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Workers On Autism Spectrum Finding Careers In Software Testing

ignavus Re:Everyone's on the spectrum (109 comments)

Workers On Autism Spectrum...

Everyone is on the autism spectrum. That's why they call it a spectrum.

Alternative post: No thanks, I'll wait for the Autism Amiga.

They call it a spectrum because autistic people vary quite a lot from each other - not because "everyone is on the spectrum". Not everyone is tall, even though everyone has a height. Not everyone is smart, even though everyone has an IQ. Not everyone is autistic, even though everyone can get an AQ ("autism spectrum quotient") test score greater than zero.

about three weeks ago

Blame America For Everything You Hate About "Internet Culture"

ignavus Re:I hate imperative headlines that address "you" (376 comments)

Blame America For Everything You Hate About "Internet Culture"

This Simple Trick For Blaming America Will Change Your Life!

You Won't Believe What America Did Next

Pedant that I am, I note that 2 of those 3 headlines are not imperatives.

about a month ago

I'm most interested in robots that will...

ignavus ...so I don't have to talk to humans (307 comments)

Or because I can't talk to humans (or the humans won't talk back).

I assumed "automating basic jobs..." was the option for those looking for sexbots, although several others could be viewed that way ("Cure my ills"?)

about a month ago

Users Can't Distinguish Scams From Facebook's Features

ignavus Re:Facebook indistinguishable from a scam (116 comments)

I can't tell Facebook vs a scam... both ask for personal information, promise a fantastic experience that is never delivered, and sell my personal information for a profit...
I can see why people struggle to differentiate the two.

Any commercially greedy social medium is indistinguishable from malware.

about a month and a half ago

Tetris Is Hard To Test

ignavus Re:replacing line feeds with terminators is not a (169 comments)

While I totally agree with the one-line bullshit, I'd just like to point out, that in fact, you can't collapse the linux kernel into a one-line statement this way; Parts of the code is using macros and they will fail if you put them on the same line.

#include "kernel.c"

That's a one liner!

about 2 months ago

Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

ignavus Re:Left out male height (447 comments)

Short men tend to get married later but stay married longer.

I really shouldn't skip words:

"Short men tend to get ... longer."

PS: it hasn't worked for me so far. I'm still very short.

about 2 months ago

NASA Finds a Delaware-Sized Methane "Hot Spot" In the Southwest

ignavus Re:Relative sizes (213 comments)

I thought a delaware might be a metric unit for measuring area: like a hectare, only a bit larger.

about 2 months ago

Maps Suggest Marco Polo May Have "Discovered" America

ignavus Re:I solved the mystery (276 comments)

Actually, there is strong evidence that the Native Americans discovered America.

No. Their ancestors did. The Asian people who first discovered North America were not, by definition, native to America - they were native Asians. Their descendants were native Americans, but by then, North America had already been discovered.

about 2 months ago

Possible Reason Behind Version Hop to Windows 10: Compatibility

ignavus Re:Windows 9X (349 comments)

Really they should just take a leaf from Ubuntu, and tell everyone that they have replaced Windows Bellowing Ballmer with Windows Nifty Nadella.

about 3 months ago

Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?

ignavus Re:Nine? nein nein nein! (399 comments)

Windows Nein just had a wrong sound to it.

I heard that requires the .NYET framework

about 3 months ago

Scientists Seen As Competent But Not Trusted By Americans

ignavus Re:Science is not about trust (460 comments)

Science is about reproducible results. Publish the details of your experiment, so I can perform your experiment (and variations on it) myself. Your claim is strengthened if I get the same results you do.

The only person who could reasonably reproduce an experiment would be another scientist within the same area of science. A random member of the public lacks knowledge, time, and equipement to reproduce any scientific experiment - and most of all any person, scientist or otherwise, lacks the time to reproduce all the experiments they would need to do in order to avoid trust.

Trust is at the core of science - you trust journals and reputable scientists not to lie, because you cannot afford universal scepticism.

about 3 months ago

Ancient Campfires Led To the Rise of Storytelling

ignavus Re:Experience with long distance hiking (89 comments)

Early human life must have been gritty when things weren't bountiful.

With twelve hours of darkness per day (on average), and needing only eight hours sleep, they had a LOT of time in the dark while awake. Especially in winter. I reckon they must have had a lot of snuggling up time on their hands.

about 3 months ago

Australian Police Arrest 15, Charge 2, For Alleged Islamic State Beheading Plot

ignavus Re:News for nerds (165 comments)

While the IS stuff is rather a hot news item, I do not agree that slashdot is really the place for it. One of the reasons I look at Slashdot is to get a nice newsfeed without 5 items per day about wild muslims.

Damn! There goes my new article about about "Emacs or Vi? Which do wild Muslims prefer?"

about 3 months ago

Interviews: David Saltzberg Answers Your Questions About The Big Bang Theory

ignavus Re:Too Bad (106 comments)

While I do not fall on the recorded Autism spectrum. The way they make Sheldon would be very insulting to people with these problems.

While having Asperger's can bring some problems it can also bring strengths and pleasures (e.g. Aspie "special interests" can be great fun, almost like being in love, but with a topic rather than a person). I wouldn't refer to Asperger's simplistically as a "problem". It is a condition with problems and advantages - and also some differences that are just plain neutral.

Referring to the autism spectrum as unqualified "problems" is part of the problem. Asperger's isn't a defect, it is a difference with positives and negatives.

PS: quite a few people on the spectrum think Sheldon is great. At least we get a vaguely recognisable Aspie character who has some strengths (genius, can be very generous with money) and obvious weaknesses (not all of which are core Aspie weaknesses - e.g. his narcissism is more Sheldon than Aspie).

about 3 months ago

Schizophrenia Is Not a Single Disease

ignavus Re:Helps explain a few things ... (222 comments)

Given this, dogs are probably better judges of people than we are.

Clearly dogs should be employed in recruitment departments.

about 3 months ago

Akamai Warns: Linux Systems Infiltrated and Controlled In a DDoS Botnet

ignavus Re:JAVA (230 comments)

Apache Struts, Tomcat, and elasticsearch (mentioned in the summary) are all written in java.

To me, that indicates a JAVA vulnerability, not a Linux vulnerability.

"Write once, exploit everywhere."

about 4 months ago

Geneticists Decry Book On Race and Evolution

ignavus Re:Are You Kidding? (541 comments)

Design, but looking at a dachshund, I wouldn't use the term "intelligent".

Of course it is intelligent design: the annoying dogs are all short and cannot run fast. That makes it easier to get away from them. Would you want a dachshund that could run like a greyhound?

about 4 months ago

Google's Satellites Could Soon See Your Face From Space

ignavus So don't look up (140 comments)

I always walk around outside looking at the ground (don't like the sight of moving people).

Google isn't going to film my face from space - at least, not until they cover the ground with mirrors.

about 4 months ago

Netflix Now Works On Linux With HTML5 DRM Video Support In Chrome

ignavus Re:working in Debian Sid VM (201 comments)

And it's true we should not have to do crap like this to use our netflix accounts!

Now, try doing that outside the US, where you are also blocked because of location, not just OS.

about 4 months ago


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