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Italian Consumer Watchdog Sues Microsoft Over 'Windows Tax'

imcclell Re:Updated TOS (313 comments)

You know, I hate this rant. Look, you bought a computer, and windows was what you bought with it. If I buy a computer from Dell, I can't buy it with no RAM (at least not for most of their consumer products), or return the RAM saying I want a refund. I bought a computer system. Same as I can't buy a Nokia phone without the software that comes with it.

The problem is not with the return policy on windows, nor the "bundling" as you call it. The only way that this is a problem is if Microsoft is coercing the manufacturer's into using only Windows. Consider Microsoft an outsourced manufacturer of a part for the PC, like RAM or a HD. It's really not their problem if Dell or HP or whomever uses them as the single source vendor for that particular part.

about 4 years ago

Canonical Begins Tracking Ubuntu Installations

imcclell Phone Home? (548 comments)

This sounds like the start to a slippery slope. Phoning home has been a major complaint about windows systems.

more than 4 years ago

Free Software Wins Court Battle in Quebec

imcclell Win for Free or Win for Quebec (172 comments)

Does this decision allow for a bid from all competitors or just SFL? The translated story is not very clear on that matter.

Quebec courts have always been quick to rule in the favor of local interests. If anyone can submit a competitive bid then justice has been served, but if it's only the SFL then the corruption is on the side of the courts. Would this have been accepted if it was a french version of REL?

more than 4 years ago

Google Joins EU Antitrust Case Against Microsoft

imcclell Re:*sigh* (373 comments)

I think you misunderstand the original intention.

Bill Gates for everything else about the man, was about making things usable for the average person. Did this always work? Nope. Did they cut a lot of corners out of laziness? Yup. Did they do illegal things with their monopoly? Sure did. Was adding IE one of them? Not from their point of view.

From their point of view, they created software to fill a need their customers wanted. ActiveX, piece of trash? Yup. Made to destroy other browsers? Not likely. ActiveX was a lazy way of fixing a complex problem. They had a lot of that over the years.

People make it sound like they went out of their way to destroy Netscape. I don't think that was the case at all, because what would they gain from it? Windows was already dominant with no other competition in sight, and they didn't sell IE. The more likely answer is they went to make a better experience for their users, and Netscape being ruined was an unfortunate side effect that frankly, didn't matter one way or another to them.

more than 5 years ago

VMware Releases Open Source Virtualization Client

imcclell Re:VMWare was always a doomed business. (218 comments)

I can honestly say that of the places I've contracted at, small to medium businesses are the more likely to want support contracts. See the big companies assume their covered. The little guys like the assurance of one less thing to worry about. You may think you've convinced them that they don't need that support contract, you haven't. If you start trying to convince the owner of a company that they don't need support, they start looking for a second opinion because the idea that you don't need support goes against common sence.

At to the point about firefox, firefox and open office are 2 rare apps amongst thousand of open source apps. 2 amongst thousands doesn't make a pattern that supports your arguement. I hope more open source apps reach the critical mass of those 2. I really do, but let's not take 2 fringe cases and make an arguement out of them.

P.S. It's always better to buy support contracts because support is cheap. Not buying support means that 1) you have an internal resource spending their time on something 2) the cost to the business of being down. I'm sorry, but when I buy from a vendor It's their job to know their software and someone who deals with it 100% of the time is likely going to be able to fix the problem faster than someone who spends 20% or less of their time with it.

more than 5 years ago

VMware Releases Open Source Virtualization Client

imcclell Re:VMWare was always a doomed business. (218 comments)

The problem to that is a matter of perception and money. It's not that there aren't other viable options, it's how people perceive those options. When you talk to a manager in a mid to large size business, every last one of them is aware of VMware, and every last one of them is aware of Hyper-V because MS was so vocal about it. You may see some Fortune 500 guys who are big Sun shops that may talk about OpenBox, but that's not the norm.

So when the higher ups go out for lunch, are they talking about the open source virtual server? Probably not. They're probably talking about VMware or Hyper-V because that's what their friends companies are running.

Also, when was the last time an open source vendor took a higher up to an expensive lunch or on a business trip?

The worst part about corporate IT purchases is that they rarely have anything to do with quality or return on investment. They're usually made on a recomendation of a friend of a higher up, or back room deals. How many times have you seen a CIO go on an expensive all paid "business trip" from a company and all of a sudden you have an exclusive deal with them?

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Ramps Up "Fix it" Support Tool

imcclell Re:What happens.... (144 comments)

I doubt most people would notice. When people click on something like that and nothing happens, they just assume it can't be fixed, not that the tool itself is broken.

Think of how many times they've run across a fix button that does nothing in antivirus and antispyware software. People just shrug their shoulders and go on.

Mind you, not a good attitude to have but people have it anyways.

more than 5 years ago

What The Banned iPhone Ad Should Really Look Like

imcclell Re:Not a good example (463 comments)

Actually, I did the whole test and did it in 42 seconds on 3G. Here are the results:

14 seconds to load the apple iphone page (the main google page loads in about 8)
10 seconds to load my location on gps
10 seconds to load a pdf attachment from an email (exchange, 100KB pdf)
8 seconds to call my house (I dialed it directly).

The same test took about a minute an a half on wireless (my iphone doesn't gps well on wireless and took over a minute).

My iphone is not unlocked either, and I am on Rogers in Canada. Maybe our 3G is different, but I doubt it. Also, the same pdf from a pop3 account took 36 seconds, so that might also make a difference.

more than 6 years ago


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