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iOS 7 Update Silently Removes Encryption For Email Attachments

ikejam Re: Old. Needs an update. (68 comments)

For one, a it enables a fairly simple and quick Remote wipe: delete the encryption key and remote wipe is done in a second.

about 5 months ago

Singaporean University Snubs Lauded (But Anti-Censorship) Professor

ikejam hold your horses. (48 comments)

Woah.. lets not go on to full Singapore bashing mode .. the country (city-state) has achieved some incredible things.. not least of which is continued economic prosperity amidst the carnarge, as well as an incredibly safe, stable and clean living habitat for the populace. Ofcourse there are gripes, freedom of speech does not stand up to the western definition of it..but atleast they are pretty honest about it. The city and its government has punched far above its weight. I think it would only be fair to analyse the state of affairs in that context.

about a year and a half ago

Dell To Sell Its Computer Factories

ikejam Price, the only consideration? (249 comments)

"Contract manufacturers can generally produce computers more cheaply because their entire operations are narrowly focused on finding efficiencies in manufacturing, as opposed to large firms like Dell, which must also balance marketing and other considerations." - So Are Marketing and Other (Design, Reliability, QC? ) considerations no longer important?

about 6 years ago



ikejam ikejam writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ikejam (821818) writes "Each Apple iPhone sold will generate nearly a 50 percent gross margin for Apple and partner Cingular Wireless, giving the companies a hefty profit, according to iSuppli Corp

To read more, click here. The original article is at iSuppli "


ikejam has no journal entries.

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