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infojack Re:recovery during pen testing (157 comments)

Jesus FUCK, just spell out the stupid fucking word; PENATRATION! PENATRATION TESTING!!! not PEN testing, not PT, not PENT, it is PENATRATION TESTING! Are you too fucking stupid to just spell stuff out? Do you think it makes you look smarter when you use a bunch of three letter words all the time? You are probally the same assclown (or as you would say A.C) that walks around work finding three letter acronyms for everything. "Hey Dan did you check out my new FUE form that goes over the DFI proc.. HA HA HA I'm so clever! Now lets go out and play some racket-ball and then we can go back to my place and get in some gay bum sex."

more than 8 years ago


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