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What can be done about the Microsoft astroturfers?

improfane Continue through it (8 comments)

I am tired of the shills and astroturfers - they're always very obvious, you just have to leave them to be moderated by others and moderate up other people or at least people who CALL THEM on it.

Unfortunately I wouldn't be surprised if they work together to acquire karma - one person shills, another calls that shill out and then uses his mod points later to get a firstish shill post with high score.

The key is to check the user ID and the history before modding ANYONE.

We can't just give up - I don't see the alternatives right now...

more than 2 years ago

Google and Facebook Top Biggest Web Tracker List

improfane Re:Perfect Brownies (103 comments)

I forgot to clarify that when you start adding the dry ingredients (cocoa, sugar and flour) you should take the saucepan off the heat.

more than 2 years ago

Google and Facebook Top Biggest Web Tracker List

improfane Perfect Brownies (103 comments)

I agree with you.

Just thought I'd share my ultimate brownie recipe with you. Take a saucepan and start melting real butter (125g) and chocolate (185g) and melt on a low heat. Then add 50g flour, 40g Cocoa and 275g sugar. Stir into mixture and then add three eggs. Pour into a greased or papred tin and place in oven for about 25 minutes and they're delicious. They're not to dense or light and they are rich but not overpowering.

You can also mix in chocolate chunks or nuts to make it even nicer.

more than 2 years ago

UK Web Snooping Plan Invades Privacy, Despite Claims To the Contrary

improfane Equivalent in History? (65 comments)

Can anyone think of anything equivalent to this in history? Where people were under extensive surveillance? What happened?

There has to be a crunching point for things like this, society is meant to limp forward gradually. Hopefully it will get better after it gets worse...

more than 2 years ago

Some Hotspot Operators Secretly Intercept, Insert Ads In Web Pages

improfane HTTP Policies (273 comments)

This is why websites need to publish policy files a bit like ABE (Application Boundaries Enforcer). This would mean that a website would publish what resources that site can request and destinations that are not in that policy are not loaded. Unfortunately if they can intercept anything that you are served then the injector can just modify the policy file too. Perhaps signed policy file could solve this?

Does anyone know if SSL solves the problem? Can a malicious endpoint act as a proxy so the SSL connection is between the endpoint and the real site and then serve you a different SSL certificate with the adverts included. (Although I doubt they can make a certificate look like the legitimate website.) Alternatively they could just drop everything down to HTTP...

(Although the guy who wrote ABE/NoScript should be considered in caution because of what he did to NoScript users in the past. He deliberately removed NoScript blocks for his own website so he could raise money on his plugin update page that opens after updates.)

more than 2 years ago

Slashdot Coming Attractions

improfane Great post! (410 comments)

Agree with everything.

Always look forward to reading your posts because I know they will be good.

more than 2 years ago

Slashdot Coming Attractions

improfane So right (410 comments)

The problem I think is that geeks no longer run Slashdot, they no longer choose the stories to post. Instead it's by social media/blogger types which is not what Slashdot's target audience is interested in...

more than 2 years ago

Slashdot Coming Attractions

improfane Dear Slashdot Management (410 comments)

Your website's profitability depends on the comments posted below. You depend on User Generated Content (UGC). This is where most users extract value from your site and the reason why people actually still visit Slashdot.

It's not the articles themselves, people only rarely read those.

If you allow your user base to be diluted by commercial interests, your profits will dwindle as less users come here to socialize and learn. That is why you need to keep the comments off limits for gaming by media and PR companies. If you post a Slashvertisement, not that I like them at least it is separate from the comment section so you're not pretending to be anything but a shill for another company. However, the comment section should represent real users and trolls -- not shills.

more than 2 years ago

Slashdot Coming Attractions

improfane Shill problem (410 comments)

You are right, this will be just as abused just like the current moderation system by shills.

I really would like a user preference that lets me block users greater than a certain UID. This is because there are very few genuine users over a certain ID.

Anyone with me? How do we slow down the shills?

more than 2 years ago

MIT Institute's Gloomy Prediction: 'Global Economic Collapse' By 2030

improfane Re:Technology to save the day (816 comments)

You sir are paid for your opinions.

I respect your right to be paid but I want others to be aware of this before they mod you up.

more than 2 years ago

Adobe Releases Last Linux Version of Flash Player

improfane Re:Hulu Desktop? (426 comments)

You write like a paid poster :-(

more than 2 years ago

Java Web Attack Installs Malware In RAM

improfane It doesn't (98 comments)

It doesn't have to. It contacts the C&C server where someone presumably decides whether to install further bots or more resident exploits.

