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Mozilla Foundation Releases Firefox 7

imperator_mundi Re:"test-driven development" (452 comments)

On 1): if you write a wrong unit test and then wrong code that passes it, this is hardly by chance. On 2): this could apply to any kind of testing process: having a Test team could make Devs overconfident and make them check in any kind of crap (in fact it does) but this isn't a good reason scrap Testing teams

about 3 years ago

Gaming Google a Gateway To Crime?

imperator_mundi My 5 cents... (162 comments)

If it were such a thing as a perfect search engine given some words/description it would retrieve the sites on the topic (quite subjective concept) ordered by "relevancy" (highly subjective concept). Such a perfect engine would simply ignore changes made by SEOs for these are hardly making the content of a page more "relevant".

In this optic people exploiting google's deficiencies are just giving google the chance to make their algorithms better... and being better is how the become #1 after all.

I'm pretty sure (or at least I hope) that there is no place on earth were being smarter than Pagerank is considered a criminal offence and hence those jailed people should have gone a little beyond being smart.

more than 6 years ago


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