that a laptop takes up... It's way more physical than that...

It's about CHAIRS and WIFI.

No one wants to go sit in a coffee shop and when you get there, there are no seats because people have 'set up shop' and are there for the long haul. They want you to enjoy your coffee, and LEAVE. Same goes for WIFI. What once was a sales feature to get you INTO the store: Free WiFi, is now something that KEEPS you in the store, but doesn't make any more money for the shops. How many people drink cup after cup of coffee the entire 2-3 hours they're sitting there? nope. they got one $2 cup of coffee, and then tie up the seats and the wifi for hours. And their WiFi is probably over taxed because of it...

Books don't consume WiFi, and most people don't read a book for hours.

more than 3 years ago

Xerox Sues Google, Yahoo Over Search Patents

iceT What?!?!? (202 comments)

No Bing?

more than 4 years ago

iPhone's Liquid Sensors Can Be Triggered By Wintertime Use

iceT So.. do we just love to hate things.... (484 comments)

Sure... the HCI in the audio jack could change color. That's why there is supposedly a SECOND HCI on the inside of the unit. They'll open it up to examine the second one as well... 2 spots.. relatively far apart... and the 2nd one would probably be less subject to condensation.


more than 4 years ago

Chrome OS Designed To Start Microsoft Death Spiral

iceT Everyone focuses on the WRONG monopoly.... (817 comments)

It's not WINDOWS that forces businesses to keep buying new versions Windows... It's OFFICE. Cross suite compatibility is never complete, so document conversion and retraining are WAY to expensive to justify changing office suites, even when it's 'free'. And that includes Outlook (and subquently Exchange).

Sure, windows has some nice services (domain login's, etc.) but that's not enough to cement it into the heart of business.

It's their DATA.

If you're going to replace windows, your replacement better run OFFICE.

more than 5 years ago

Jammie Thomas Moves To Strike RIAA $1.92M Verdict

iceT Re:Some people should realize that... (392 comments)

Ah, yes, but just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD. One starts to wonder if the Judge is getting his own "$80k per violation" to allow that kind of award in a trial with little or no evidence being presented...

more than 5 years ago

Would You Pay For YouTube Videos?

iceT Micro payments are an interesting idea... (475 comments)

...but the problem is, most sites thing $.50 or $1 is a "micropayment" because you're not paying $12.95/month for it.

It's the same problem with downloading music for $1 per song. Um.. No. That's $12 for an album, which is what I can usually find it for in a store.

Micro-payments must be just that... MICRO. That means LESS than $.01. Along the lines of $.001 or less, and you have to CONSTANTLY keep people informed as to their balance and/or tab....

And, if you're counting on USERS to provide you your content (a la YouTube), you better PAY them for giving you their content...

more than 5 years ago

Is That "Sexting" Pic Illegal? A Scientific Test

iceT Re:Screwy laws... (711 comments)

Let's review:

Age 16. Old enough to drive. Old enough to engage in sexual activities in SOME states.

Age 18. Old enough vote. Old enough to enlist in the military.

Age 21. FINALLY old enough to drink (die for the country, but can't toast it?)

So, which one-age would you like?

more than 5 years ago

Is That "Sexting" Pic Illegal? A Scientific Test

iceT Re:nice... (711 comments)

I'm guessing that's the point. He's either trying to 'save face', or he's concerned that if he does back down, his ability to prosecute these types of cases will be called into question. He might be hoping that it goes to some sort of committee or arraignment where they will over rule him.

Then, he could use that in a campaign for Attorney General to 'protect our children, even from themselves'.

He'll win by a land-slide.

more than 5 years ago

Breach Exposes 19,000 Active US, UK Credit Cards

iceT CC #'s in Google Search Cache? (232 comments)

Just out of curiosity, how was Google's Crawler allowed to FIND the information in the first place to put it in the cache?

You don't suppose that maybe the problem is in the ORIGINAL server allowing too much access, do you?

Google just "remembers" your mistake for a LONG time.

more than 5 years ago

Firefox 3.2 Plans Include Natural Language, Themes

iceT Re:Are you kidding me? (285 comments)

And IE7 is pile of crap how exactly?

Standards not withstanding, IE7's toolbar and tab layout are completely contrary to every windows application out there. Microsoft seems to be forgetting that 1/2 the reason people like their software is because they can find stuff, and even though there is NEW stuff, everything is where it used to be.

-No menu bar.
-a new tab button that shows up when you to go click on it to get a new tab.
-Multiple Home pages.
-WTF is a "PAGE" button/menu supposed to mean?

The list goes on.

At least I can set google as my default search engine.

more than 5 years ago

18% of Consumers Can't Tell HD From SD

iceT 18%? (603 comments)

Who gives a shit? 18% of the people probably still think the world is flat. I bet a lot of those people said that because they're resisting buying a new TV.. or, like my Mom, who bought a new SD TV 4 years ago, and really doesn't want to buy a new one yet.

Where's this story: 82% of the people think that HD television is better than SD television. If that's not news worth, why is this?

more than 6 years ago

Urine Passes NASA Taste Test

iceT Deja Vu? (404 comments)

Now they just have to put this in a suit, and recapture all of the moisture, including sweat, humidity in breath, and etc..

Then we can live for years on a SPICE planet for days without water...

more than 6 years ago

Yahoo Interested In a Microsoft Buyout, But Microsoft Isn't

iceT Is this the nail in the coffin? (174 comments)

First, Yahoo kills their music store, and everyone with music tracks from them are now left with NOTHING. Now they lose their ad revenue deal w/ Google? If MS truly isn't interested any more (i.e.- their lack-of-interested isn't a bargaining chip), could this be it for Yahoo? What do they have left that's viable?

more than 6 years ago


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