The exploit seems to be more about stealth distribution and about dropping other malware. This makes sense because if a dropper is detected as malicious, it becomes useless due to its detection. (You can safely assume anything using a dropper is malicious)

This means that anti virus software should in theory only be able to detect the actual dropped malware. Any new malware could have had a field day with this exploit because both the dropper and malware would not have been detected.

From my understanding of the article it actually dropped the Lurk trojan but I get the feeling it could drop anything the C&C wants it to.

more than 2 years ago

Anonymous, Decentralized and Uncensored File-Sharing Is Booming

improfane Re:Not the answer (308 comments)

You have that position because you are paid to have it.

more than 2 years ago

Is Poor Numeracy Ruining Lives?

improfane We're morons basically.. (489 comments)

I come from the UK and personally find mathematics pretty difficult. I can work through problems on paper but my mental arithmetic is atrocious. By the time I two operands and an operator in my head and have broken up the problem into a simpler problem, I have forgotten the original two numbers...

That said, mathematics should come the more you practice. I like to blame the school curriculum -- it is shit. The only reason why I am valuable is because I acquired computing skills playing on computers as a child.

I'd like to blame mathematics textbooks but I cannot. My generation and a few before me have lost the willpower and motivation to actually study and learn things properly. Our education system does not really promote mathematics that well. My school staff was rife with young twenty somethings fresh out of university with no real ability to teach...

Teaching has lost its respect and professionalism in the UK too. Add to the fact it became okay and even cool to be ignorant in modern culture.

more than 2 years ago

Some Critics Suggest Apple Boycott Over Chinese Working Conditions

improfane Not getting it. (744 comments)

I think you're missing the point.

more than 2 years ago

Some Critics Suggest Apple Boycott Over Chinese Working Conditions

improfane Re:A long list of reasons (744 comments)

It would have taken you a second to find out yourself:


Apple mobile devices are sealed shut, you're not supposed to replace the batteries yourself. They're not supposed to last.

more than 2 years ago

Some Critics Suggest Apple Boycott Over Chinese Working Conditions

improfane Re:A long list of reasons (744 comments)

It's not conducive to discussion to call people trolls who you do not agree with.

If you're telling me with a straight face that Apple devices are not engineered to fail in time for the next Apple device, I just can't believe you. Apple devices are consumer electronics, they're designed to be replaced every year. You're supposed to go out and buy another iPhone or iDevice at the next keynote speech. That's what you're supposed to do. I prefer to have a device that is rugged and the vendor is not just trying to milk me into buying the next one.

They said they dropped CarrierIQ but as some other commentator said, the tracking is now baked into iOS.

Imaginary problem? I'm sorry but being able to install what you want is a problem and security is no excuse. It is a trap and guarantee revenues, the security is a side benefit. I should not have to pay a fee to develop for my own device.

I highly doubt any of my concerns and my priorities are in tune with you as you already own Apple devices, you like the advantages they provide. A buyer who is mostly satisfied will never admit any flaws of a product he likes. (Post purchase rationalization) Let's just accept that you like what iDevices provide you and that I want nothing to do with them.

more than 2 years ago

Some Critics Suggest Apple Boycott Over Chinese Working Conditions

improfane Hungary (744 comments)

My phone says it was made in Hungary but I imagine it was only assembled there and the components were made in China. The battery was made in China. Unfortunate but an improvement over a completely Chinese manufactured device.

more than 2 years ago

Some Critics Suggest Apple Boycott Over Chinese Working Conditions

improfane A long list of reasons (744 comments)

To those who have been watching Apple for years, this is just a long list of transgressions that make it obvious to avoid Apple.

- Walled gardens, vendor lock in
- Taking down applications from the App Store and including versions in iOS
- Spurious litigation and anti-competitive lawsuits in Germany and Australia
- CarrierIQ, GPS tracking privacy gaffes
- Planned failure just after warranty period (ever since the original pod)

When you think of products that are so anti consumer (not necessarily anti-usability), Apple comes to mind. As for many here, it's just business as usual as I will never buy an Apple product (especially after the first pod) anyway.

more than 2 years ago


improfane hasn't submitted any stories.



Slashdot Infiltration

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Wake up people.

Slashdot: please turn off new registrations. We're being infiltrated by shills.


Pseudonyms on Google+

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

I would really rather not use my real name on Google+.

I am happy to use a middle name and my surname, do you think Google would consider this a violation?

Is it possible to have more than one account? Perhaps one for inanity and one for being professional?

I still don't want to register (I deleted Facebook) but college life is very different without it.


