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Microsoft Explains Windows Phone 7 'Phantom Data'

indi0144 Re:NSA (270 comments)

You know, this makes sense since I recall watching a documentary in the early 2000's about how American Inteligence Agencies were working in creating a "network"of interconnected peers, they got the info from phone usage and emails and they were creating graphical representations of such network, you clicked over some name and it displayed all communications to and from his monitored media. Some time later, after the first boom of Facebook (when no .edu email was needed) I told myself, "well this is actually like that thing these guy were doing"

Now that you point that out, it's obviously easier to give some candy to the people so they can freely hand out their data. I don't use FB to store personal information, not under my real name that is*, but FB it's a great tool for marketing and self promotion when used wisely. So for me is neither good or bad.

* maybe in the our brave new future being a loner would make you a criminal

The man: Hey you! stop slacking society *bayonet bump* go back to the line and get along, or else

about 4 years ago

Is Samsung Blocking Updates To Froyo?

indi0144 Re:Open Platform? (459 comments)

Blackberry? Isn't it the #1 smartphone in share?

The battle between: Android fans and "Apple is the OCD of the tech world" and iOS fans and "Android fragmentation is teh fails" is just a kids battle for the second place.

Grown up people and their BB's just laugh all the way to the kitchen with the pizza and the keys in their pants pockets.

For the record I don't own any of them, but I'd go with BB if I need to. BB people seem to be busy doing stuff rather than commenting how cool is their $marthphone and how $other_people FAIL for not being enlightened like them.

about 4 years ago

Interview With KDE On Windows Release Manager Patrick Spendrin

indi0144 Re:KDE for Windows? (116 comments)

How are the win crowd your enemy, did they do something to you or someone you love? Do your dog get kicked in the nuts every time an OEM DELL box is purchased?

I've been trying to use KDE on win since 2008 and it was not a pleasant experience, maybe now it works, which doesn't mater since I can run KDE fedora on a VM seamless mode in virtual box and get the full KDE "experience". I'd pay for a full blown KDE DE replacing Win7 DE tough, not because Win7's DE is crap but because KDE is somewhat better.

about 4 years ago

iPhone Alarms Hit By New Year's Bug

indi0144 Re:Morning sex (405 comments)


You have no woman ERGO You have a huge bank account.

about 4 years ago

Samsung Set To Introduce Android-Based iPod Touch Competitor

indi0144 Re:About Time (221 comments)

Samsung has a mayor advantage in cost of flash ram, because THEY FAB those parts.

SAMSUNG Semiconductor Inc.

about 4 years ago

Samsung Set To Introduce Android-Based iPod Touch Competitor

indi0144 Re:About Time (221 comments)

What? ITunes is the thing that have originally make me disregard iPods as a PMP, And Yes I have one lovely 4G and it's a pain to use it because:

1. Install iTunes to format/restore the iPod
2. NUKE iTunes with http://remove-it.org/tools/byetunes
3. Add songs manually trough "CopyTrans Suite" (I don't use music libraries at all so I'm happier with manual transfers)
4. Perfectly usable iPod without the PC's registry getting rammed to death by iTunes

But wait theres more!

Option I
1. Install rockbox in the iPod
2. make it actually better

Option II

1. IT'S 2011 -> Don't buy an iPod/PMP | it's so 2006

Theres really no point in PMPs when even cheap cellphones have decent mp3 players, usb ports, BT microSD cards and FM radio. I love the DAC from my 4G but I'm sure I'm not buying another PMP be it Apple or Cowon or Creative or Samsung. Generic Chinese tablets are cheaper than BRAND PMPs where I live, It just doesn't make sense.

about 4 years ago

Chinese Intellectual Property Acquisition Tactics Exposed

indi0144 Re:capitalists take note (398 comments)

Like any country that have huge reserves of $resource and have no political and economical stability?

Theres is actually a debate here because Grey Star (Canada) and a Chinese corporation are planning on Gold mining in areas which could harm 3 of our most important drainage basins. Average people have reacted and have spread the voice trough YouTube videos and forwarding mails (News just started to talk about it once the public outrage started.) Likely outcome: The Government may revoke the licenses because of the potential ecological damage and the usual "who the f authorized this in the first place?"

