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Australia Moves Toward New Restrictions On Technology Export and Publication

idontgno I don't see how this could possibly happen (90 comments)

"The Bill includes defences that reverse the onus of proof which limit the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty"

How could this be? This would be completely counter to one of the most fundamental and commonly-stated protected in any civilized nation's bill of basic rights.

Oh, wait, I see the problem.

Exceptions in Western democracies

Australia is the only Western democratic country with neither a constitutional nor federal legislative bill of rights to protect its citizens, although there is ongoing debate in many of Australia's states.

about two weeks ago

MIT Removes Online Physics Lectures and Courses By Walter Lewin

idontgno Re:Just wondering... (416 comments)

He isn't an unperson until all his work goes into the memory hole. That is doubleplusungood.

about two weeks ago

An Algorithm To Prevent Twitter Hashtag Degeneration

idontgno Re:Finally, a post Bennett has some expertise in (162 comments)

And, quite tellingly, puts forth a suggestion on how to shut them up.

What I'd like to know is "if moderation hasn't silence Slashdot's angry crowd, why would it do so on Twitter?"

about two weeks ago

Upgrading the Turing Test: Lovelace 2.0

idontgno Re:This sounds interesting... (68 comments)

I tried tagging the article "not Linda", but since "not" is an exclamation point, it actually reads "bang Linda."

I don't think it helped.

about a month ago

Collin Graver and his Wooden Bicycle (Video)

idontgno This is retro without the futurism. Why? (71 comments)

This is not a practical bike. "Even on smooth pavement, your vision goes blurry because you're vibrating so hard," Collin said to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter back in 2012 when he was only 15 -- and already building wooden bicycles. Collin's wooden bikes are far from the first ones. Wikipedia says, "The first bicycles recorded, known variously as velocipedes, dandy horses, or hobby horses, were constructed from wood, starting in 1817."

You know what else those early bicycles were called? "Boneshakers."

This seems like Maker/DIY gone terribly wrong. Why would a nerd be interested in this news?

about a month ago

Do Good Programmers Need Agents?

idontgno News for Nerds (215 comments)

Media agent says that a professional community not currently in bondage to ^w^w^w parasitized by ^w^w served by agent representation needs vitally to be served by agent representation, and by a completely unrelated stroke of luck, media agent is available to help.

Thanks. I was afraid I wasn't going to get my daily dose of advertising masquerading as news.

about a month ago

Cameron Says People Radicalized By Free Speech; UK ISPs Agree To Censor Button

idontgno Re:Report every press release from the government. (316 comments)

You're missing the (unstated) part that anything a "legitimate" politician says will be immune to this. Because, you know, they're legitimate. Just ask 'em.

Do you really think a politician would enact a law restricting what THEY do? Law is for little people.

about a month and a half ago

An Applied Investigation Into Graphics Card Coil Whine

idontgno Like bearing noise in a full-throttle jet engine (111 comments)

Are people actually hearing inductor acoustic oscillation over FAN NOISE? If you can hear yourself think over your graphics card, YOU'RE NOT A REAL GAMER!.

about a month and a half ago

Google To Lease and Refurbish Naval Air Base For Space Exploration

idontgno Re:Past performance does not predict future result (89 comments)

From the Mel Brooks documentary, History of the Googleplex, Part I:

Count De Money - I have come on the most urgent of business. It is said that the shareholders are revolting!

King Larry - You said it! They stink on ice.

about a month and a half ago

Why Scientists Think Completely Unclassifiable and Undiscovered Life Forms Exist

idontgno Spock was probably right (221 comments)

"It is not life as we know or understand it. Yet it is obviously alive, it exists"

--Spock, "Operation -- Annihilate!"

about 1 month ago

Terrorists Used False DMCA Claims To Get Personal Data of Anti-Islamic Youtuber

idontgno Re:European Data Protection (389 comments)

DMCA effectively authorizes disclosure. Problem fucking solved.

Sorry, if it comes to a pissing match between EU law and US law for a US-based company hosting on US-based servers and infrastructure, EU law won't even come in second place.

I suspect that's by design. Sick and sad, but true nonetheless.

If you want your rights to be protected, don't use US-based services. You're just voluntarily surrendering all your rights if you do.

about 2 months ago

Terrorists Used False DMCA Claims To Get Personal Data of Anti-Islamic Youtuber

idontgno Re:I thought the DMCA is American Law (389 comments)

But the DMCA itself is quite applicable to youtube.com, an American company primarily operating within US borders.

I suppose EU member state citizens can post their videos on video sites outside of US-hosted ones, but if they choose to play in the DMCA's playground, they can't be surprised when they turn out to be susceptible to DMCA bullying.

about 2 months ago

PC Cooling Specialist Zalman Goes Bankrupt Due To Fraud

idontgno Re:Just (208 comments)

...if you end up in jail and/or bankrupt....

No one doing this shit ever believes they'll wind up in jail or bankrupt. It's like the Dilbert, where PHB insists that even if he winds up being wrong in the end, at least he's right at first.

about 2 months ago

Marijuana Legalized In Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC

idontgno Re:But DC is different,no? (588 comments)

At-will employment, that's how.

