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Fedora 19 Nixing MySQL in Favor of MariaDB

icsx Re:Who trusts Monty Widenius? (116 comments)

The things were different back then before the sell. While MySQL was sold, the deal turnet more crap and the original developers and owners left Oracle for this reason.

Remember that MySQL was sold to SUN, not to Oracle so he had possibly no idea or no power to stop SUN being acquired by Oracle.

about a year and a half ago

Kim Dotcom's 'Mega' Storage Site Arrives

icsx is down? (314 comments)

Read the story next time

Controversial file storage tycoon, Kim Dotcom, is launching his new encrypted cloud storage site MEGA in the U.S. tomorrow (note: link not currently active.)

about a year and a half ago

Valve Reveals First Month of Steam Linux Gains

icsx Re:DRM (295 comments)

Steamworks is actually an API that offers modules that developers can integrate into their games, such as DRM, Valve Anti-Cheat, Matchmaking, Leaderboards, Achievements and soon map works among other things.

about a year and a half ago

Carmack: Next-Gen Console Games Will Still Aim For 30fps

icsx Re:Detail (230 comments)

You cant put it up like that. It's not a valid comparison. Level done running with 60fps can be a lot cooler than a level with 30fps, stuffed in with useless crap without creativity. Console hardware is usually so poor that often games are running on lower resolution which is then scaled to full screen to achieve that 30fps in the first place anyway.

And please, don't start that 30fps human eye thing. It's not the same as in games because if you have 60 fps instead of 30 fps, you have 50% more frames that makes the game running smoother. Then there is motion blur too that is often used to hide the fact that game runs bad.

about 2 years ago

Nintendo Puts a Bedtime On Wii U Content In Europe

icsx Re:So if you are 18+ and work a night shift, (190 comments)

Why? I'd rather work 6pm to 4am than 6am to 4pm.

It may surprise you, but there are people who enjoy living during the night.

The point was that if you work in night shift, you cannot access the content within the timeframe.

about 2 years ago

Valve Begins Listing Linux Requirements For Certain Games On Steam

icsx Re:Got Beta invite ... for Debian (332 comments)

Got also invite to beta for being a Debian user. I guess they run out of Ubuntus or are looking for wider distro audience now.

about 2 years ago

GameSpy's New Owners Begin Disabling Multiplayer Without Warning

icsx Re:Twitterization? (247 comments)

Thats not actually true. Valve has taken a direction where they plan to run servers themselves more and more to multiplayergames they make. The people who previously were running multiplayer servers, as in the community and people willing to run them, are now taking a hit due to lack of players and Valve making things harder.

The lack of Support regarding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a good example. Community owners requested that Valve fixes the broken menus issue, instead, they broke them even further untill few weeks ago, it was finally fixed. The menus were broken long before beta period ended and game got officially launched. Valve didn't listen the people who run servers at all.

So, there are even fewer community servers out there for newer games if this keeps up. What happens when Valve finally wants to switch off their servers for some of the games (they already did that for the majority of Left 4 Dead, but not L4D2). The communities that have been having those active player bases and that have been keeping the players happy, will fade away and long term support will end, thus making gamers not having a place to play.

They keep saying community servers are important to Valve but all i've seen within the past 7 years that things are going in the worse direction. It's just a public press stunt.

about 2 years ago

Protect Your Pre-1997 IP Address

icsx Re:Why? (275 comments)

Somewhere, just now a blog stating someone's personal opinions about certain government/people/religion/whatever, running on certain domain was directed to bitspace. You still think it can't happen to average person? You grow up.

more than 3 years ago

FPS Games That Need a Remake

icsx Kingpin (518 comments)

Nuff said.

more than 3 years ago

World of Goo Dev Wants Big Publishers To Build Indie Teams

icsx Valve has architects? (74 comments)

Really? I know they have writers, artists, coders and animators but if they do have architects, i guess all those weird looking houses on TF2 maps are the reason why they hired them XD

more than 3 years ago

The Inside Story of Microsoft's 'Project Natal'

icsx 4 years too late (130 comments)

I guess they got the idea from Nintendo. First thought that the new thing they had will be a complete flop. After a year they saw that hey it works and now 3 years later, they have their own product. Just that.. it's 4 years too late.

more than 3 years ago

Letting Customers Decide Pricing On Game DLC

icsx Expansions, DLC's, full games (156 comments)

You used to get these sequels for games, which later on turned into expansions and then developed into this DLC thing. These days atleast the major companies plan a lot ahead. They tell the developers what to do in advance. Developers accept the terms because they need money to make the games. In these contracts, the developer is required to do updates to the game for period of time or even a sequel - or DLC, which is propably more cost free to do.

