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AT&T To Allow Xbox 360 As U-verse Set-Top Box

illumina+us Re:Uverse sucks (62 comments)

Cable companies have contracts? I don't even think DTV or Dish have contracts unless you get "free" equipment from them.

more than 4 years ago

Warner Bros. Accused of Pirating Anti-Pirating Tech

illumina+us Shocking (228 comments)

This is absolutely shocking coming from an industry founded on violating IP laws in order to avoid paying licensing fees for patented technology.

more than 4 years ago

Our Low-Tech Tax Code

illumina+us Re:There's more to this story (691 comments)

Wasn't two years ago when health insurance became mandatory in MA? Pretty sure if you're unemployed you can go through Mass Health or Neighborhood Healthplan. What's silly is that I can't choose to get those if my employer provides a group policy (even if that group policy is much worse, and much more expensive). le sigh

more than 4 years ago

Until I remember to write

illumina+us Label Tag... (35 comments)

It seems /. devs haven't yet discovered the Label tag. -.-

more than 5 years ago

With Lawsuit Settled, Hackers Working With MBTA

illumina+us Re:Hack first, ask later? (90 comments)

Well... none of it is really private property per se. The MBTA is a public entity running a public service entirely financed by the public and its customers (who are also the public). Moreover, these fiber "closets" aren't even closets and anyone who has had any networking experience at all would be rather appalled just walking around the T-stops. Most of the break-out boxes are either wide open or unlocked and are not even secured behind a door. At just about every stop you can find a fiber "closet" mounted on a supporting strut in the middle of the station.

To the other person that replied to you though. The MBTA system most likely didn't belong to the MIT students at all since I very much doubt the majority of them were even from the Boston area.

Either way, the MBTA system is stupidly easy to circumvent and with the amount of fiber they have running throughout the T they really should've built a more reliable system. The buses and commuter rail could've been covered too with either a radio or satellite based network (which is currently in place on most MBCR coaches).

more than 6 years ago

BBC iPlayer Bandwidth Explosion Bodes Ill For ISPs

illumina+us The ISPs should have to pay for it (249 comments)

ISPs lease you a line, sometimes private, sometimes shared. Most businesses, especially those that do video streaming, etc. get a private (non-shared line) and in their contract with the ISPs their bandwidth is guaranteed. Most consumers have shared lines but their bandwidth isn't guaranteed, it just usually is available because most subscribers don't use up their available bandwidth on their leased lines. ISPs sell a company or private individual a line with x available bandwidth of x' available throughput on the line. The line will always have the same capacity but because they oversubscribe they can get away with selling 20 4mbps/384kbps lines per say a DS3 (so near double the throughput of the line itself). If everyone used the their connections the downstream would be completely saturated but the upstream would still be ok, and then consumers would be in outrage over not getting their money's worth. But consumers are already not getting their money's worth because most of them don't use the entirety of their line, and on top of that are getting nickle and dimed for every bit over X bytes/month on an already overpriced 'net connection. This is roughly equivalent to a transportation service selling 150-200 seats on a 75 seat vehicle and then expecting the people who frequently use their service to pay more and/or turning away everyone that doesn't get on the vehicle. Either way the company is at fault and they need to pay for their mistakes, not their customers.

more than 6 years ago


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