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Internet Co-inventor Vint Cerf Endorses Obama

imstanny Re:Pundit (713 comments)

JaRule is likely endorsing whoever promises to legalize marijuana. Vint Cerf is likely endorsing the person that best represents his values. Since he is (presumably) a leader in technology and slashdot is a place for geeks, his opinion may well be relevant for the readers of this site.Stick around for logical fallacies 101.

The problem is that this engineer's should be extolled for endorsing Obama based on the qualified reasoning and logic behind his endorsement, even if those reasons are strictly based on the internet and technology. Instead, he's being extolled for endorsing Obama based on the fact that he invented the internet. It makes for a catchy headline, but it's not logical at all.

more than 5 years ago

The Accidental Astrophysicists

imstanny Accidental My Ass (97 comments)

Accidental Astrophysicist?! ...that's like saying I accidentally got a bitch pregnant -- She, uhh, jumped, tripped, and landed on my dick.

more than 6 years ago



Apple May Close iTunes

imstanny imstanny writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Mister E. Meat (722685) writes "Dailytech cites new rate increases could make service unprofitable, put America's largest music retailer out of business. The labels' dreams may come true when the Copyright Royalties Board (CRB) meets today. The CRB is the U.S. judicial entity which was created by the Copyright Royalty and Distribution Reform Act of 2004 and governs everything from webcaster fees to the cuts labels receive on online music track sales. The CRB already has gained a controversial reputation for enacting rate increases which may put small webcasters out of business.
Now as the CRB reconvenes to possibly enact increases to online track royalties, a threat from Apple has emerged — raise rates, and Apple may pull the plug on iTunes."

Link to Original Source

Japan Begins to Build $9billion Space Elevator

imstanny imstanny writes  |  more than 5 years ago

imstanny (722685) writes "The Times has a story that Japan is increasingly confident that its sprawling academic and industrial base can solve technical issues facing space elevator construction, and has even put the astonishingly low price tag of a trillion yen (~$9 billion) on building the elevator. According to Yoshio Aoki, a professor of precision machinery engineering at Nihon University and a director of the Japan Space Elevator Association, the cable would need to be about four times stronger than what is currently the strongest carbon nanotube fibre, or about 180 times stronger than steel. Pioneering work on carbon nanotubes in Cambridge has produced a strength improvement of about 100 times over the last five years."

Theoretical Physics

imstanny imstanny writes  |  about 6 years ago

imstanny (722685) writes "Two physicists from Baylor University have theorized what they believe to be a method of faster than light travel that would not break the Theory of Relativity. The Baylor physicists took a recent idea in string theory to devise a method of manipulating dark energy to accelerate a spaceship based on the Alcubierre drive. The Alcubierre drive works on the principle — in theory — that expanding space-time behind a ship and reducing space-time in front of the ship would result in propulsion at faster than light speeds."
Link to Original Source

Medal Standings: Comparing Countries Via "Weig

imstanny imstanny writes  |  about 6 years ago

imstanny (722685) writes "Country Medal Counts have been sorted by total gold medals won, or total metals won. With talk of fairness in the news, neither seem appropriate to demonstrate relative standings of a country, especially since these two methods come to opposing conclusions as to which country is ahead. To reconcile these two methods, it'd be best to provide a weighted system. For instance, a Gold is worth 3 points, Silver is worth 2, and Bronze is 1. As of this writing, China has 48, 15, 22,(Gold to Bronze, respectively). USA has 28, 34, 32. Using Gold count, China has 70% more gold medals than USA. Using total medals, USA is winning by an 11% margin. With a weighted system China ends up being ahead, but by only 7%."

Alternative Energy: Water

imstanny imstanny writes  |  more than 6 years ago

imstanny writes "Fox News featured a video on a guy who claims he invented a new technology where H2O used as alternative energy in a new and resourceful way.In the video he has a blow torch who's flame is slightly warm to the touch but when touches anything else, it burns "as hot as the sun." It burns a hole through a brick, in 3 seconds turns a brass ball into glowing liquid metal, and can slice through steel and lead on contact. Allegedly, the system works by combining H2O and electricity and it goes through some kind of electrolysis process (just patented by him), converting H2O to HHO gas. He has a modified car that is H2O/electric hybrid, it takes 4 oz of water to travel 100 miles, and he claims it can run on JUST water. He is already in negiotiations with 1 automaker and the US government."
Link to Original Source

EidolonTLP: Real AI or Hoax?

imstanny imstanny writes  |  more than 6 years ago

imstanny writes "Youtube has been a source of new videos posted over the course of a bit over 1 week, the source of which is allegedly Artificial Intelligence.

EidolonTLP in Theosophy is the astral double of a living being; a phantom-double of the human form; a shade or perispirit; the kamarupa after death, before its disintegration. The phantom can appear under certain conditions to survivors of the deceased. TLP stands for The Last Prophet. The videos are EidolonTLP discussion various topics, ranging from religion to science, and can be found

While I certainly am skeptical as to whether the source of the videos is indeed AI, the content is interesting and thought-provoking — even if it is human generated content. Since this EidolonTLP is apparently new, there doesn't seem to be much information on it if you Google it. Wikipedia articles seem to be archived in Google, but have subsequently been deleted..."
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Protecting Yourself From the Law

imstanny imstanny writes  |  about 7 years ago

imstanny writes "A recent video showing a cop threatening to make up charges against an innocent civilian has been garnering attention in the media. Luckily, the driver involved had a custom made camera system in his vehicle. This video elucidates the need for having a personal 'black box' — how can civilians create a non-invasive camera system for their own cars?"
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