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Why Does Amazon Want To Sell Its Own Smartphone, Anyway

imnotanumber Re:Smart customers can avoid being exploited for d (60 comments)

How many times do you generally read a novel you purchase? The minor risk that I won't be able to re-read a book some years from now because Amazon has folded or otherwise stopped honoring my purchase is an easy price to pay for the convenience. I enjoy the look of a well stocked home library as much as the next guy, but why really hoard stacks of books you will never open again?

There are other uses for the books. I regularly lend, to friends, some dead tree books that I bought more than ten years ago. Many were bought from Amazon...

about 5 months ago

The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money

imnotanumber Re:I'm disapointed in people (693 comments)

There isn't anything wrong with making the default configuration simpler and/or prettier. But you can't remove things and not let the user configure it back.

Usually, sheer inertia will drive the majority your way, specially if anyone can correct a few pet configuration options. If you say "my way or the highway", guess what, many will hit the highway in search of a better environment.

about 5 months ago

Does Relying On an IDE Make You a Bad Programmer?

imnotanumber Re:No (627 comments)

A CNC machine? That's olden-days talk for a 3D printer, right?

Well... Almost.

The mentioned CNC machine uses subtractive logic while the 3D printer uses additive logic.

about 7 months ago

Nvidia Removed Linux Driver Feature For Feature Parity With Windows

imnotanumber Re:They still dont get it (237 comments)

Nvidia still dosent get it.. Reminds me of now famous Torvalds quote from video where he send hes regards to Nvidia..

What doesn't it get that the quote from Linus reminds you of? That Linux developers are unprofessional? I think it gets that very well.

Nvidia still doesn't get that removing a feature, from the linux driver, to level it with the one for an inferior product is a big "f_ck you" to their linux costumers.

If that is being professional I think that calling " Linux developers are unprofessional" is praising them.

about a year ago

Student Arrested For Using Phone App To 'Shoot' Classmates

imnotanumber Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (706 comments)

We have to take all threats seriously [...]

Of course you have to but no, an app is not a threat.

Of course not. I think that what got him in trouble was "... unwisely posted a video of it on YouTube".

The video alone, without the app, could be seen as a threat.

Of course, after some some clarification, things should not have escalated as they did.

1 year,7 days

How Human Psychology Holds Back Climate Change Action

imnotanumber Re:Missing the forest for the trees (530 comments)

I read the link and thought it pretty amusing, both the content and to equate it to what I am asking.

1) I am not saying it is the end of the world, I am just asking what it will cost. It's going to cost billions/trillions- I think I have a right to know.

I think it would not cost you very much. For come corporations it would be very costly, so they fight against the science with their "science" (see the long fight waged by the tobacco industry). For other companies it would bee a boom, unfortunately they are small right now and without the lobbying power.

2) They basically admit that there is no assurance kyoto will work.

Yes. It should be a start into a more sustainable world. If the first step is the only step, it will not be sufficient to finish the travel.

1 year,24 days

How Human Psychology Holds Back Climate Change Action

imnotanumber Re:Missing the forest for the trees (530 comments)

1.) What is the societal cost of cutting energy usage. How much does this cost in comparison to warming. 2.) Explain how using less carbonaceous fuel here will prevent it from being burned there.

Please invent some psychobabble to explain common sense.

You are in stages 5b and 5c on global warming denial: the most common skeptical arguments on global warming

1 year,24 days

Stephen Hawking Warns Against Confining Ourselves To Earth

imnotanumber Re:Paradox (414 comments)

What's the point of the universe if there is nothing to appreciate it?

Now, that's anthropocentric. The Universe managed quite well for aeons before we dropped in and it'll continue to do so long after we're extinct. We're not the raison d'etre (despite many of us being convinced we are).

Sorry, those are the words of dying breed. A new, ferocious breed/civilization/race will replace you and those like you and your words will be forgotten or used as a cautionary tale...

I'm not even saying that it is good or bad, that is how the Universe manages itself.

about a year and a half ago

Linus Torvalds Explodes at Red Hat Developer

imnotanumber Re:Linus Torvalds is his own worst enemy (786 comments)

Sorry, you're falling flat on your face for this one. Here's why:

When I ask the question, "How do change the screen resolution?" Windows: Control Panel

OK! I don't know where to click!

Just give me the directions to do it in:

* Windows XP

* Windows Vista

* Windows 7

* or perhaps Windows 8 (all variants)

I think that "It depends" would be a lot more honest answer.

about a year and a half ago

Samsung Laptop Bug Is Not Linux Specific

imnotanumber Re:Unlimited Supply of Laptops? (215 comments)

I think it was The Who who popularized that style. Not exactly Heavy Metal...

about a year and a half ago

Australian Economists Predictions No Better Than Flipping a Coin

imnotanumber Re:No wonder ... (290 comments)

If they actually did and understood the implications, people would be hanging from lamp posts.

... but not without the high-speed traders cleaning up on rope market futures.

At least for a few milliseconds... Before they are also hanged.

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Phases Out XNA and DirectX?

imnotanumber Re:Huh? (256 comments)

And paperclips are also *everywhere*

Sometimes they are even useful...

about a year and a half ago

Polio Eradication Program Suspended In Pakistan After Aid Workers Shot

imnotanumber Re:Hillbilly regions and their conspiracy theories (223 comments)

Aw come on......have a heart.

I bet that's exactly what the victims were telling to the priests even as they were lying on the altar.

And then they took the offer... literally!

about 2 years ago

Republican Staffer Khanna Axed Over Copyright Memo

imnotanumber Re:Points to consider (506 comments)

It is always nice to hear a few uplifting stories like that. Proves that some people can improve themselves.

about 2 years ago

Republican Staffer Khanna Axed Over Copyright Memo

imnotanumber Re:Points to consider (506 comments)

There is a difference between being a liar and aggressively lying. Its a shame that you don't seem to understand that.

I fear that you did not understand my post. I was saying that when someone says"politicians lie" it is not helpful because it does not take into account the size, frequency and importance of the lies being said.

about 2 years ago

Republican Staffer Khanna Axed Over Copyright Memo

imnotanumber Re:Points to consider (506 comments)

A paradox, once in a while, makes your mind happy!

about 2 years ago

Republican Staffer Khanna Axed Over Copyright Memo

imnotanumber Re:Points to consider (506 comments)

Everybody lies. Not just politicians.

Absolute statements like this are true and meaningless.

You should not equate everyone using statements like those.

about 2 years ago


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