"We can fire you for any reason*, and you can quit for any reason. Fair?"

*"Any reason" except for reasons specific to the employee being a member of a protected class. But "pot smokers" is not a protected class.

about 2 months ago

SpaceShipTwo's Rocket Engine Did Not Cause Fatal Crash

idontgno Re:KSP (150 comments)

Sadly, the difference is that a Kerbal may have survived that mishap that killed Enterprise's co-pilot, just because they're unbelievably durable little (simulated) chaps.

about 2 months ago

Facebook Sets Up Shop On Tor

idontgno Re:lol (125 comments)

"It's only wrong when someone else does it."

I have no idea why I have to say it out loud. Hypocrites don't believe they're hypocrites. Frankly, they don't believe in hypocrisy. What they want, they deserve. What anyone else wants, is either irrelevant (if it doesn't interfere with what they want) or evil (if it does interfere with what they want).

Say what you will about unvarnished greed. At least it's internally consistent.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Can You Say Something Nice About Systemd?

idontgno Re:It freakin' works fine (928 comments)

Hey, it's not HIS fault your cow wasn't spherical enough!

about 2 months ago

OpenBSD Drops Support For Loadable Kernel Modules

idontgno Re:Holy crap... (162 comments)

You clearly have no use for or expectations of commit messages at all, if your blanket answer is "look at the diffs".

That tells exactly as much as no commit message at all.

You probably don't comment code, either; I mean, the code's right there, amiright? Or else, your comment is a mindless regurgitation of the code, like "add 1 to pointer".

Complete waste of time, attention, and bytes. Don't insult the intelligence of the community with such brainless drivel. Add some value or don't use the thing at all.

about 2 months ago

How Apple Watch Is Really a Regression In Watchmaking

idontgno Re:Better question: (415 comments)

Real nerds don't call it "First Edition."

There was only one edition. Any assertion to the contrary will be vigorously ignored.

about 2 months ago



Intel Subsidiary Fined by US Commerce Department for Crypto Exports

idontgno idontgno writes  |  about 1 month ago

idontgno (624372) writes "It's almost like the good old days: Intel subsidiary Wind River Systems was fined $750,000 by the US Bureau of Industry and Security for exporting crypto to such rogue states as China and Israel. I bet you didn't know that was still illegal.

This hasn't happened in a while, as far as I can tell. Does this mean that crypto's going to be locked up like it was back in the days of 40-bit SSL?"

Link to Original Source

9th U.S. Circuit Affirms Ban of WoW Glider Bot

idontgno idontgno writes  |  about 4 years ago

idontgno (624372) writes "In its judgment yesterday, 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the World of Warcraft bot software Glider violates the "Anti-circumvention" provisions of the DMCA and cannot be distributed. Oddly, though, it also decided that Glider doesn't actually violate Blizzard's copyrights in the process. So exactly why does the DMCA apply?"
Link to Original Source

US Dems fill inboxes with 419 scams

idontgno idontgno writes  |  more than 4 years ago

idontgno (624372) writes "Looks like the U.S. Democratic National Party is hosting an unprotected web-based mail sending application which 419'ers are exploiting to get past mail filtering. (In some cases, I guess. I'd blacklist both major political parties, but that's just me.) As reported on The Register (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/08/28/democratic_party_419_abuse/)"
Link to Original Source

Bush White House Must Find Lost Official E-Mail

idontgno idontgno writes  |  more than 6 years ago

idontgno (624372) writes "According to this Associated Press story (which I saw via El Reg, a U. S. District Court has ruled that Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics In Washington (CREW) and the National Security Archive can continue in their lawsuit to force the White House to recover up to 225 days of "lost" official e-mail traffic from 2003. The Administration's position, rejected by U.S. District Judge Henry Kennedy, was that the courts had no authority to order the recovery of the e-mail.

This ruling appears to settle the issue mentioned in this earlier Slashdot story.

On a personal note, I stand gobsmacked that the Administration's argument boiled down to "You're not the boss of me!""



Free software modtrolls strike!

idontgno idontgno writes  |  more than 7 years ago


I posted a reasonable, well-intentioned, and sincere query about how anyone could think that the FSF has any real leverage over Suse--any meaningful way of expressing their evident displeasure at Novell signing on with Microsoft.

There was no inflamatory language. There were no waving red flags. There was no fanboi-ism. Frankly, I don't think there was any discernable bias one way or the other.

And along comes some clueless n00b to "-1 Flamebait" it.

Simply amazing. Amazing that mod points could be graced upon a slashdotter who could be most charitably characterized as a waste of oxygen. Amazing that once said slashdotter (henceforth known as "Puddinhead") got those mod points, he could wipe the drool off his chin and summon the intellectual muscle to work the moderation combobox. Even more amazing, if this moronic abuse of moderation represented Puddinhead's idea of taking a genuine and well thought-out position on the subject rather than the spastic twitches and burbles of the defective mentality he surely has.