Children Unsullied by Prejudice

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

I think this picture captures what is truly evil:


Children are perhaps the most unbiased and neutral force for judgement. They might be naive but they are neutral.


Stop Having Kids

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

I started a controversial thread in the article Earth's Population To Hit 7 Billion This Year.

I strongly believe people should be having less children and taking responsibility for their actions.

I honestly do not understand how people can regard me selfish for this opinion.

Population control is not necessarily an extreme measure that others have assumed. In the UK we have tons of teenage prenancies. I mean tons. There's a page on Wikipedia dedicated to it. Some areas in Britain are full of single mothers which live off the state. I find this a disgusting waste of resources.

What if they taxed young children who have children young more? These kids should be in school - not getting pregnant. There is a really good post about sending girls to school, as that really does work.

Some jackass modded me overrated because they disagreed. Humanity has a long way to go!


Why LulzSec, AntiSec are Good For Societ

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Have these vigilantes done any physical damage? No.
Have they killed anybody? No.
Have they seriously hurt people? No.
Are they an organized crime cartel? No.
Are they for profit? No.

Do they have motivations that are good for the rest of the population? Yes.

If you ask me, the authorities should be going after all the malicious software, the scareware and crapware that is written INSIDE the United States. Why go after some kids who are making a point?

Society these days! SNAFU!


4x Science fiction Mini Review I

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

In the last two weeks, I have read the following books:

  - Anthem (Ayn Rand)
  - Old Man's War (Joe Scalzi)
  - The Forever War (Joe Haldeman)
  - Gateway (Frederik Pohl)

I enjoyed all four books.
  - Anthem is a very familiar story since it's concept is used in lots of other fiction. It was nice to have book that encapsulates the idea of collectivism in one short story. I can't think of any similar stories right now but I will soon.
  - The Forever War is probably not as funny as Old Man's War but it's got some very cool battle scenes. The portrayal of Earth is believable. I love the time dilation effects. The ending reminds me of Gaia in Foundation. The English is less complex than OMW but some of the ideas are perhaps cooler. (Like the fields, trauma suppression system, Marygay). Very happy ending. Likable main character. The best way for me to summarise this book is essentially 'AVATAR done properly'.
  - Old Man's War reminds me like Avatar but done properly. I like how there is a moral background to the whole thing. The universe is portrayed as a very dangerous place which I like. The part about the humans being surrounded reminds me of the Rendezvous with Rama book in the species simulator room, how many species expand and die out or there is conflict between them. Well written. Likable main character.
  - Gateway is a tough one. I really enjoyed the science and all the concepts. Earth was believable here too. I liked some of the characters but I hated the main character. He was a big asshole. I did like the robot psychologist to a degree but the ending was ambiguous, the first time I read the last paragraph I thought the robot was becoming self-aware. I did not like the whole psychological tirade about his sexuality, his mother and Dane, it kind of came out of nowhere to me.

Four good books that I highly recommend you read. Perhaps in the following order: OMW, TFW, Gateway, Anthem. OMW and TFW are very similar, military science fiction.


Yes Join Google+! It's Awesome

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Yes. Please join Google+! It's very much better than Facebook!

Disclaimer: I don't actually use Google+ or intend to use Google+. I just want to see Facebook die. Come on, you know the geek in you wants it to be true too!

Is it disingenuous to recommend something for spiteful gain? Mark Zuckerberg is an asshole.


PR Firms Own The News

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

It's not even funny anymore. PR films own our news. Is anyone else suspicious that there has been an unbelievable amount of articles on the following:

  - Google+
  - BlackBerry's death

Something makes me think that maybe some company is funding these articles. BlackBerry may very well be in decline but these constant articles alluding to it make me think it's an induced Streisland effect. Some PR firms are attacking BlackBerry relentlessly. I wonder if it is Google or Apple?



First post derail

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

I'm noticing a lot of first post trolls recently:
pandrijeczko (588093) has done it a number of times now. He makes his posts look like they could be real.

Another is arth1, I can't tell if it is a sockpuppet.


Backup My Comments?

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

I'm wondering if anybody knows of a way to download Slashdot comments (and journals) easily?

I'd like to take my own copy of my slashdot comments. Short of writing a script to do it I can't think of a simple way to do it.

Can I get Slashdot to email me after a comment? Really, I should be sensible and save comments to my computer first and paste them in...


I moderate people I disagree with

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

If someone I disagree with makes a valid and thoughtful arguments, I moderate them up anyway. I want someone else to enjoy the post!


Stop Helping Outsourced People

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Dear Westeners,

I am subscribed to a number of software mailing lists and even contribute sometimes. There's one thing that really makes my blood boil.