If the developer is owned by larger company, then they even might nominate a pointman to the project (game) that get's developed and say what there is going to be and so on. Good example of this is the Mafia II game where the 2009 pre-material shows missions that are not in the final game but instead, sold as DLC "jimmy's vendetta". The DLC lasts as long as the maingame but is sold at 10 bucks. I guess the 2K got a heart now since selling it as full game with 50$ pricetag would have been a ripoff - or perhaps Mafia II was as the content was cut due to "plot not working in-game".

about 4 years ago

Real-Time, Detailed Face Tracking On a Nokia N900

icsx Atleast... (139 comments)

...N900 has other functions that some other phones do not have, like face recognition and flash.

more than 4 years ago

Real-Time, Detailed Face Tracking On a Nokia N900

icsx Re:Finally, something to do with this phone (139 comments)

Many people are having difficulty due to not having a selectable list where to choose from. The default app lib on the phone is *very* limited and so is Ovi store too. Adding the maemo extras-devel brach into app sources, you get a fine selection of apps that actually run quite ok on the phone.

more than 4 years ago

Lucas Promises Star Wars on Blu-Ray in 2011

icsx Re:Spoiler alert (420 comments)

I wish!

more than 4 years ago

New Wii Menu Update Targets Homebrew Again

icsx Re:As a Wii Owner (258 comments)

Others sell their consoles at loss currently but Nintendo has been selling Wii's with profit from the start of it's release.

more than 4 years ago

Pakistani Lawyer Wants Mark Zuckerberg Executed

icsx It comes down to... (1318 comments)

Islam - a religion of peace. Are you serious?

more than 4 years ago

Finland To Legalize Use of Unsecured Wi-Fi

icsx Re:Free hotspots are illegal in Finland? (151 comments)

You have to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky? The idea behind this law change is that if a private citizen leaves his wlan open, is it legal to use it? Previously it was not and now it will be. Thing is that there is no way for the user know if the wlan is left open on purpose or not. If a city provides a wlan for tourists, there usually is a sign that it is open and free to use. There are open hot spots for wi-fi all over the country. Almost every library has one and some McDonalds and also some cities give one out to their citizens and tourists.

more than 4 years ago

Game Distribution Platforms Becoming Annoyingly Common

icsx Future is now (349 comments)

When Valve created Steam, they did it because there was no system for distributing games over internet and everyone said that the technology is 5-10 years in the future, not now. So we have had Steam now for several years and it's the most used games distribution system over internet.

What comes to the game updating, internet connection speeds get faster. PC's get faster. Systems are online more and more daily so if everything is automatic and game gets a patch, it's not a very long waiting period when you have that downloaded. Of course it depends from your own internet connection.

Some of these digital distributing services will either go down or will be bought by another but the faster these things start working together and putting up more games into the catalogs, the less issues there will be in the future.

more than 4 years ago



Gartner underestimating N900 sales rapidly

icsx icsx writes  |  more than 4 years ago

icsx (1107185) writes "Engaged and Reuters ran a story on Nokia N900 Maemo Linux phone. According to Gartner it sold only 100 000 units within the first 5 months. Nokia contacted Engaged with more accurate numbers. The real truth? It sold 100 000 units within 5 weeks instead."
Link to Original Source

IWNet no ded servers policy causing ISP suspension

icsx icsx writes  |  more than 4 years ago

icsx (1107185) writes "Apparently Infinity Wards Modern Warfare 2 game online playing can result in trouble and get your account suspended. From the Steampowered forums:

"Was browsing the web and found this. Turns out, Comcast contacted me and they threatened to suspend my account, I told them over the phone what is going on and they managed to believe me and made a note on my account.""

Link to Original Source

IFPI plans to block Piratebay in Finland too

icsx icsx writes  |  more than 6 years ago

icsx writes "Finnish IFPI follows Denmarks example and is planning to block the infamous Piratebay with courts order in civil case. The block would be done in same way as the recently introduced child porn website filtering — visitors would get a blocked site warning instead of the site itself. Now that blocking is there, it is easy to add more websites and this seems to be just the beginning. Original story in Finnish here."


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