Sigh. I am guessing the metamods will address this, but there are plenty of fanboi sheeples who M2 here who will agree with what they read into the moderation ("How dare he question The Stallman and his Crusade!?!"). But it doesn't matter. My karma remains excellent, because in the end, this moderation is "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."


WTF!??! A no-comment poll?

idontgno idontgno writes  |  more than 9 years ago Today's poll, "Favorite tool of destruction?" has among other choices "Other (specify)". (Sadly, not a CowboyNeal option, but I'll get over it.)

Anyway, great. I love chiming in. After all, "High explosives" wasn't one of their offerings, so I had to vote "Other."

Ooh, lookie, no comments at any mod level. Schweet, I get FP!

WTF!?! No "Reply" button? And why the flaming hell does it say that the discussion has already been archived? It's been up maybe a day! With NO COMMENTS! Only 5000 votes! AND NO COMMENTS!?!?!? "Archived" my caucasian butt!

Feh. So much for "Other". I just wasted my vote.

Somebody screwed up most cleverly here.

I've not angry, just terribly, terribly hurt. -- Marvin Martian


Mod points!

idontgno idontgno writes  |  more than 9 years ago Well, out of the blue, 5 mod points! After months of moderation drought. I wonder if this is the beginning of something big?

On the other hand, Scientific American's "Skeptic" column pointed out that we primates have a bad habit of using our acute little pattern recognition cability to draw little causal connection arrows between completely unrelated but coincidentally-timed events. So maybe it just means /.'s PRNG hiccuped just so and bestowed precious precious mod points on me.

Naah, it's really because I'm extra spe-shul.


wikiwikiwiki! That's a sound effect!

idontgno idontgno writes  |  more than 9 years ago I find myself slowly falling in love with wikipedia. Damn. It's scary.

Yeah, I know, it lacks authority, it's just a rabble spewing their institutionalized ignorace, it's a blog pretending to be an encyclopedia.

So, it's a lot like /. How's that for scary?

Anyways, it's fun. Lately I'm mostly playing whack-a-vandal. It's a petty game, really, but I get the cheap and vindictive thrill of undoing some yutz's graffitization of a perfectly good article. There's a moment of "In your FACE, Mr.! Don't bring your weak editing crap here NO MORE!" And then I have to ride herd on the article, because I know the foo' is coming back for more.

Eventually, I'll outgrow this phase. I guess it's like the first 5 mod points here, where the desire to smack down offtopics and flamebaits is irresistable. I'm sure in time I'll move on to more positive pursuits there, just like whenever I get modpoints here I try to upmod, not down.


Ampersand entities, national currencies, and stealth changes

idontgno idontgno writes  |  more than 10 years ago In a not-so-recent journal entry, I noted the rather sudden and unheralded ability of Slashcode to display the Euro currency mark: €

At the time, I tested to see whether some other currency marks would work. The yen, the pound, and the cent all failed to display.

Examine that journal entry now, and you'll find that the Yen mark (¥) and Pound mark (£) display beautifully. As they do now in this very entry.

WTF!??! How and when did this suddenly get fixed!? My old journal entries are beginning to look like unwarranted whining. I'm beginning to look like a clueless putz because of it.

Dammit. At least the cent mark isn't working:

<-- see, nothing!

(At least for now.)


Damn. I'm not getting any moderator love.

idontgno idontgno writes  |  more than 10 years ago My "excellent" karma is not bringing me the adulation and peer respect I was expecting. I mean, isn't karma the coin o' the realm, the key to the voting public's heart, the precious bodily fluids of human kindness?

Maybe I'm a lame-o weenie for missing it. Maybe I'm off my game. Maybe they've wised up and caught on.

Naah. It couldn't be my fault.


Maybe I'm not an HTML idiot after all!

idontgno idontgno writes  |  more than 10 years ago Amazing. In my last journal entry, I was bemoaning the fact that the Euro currency character ampersand-entity didn't seem to work here. Now, all of a sudden, it does. I don't think I changed anything, but right there, in my untouched post, the Euro character sits where I entered my &euro; character.

Does it still work? €

Amazing. On the upside, I can now discuss European money issues with almost the same ease with which I discuss American, Australian, Canadian, or Singapore financial topics.

Now, what about others?

Yen: ¥ <- Nope
Pound: £ <- Nope
Cent: <-Nope

Oh, well, at least the Euro is there. I wonder if non-break space is still gone, or will we be inundated by page-widening trolls? No, actually, I don't want to know.


Maybe I'm just an HTML idiot..

idontgno idontgno writes  |  more than 10 years ago But why does slashcode seem to have problems with ampersand-entity characters? I can't insert a Euro character to save my life.

Witness: €

Shoulda been a Euro character there. I bet there wasn't. Now, some seem to work: < for less than, > for greater than.

Perhaps it's my Mozilla settings? No, it shouldn't matter, because I seem to see Euro signs on other websites OK. I don't get it, and it seems kinda unfair to have to type out "Euros" when talking about European economic issues when I can just hit "$" for American (and Canadian, and Australian, and a few other) money.

Is there a kind soul who can explain which amp-entities work, and why the others don't?

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