If you see a poorly written help request from someone who really doesn't know what they're doing and they beg for help or ask you to email them, please don't.

  • Please fix this (followed by a code dump)
  • It's urgent please help me.
  • my email is rakedayaa@yahoo.co.uk please send me the solution

These people are employed because western corporations have outsourced IT functions to places like India. I have nothing against them personally but they have no respect, manners and sometimes are even rude. When you help them, you are not only doing it for free but you are helping them keep a job they are not fit for. You know, the job that you should probably be doing and getting paid for.

If you see a post that demonstrates lack of understanding (especially from a Indian name) and who looks like they're under pressure, please don't help them. Maybe then they'll get fired.

This drives me up the wall.

One of the few western employees still left


Companies using Facebook for competitions

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

I just checked out a packet of frozen chicken that had a competition to win a 100 pounds. It says

'Enter with Facebook'

So now not only do they have whatever feedback you give them directly, they have your Facebook profile and all the information from that, especially if you click 'Like' so they can match your entry to it.

Marketing information goldmine! Fortunately you can enter by email...


Mod abuse?

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

I was insightful, then underrated, then overrated then troll.




New Media Stategies

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Be wary of New Media Strategies, IMHO they damage the brands they represent by PRETENDING to be genuine users of a product. Unfortunately, they're only damaging the reputation of themselves and the product they advertise.

The following individuals are associated with NMS :-) DO YOU WANT TO HIRE THEM NOW?

