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Taiwan Develops Face-Recognition Vending Machine

icecow Upsell Uphell (86 comments)

So basically vending machines will prey on people by upselling with no associated staffing costs. Minimum wage workers have been proven effective shame 'sheeple' into buying extra crap by merely begging at them. Now they can make extra sales to the even lower estemed and dumb people with no cost except the frustration and temple pressure caused to the non-stupid, who will probably deal with it to get the product they are after. "buy a razor today [scumbag] ?" wife beside him gets something to nag about when he says no, at least that's what his low self esteem is telling him true or not

more than 3 years ago

Viacom vs. YouTube - Whose Side Are You On?

icecow YouTube's (353 comments)

It's time to move away from the dark ages, period.

Without the entitlement to make million dollar crap movies, oh what would we do with our time. We'd be forced to do something else. Oh the whoa, the terror. By locking down intelectual property we give up something else. I don't want to give up that something else.

more than 7 years ago


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