Guess the difference is the threat level: Fighting a corp against putting mercury in our water (our case) against fighting a corp who is selling IP = creating jobs in China (your case).

You say: "Well we could just innovate again and create some jobs/I can get a new job" while We say: "You're not mining on that basin, sorry"

about 4 years ago

Chinese Intellectual Property Acquisition Tactics Exposed

indi0144 Re:Fail (398 comments)

mod up

+ informative

about 4 years ago

Most Anticipated Tech Products of 2011

indi0144 Re:Tablets (155 comments)

Flash on a Tegra 2 wich supports hardware acceleration do not kill the battery, old FUD is old.

Speaking on multitasking, Why isn't the Notion Ink Adam mentioned in the article? Well I know PCMag is lousy but if there is an implementation of multitaking on Android that works, it's EDEN, see:


Thats real multitasking WHILE sending HDMI video at 1080p and several applications working in second plane. Why people put up* with less is beyond me.

*Oh well the iPad jumped first and Galaxy tab was just released, Adam and others are going to be avilable after CES, most of them are just waiting for the FCC approval.

more than 4 years ago

CIA Launches WTF To Investigate Wikileaks

indi0144 Re:Idiots (402 comments)

Don't worry, if this is just the biggest troll in the history of internet somehow Wikileaks will show us the truth, oh wait

more than 4 years ago

CIA Launches WTF To Investigate Wikileaks

indi0144 Re:WTF? (402 comments)

this just in! lolercopters just pined down Cyber Turrurist Julian Assange in his residence in London.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Kills Office Anti-Piracy Program

indi0144 Re:Too late - the youth have moved on (233 comments)

My AbiWord starts in 3 seconds on my Pentium 3 M coppermine and 256Mb of PC100 ram, how long does it take to start OOWrite on your PC? ..

Oh right, woooooooooooooshh

more than 4 years ago

Hackers Dual-Boot Chrome OS With Ubuntu Linux on CR-48

indi0144 Re:Can't see this standing (148 comments)

In that paragraph.. I really couldn't figure out if you were talking about ChromeOS or Apple in general.

Why people get pissed off when somebody offers an alternative NOT MEANT FOR THEM? It's like watching a Business guy pissed off because his new tata is kinda cheap, or a farmer pissed off because his new Bugati can't work the land, or family guy pissed off because his new Mini can't accommodate the family...

Give the guys a break, at least they're trying something different (not different as in Apple different)

Chrome OS: less internal storage than my phone, no RJ45, lame

more than 4 years ago

ChromeOS Laptop-Smashing Ad Equation Solved

indi0144 Re:cracked? (164 comments)

You referenced an Ad (the Ad) 5 times...

How do those Google psychos DARE to make us talk about their product, are they on an advertising campaign or something? /sarcasm

more than 4 years ago

China's Influence Widens Nobel Peace Prize Boycott

indi0144 Re:wow, talk about a rogue's gallery (360 comments)

AFAIK Colombia is not going since we have a huge problem with floods and the government is dealing with a lot of problems right now, were not that dependent from China but we might as well see the writing on the wall and mind our own businesses. And yes, in the last 8 years we had a bad record of treating dissidents (mostly black PR campaigns) but that administration ended recently and things are going in other direction now. Wouldn't be the first international event were missing these days because of the floods I was talking about.


more than 4 years ago

Wikileaks Founder Arrested In London

indi0144 Re:As a Muslim (1060 comments)

If you only you could realize that your attitude is what give Islam a bad name, not being affiliated to any religion at all, I just wish people like you just shut up and don't try to force your views into anyone else.

Also, Sharia law in USA? Andalus? That happened hundreds of years ago when you didn't have too much of a choice regarding the religion in the place where you were living. The only natural next-step for ALL religions in the world is to disappear once and for all. No, I'm not atheist I believe in God I just don't care about the various bureaucracy schools around him/her/it

Not being an American I can't see how USA would accept something like Sharia Law, I mean, Next someone is going to give us their "expression of religious belief" and propose child defilement. Sharia Law and child defilement are things very well related in that they go against basic human rights.