Susannah Griffiths - Senior Account Director, Corporate
Talia Ran - Online Analyst, Corporate
Cristina Maas - Online Analyst, Corporate
Tara Stone - Managing Account Director, Corporate
Soren Dayton - Senior Communications Strategist, Public Affairs
Patrick Pho - Online Analyst, Corporate
Chintimini Keith - Creative Producer, Strategy & Insights
Caroline Sancken - Online Analyst, Entertainment
Danny Christiansen - Promotions Associate, Entertainment
Ryan Nolan - Online Analyst, Corporate
Meghan Sager - Project Manager, Corporate Practice
Tara Dobbs - Business Manager
Jayar Donlan - Research Director, Strategy & Insights
Laura Murphy - Project Manager, Entertainment
Sam Huxley - Vice President, Strategy and Insights
Dave Telfer - Account Manager, Corporate
George Ross Parman - Online Analyst, Public Affairs
Nick Pogar - Online Analyst, Corporate
Kelsey Cohen-Roth - Online Analyst, Entertainment
Aaron Velthoven - Account Supervisor, Corporate
Erin Kirkpatrick - Promotions Associate, Entertainment
Jack Macleod - Vice President, Sales
JP Freire - Senior Communications Strategist, Public Affairs
Angie Creger - Account Director, Corporate
Jennifer Utz - Regional Sales Director, Northeast
Tony Smith - Online Analyst, Corporate
Preston Davenport - Regional Sales Director, Southeast
Mclean Donovan - Senior Online Analyst, Entertainment
Sara Diaz - Strategic Manager, Public Affairs
Intern Corner -
Mike Snead - Online Analyst, Corporate
Jeff Taylor - Associate Strategist, Strategy & Insights
Emily Kaiser - Project Manager, Entertainment
Kelly Hartigan - Sales and Marketing Manager, Sales
David White - Senior Account Director, Public Affairs
Sue Keffer - Special Assistant to the CEO
Cathy Choe - Senior Promotions Associate, Entertainment
Ashley Aikens - Project Manager, Entertainment
Veronica Crosetto - Senior Project Manager, Corporate
Greg Johnston - Creative Director, Strategy & Insights
Ellie Brown - Online Analyst, Corporate
Niki Vora - Account Director, Entertainment
Sonja Olson - Account Manager, Entertainment
Tom Snedeker - Vice President, Finance
Brian Gluckman - Marketing Strategist, Strategy and Insights
Bryce Rudow - Online Analyst, Entertainment
Kyle Scriven - Technical Analyst, Strategy and Insights
Carlos Roncajolo - Online Analyst, Corporate
Libby Jacobson - Research Associate, Strategy and Insights
Julie Somberg - Account Manager, Corporate
Phillip Herndon - Communications Strategist, Public Affairs
Mike Vallebuona - Senior Project Manager, Corporate
Alden Mackey - Online Analyst, Public Affairs
Lyndsey Medsker - Senior Account Director, Public Affairs
Bonnie Perry - Project Supervisor, Corporate
Charles Juckett - Project Manager, Corporate
Heather Levedag Hock - Vice President, Human Resources
Mark LeMunyon - Senior Online Analyst, Public Affairs
Guillermo Corporan - IT Manager
Kelly Olexa - Regional Sales Director Midwest, Sales
Andrew Hamilton - Online Analyst, Corporate
Lindsay Gsell -
Joe Gizzi - Marketing Strategist, Strategy & Insights
Jon Tilton - Account Director, Public Affairs
Kathryn Covert -
Pete Snyder - Founder and CEO
Ryan Bitzer - Online Analyst, Corporate
Christal Goetz - Vice President, Corporate Practice
David Hakim - Account Manager, Corporate
Laura Neville - Vice President
George Alafoginis - Communications Strategist, Public Affairs
Jamie Gyerman - Senior Account Manager, Corporate
Samantha Greenwood - Online Analyst, Entertainment
Christy Lewis - Online Analyst, Corporate
Aaron Earls - Co-Founder and Vice President, Business Development
Andrew Schreck - Account Director, Corporate
Travis Bernard - Online Analyst, Entertainment
Jessica Boulanger - Vice President, Public Affairs Practice
Moira Curran - Vice President, Entertainment
Hilary Riedemann - Promotions Manager, Corporate
Patrick Wixted - Senior Account Manager, Entertainment
Katie Townsley - Senior Account Director, Corporate
Emily Canan - Senior Online Analyst, Corporate
Courtney White - Senior Promotions Strategist, Strategy & Insights
Jamie Chiriboga - Senior Account Manager, Corporate
Peter Galio - Account Director, Corporate
Craig Kessler - Promotions Associate, Corporate
Meredith Fineman - Promotions Associate, Corporate
Stephanie Copeland Weber - Vice President, Client Services Operations
Fenella Basilio - Senior Online Analyst, Entertainment
Renan Borelli - Project Manager, Corporate
Nisha Chittal - Marketing Strategist, Strategy and Insights
Amanda Ohbayashi - Online Analyst, Corporate
Philip Miller - Promotions Associate, Corporate
Hal Speisman - Research Associate, Strategy & Insights
Abby Gayman - Project Manager, Corporate
Sara Capoccia - Project Manager, Corporate
Christa Shalhoub - Promotions Associate, Corporate
Jason Runyan - Account Manager, Entertainment
Philip McAvoy - Creative Director, Corporate
Chauncey McCall - Senior Project Manager, Entertainment
Amanda Moulton - Office Administrator
David Fitzpatrick - Project Manager, Entertainment Practice
Veronica Segovia - Online Analyst, Corporate
Modele Oyewole - Online Analyst, Entertainment
Emily Morrell - Proposal Associate, Sales
Nicole Siobal - Project Manager, Entertainment
Haynes David - Sales Coordinator, Sales
Brad Singley - Online Analyst, Corporate
Benny Au - IT Specialist, IT
Brent Mosley - Research Associate, Strategy and Insights
Aileen Comey - Online Analyst, Entertainment Practice
Matt Moon - Senior Communications Strategist, Public Affairs
Kristen Rudzki - Senior Account Manager, Corporate
Brittany Cooper - Director of Recruitment and Corporate Culture, Human Resources
Maggie Pitts - Project Manager, Entertainment Practice
Sean Carroll - Senior Promotions Associate, Corporate
Ryan Emge - Blog Manager, Corporate
Matt DeLuca - Senior Online Analyst, Public Affairs
Hillary Jackson - Account Manager, Entertainment
Tyler Hoffberger - Online Analyst, Entertainment


Page Comments

improfane improfane writes  |  more than 8 years ago

I really need a way to easily comment on a web page, I'm not talking about a separate medium for comments, such as a service. I need to be able to locally add comments directly to a page. It shouldn't edit the actual web page cache but render upon it.

Perhaps a toolbar, where I click add a comment. Click somewhere on the page, a textbox should appear inline or as an overlay to the webpage and I should be able to comment on the page itself. It's a bit like those sticky note application in Office but on web page.

Sometimes I get an idea or remember something on a particular pragrapgh on a web page. Or perhaps a way to refine my thoughts on a issue without actually posting to the site author themself.

The comments themselves should be saved to my hard drive and when I reaccess the same webpage, I can see the same comment in the same place.

There should also be the option of viewing the text off the page, like all in one file, or as a sidebar in the web browser. Only problem is, what is the context of this comment? Perhaps a quotation of the element I commented on.

If anybody knows of any applications or extensions that do this please leave a comment in this journal entry.



improfane improfane writes  |  more than 8 years ago

The ego of people is funny.

"Lets agree" or "I thought that too" simply because the majority did.


Disclaimer: that is not me.

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