Or maybe you're just reverse-trolling so people hate Islam. Anyway STFU

more than 4 years ago

NASA Launches Micro Solar Sail

indi0144 Re:First Pedant (90 comments)

Yo dawg I heard you like satellites so I put a nanosatellite inside your microsatellite so you can sail while you go geostationary.

sorry I just couldn't resist.

more than 4 years ago

NASA Finds New Life (This Afternoon)

indi0144 Re:It's the Shadow Biosphere Lake (405 comments)

IANAeB but people in the future will remember this era in ET life research as the stupid-era, comparable to when we used to think the sun revolved around the earth, because we are actually looking for life AS IF the only possible way for life to exists in an Earth-like environment. I mean, they have to have the same DNA composition as us, the have to be in a earth-like planet, they need oxygen and and atmosphere which is tolerable for US. Theres not an only set of predefined conditions (based in the only ones we know, ours) that make life possible, it's so simple that always have puzzled me why scientist concentrate the research in earth like environments instead of create alternative environments in our labs, here, with different mixes of the basic soup, and different atmospheric conditions.

"we are the only know (intelligent) form of life around, so, any other form of life should be like us" Where this obviously narrows the research a lot it is a short sighted approach.

Scientist will probably be SHOCKED when we make first contact and find that ETs don't actually think the Beatles sound good, that they don't have "politics", or that they find our gastronomic preferences an insult to the "Galactic Convention of Life Rights" but what do I know, I'm from the marketing dept, I'm just slacking around here :)

more than 4 years ago

Windows Phone 7 Sales Continue To Struggle

indi0144 Re:Less editorialization please (351 comments)

I like linux and dual boot my hard drive because theres no way I can run 600 Mb PSD files with acceptable performance on Wine/Linux, since I have paid for Photoshop (and other DP software) and is actually putting the bread in my table, I use windows (7 pro) that is not that bad anyway.

But that would make me a poseur in his eyes since I should be in $win7forums and not reading news about Linux or alternative software which I Like and support. Because everybody knows YOU HAVE TO USE $OS_ecosystem and not the best tool for the job and if you use other than $OS_ecosystem you're an winluser a macfag or a linuxtard.

more than 4 years ago



Simple Web Based OSS Customer Info Panel

indi0144 indi0144 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

indi0144 (1264518) writes "I'm looking for a simple web based application for my clients to access information about their accounts. I've seen on SF a lot of control panels focused on Web Hosting and domains but I have failed to find anything more generic. Since my services range from simple design, branding and a bit of IT support I need something more generic that I can customize and the clients find easy to consult when I'm out of reach. The individual information panels must be password protected.

Not relevant: invoicing, CRM advanced features, ERP. Nice to have: A back end for logging client activity and contact info."

Insights About Setting Up a Linux Cybercafe

indi0144 indi0144 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

indi0144 writes "I'm about to start up a Cybercafe and I've decided to run it on Linux as a means to bring something different to my customers and promote the OS in my community. Under Windows there would be no problem since theres a lot of tools to fine tune a cybercafe but I'm full of questions about the Linux Setup, the most important would be:

1. Which distro to choose? I want to use Ubuntu because it's friendly but I want to know options having in mind the non technical users, mostly kids and teenagers
2. Which hardware to use? Go for the IBM (DELL?) workstations or custom made (clone) boxes / Is there any list of the perfect "for Linux" hardware?
3. Whats the most friendly (laser) printer in Linux based on your experience?
4. Whats the best webcam support for Linux?
5. Will be a cyber somewhat focused on games, Which is the best (entry level) Video Card for Linux in the last 5 years or so?
6. General advice on how to bring a user experience in which the user does not miss Windows

I have analyzed the behavior of the people when they use cybercafes here, and the needs are clearly defined: People need to print stuff, mostly made on MS Word. Almost 90% of people just go to chat and Live Messenger it's king so the full working webcams (over aMSN) it's a must. People like to play games and Linux is happily full of good ones, but we need a stable and affordable video card to handle that, thinking also in using some compiz-fusion tunning.

You can answer whatever point you feel you have more insights or expertise, or all the points if you like so. Any help would be greatly appreciated."



Good post about e cigs and vaps

indi0144 indi0144 writes  |  about 5 years ago


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