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Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same

inicom Re:You're still getting what you were promised (354 comments)

When I canceled my disc service a about 18 months ago, it was nowhere close to that fast a turn-around anymore. For many years, if I watched a movie right away and sent it back the next day, most weeks I'd have two different movies. 7-9 movies a month. By the end, if they got the returned disc on a thursday, it would be tuesday or wednesday of the following week before I got a new one. It was down to 4-5 a month, at higher cost. And I'm not in a rural area, I'm in a major metropolis
with a NetFlix distribution center.

about 2 months ago

Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same

inicom Netflix isn't worth it anymore (354 comments)

Netflix was good, especially when it was reasonable to have both streaming and discs - but when the price went up dramatically to have both, it became less and less appealing. I finally ended disc service because my queue was loaded up with discs that showed "short wait", then "long wait", then "unavailable" without ever becoming available. Things were disappearing completely from the queue as well. Having only streaming became less and less worth it because when they did their purges in the past, I always had some discs in the queue to keep me reasonably satisfied. But having only streaming made the purges too painful to keep giving them money.

about 2 months ago

Engineering the Perfect Coffee Mug

inicom Re:Coffee Joulies in a mug (145 comments)

Came to say this - the description sounds exactly like they are using a layer of wax.

about 9 months ago

Drive With Google Glass: Get a Ticket

inicom Re:Wearing Glass was the third violation on ticket (638 comments)

Came to say this - she was trying to make this about google glass, when it was about her speeding. She and/or the officer were being dickish and thus the google glass part of the ticket, but she was stopped and ticketed for speeding. The infraction for the glass would undoubtably get thrown out if she goes before a judge.

about a year ago

Microsoft Makes Another "Nearly Sold Out" Claim For the Surface Line

inicom Re:Who cares about? (262 comments)

Just thought I'd add to that: Microsoft had Xenix before DOS. They were on the Unix car and jumped off.

about a year ago

Amateur Rocketeer Derek Deville's Qu8k Rocket Flies to 120,000+ Feet (Video)

inicom Re:Endoscopy.. (165 comments)

BACKGROUND - The founders of Syntheon were formerly involved with a medical-device company named Symbiosis, of which I ran IT. Myself, Kevin Smith, and Ted Slack conducted a large number of rocket tests in the parking lot of Symbiois, which led to the formation of a company named Environmental Aeroscience Corporation (I came up with the name, because our rockets used a safer chemical reaction than solid fuel rockets). We were joined by a well-known amateur rocketeer, Korey Kline (who was well known for, among other things, a gasoline-drip rocket). We were also joined by another founder/engineer from Symbioisis, Tom Bales. EAC developed a high-end amateur rocket line which we called HyperTek. Those rockets are, I believe, still available from a company under license. We also launched a number of rockets at Black Rock, Nevada, as well as at the NASA base at Wallops Island, Virginia. One of our rockets is at the Miami Museum of Science.

more than 2 years ago

How Long Until We Commonly Use Flying Cars?

inicom Self-driving cars a generation before flying cars (606 comments)

We'll have self-driving, autonomous cars a generation before flying cars, if not more. The safety logistics and traffic considerations make public use of flying cars extraordinarily unlikely, sadly. The only thing I believe will speed the process is the discovery of technology like practical anti-gravity that allows easy resolution of the other issues involved.

more than 3 years ago

Physicists Do What Einstein Thought Impossible

inicom Re:Magic words... (193 comments)

Exactly right. Using hashi (chopsticks) to pick up normal maki sushi is like someone here using a fork for french fries.

more than 4 years ago

Digitizing and Geocoding Old Maps?

inicom drum scanner (235 comments)

I looked into this a number of years ago when I was dealing in old maps. The best way to digitize them by far is a large format drum scanner.

more than 4 years ago

Will the Serial Console Ever Die?

inicom Re:You can buy a serial-to-usb converter for $15 (460 comments)

Well said. RS232 is an important, effective, and reliable system for interconnects. Proven, time-tested, yada yada yada. Yes, sometimes theres confusion over baud rate,, word and bits, and parity, but those are minor compared to the pain in the ass that is USB with drivers, conflicts, length, etc. The biggest problem with RS232 is the confusion over DCE and DTE so one always has to have null modem adapters handy.

At least you youngsters don't have to deal with 25-pin RS232 or secondary channel communications. Hell, it's rare to see even hardware flow control anymore of either type, or bizarre comm settings like 7E2. Pretty much everyone defaults to 8N1, 9600, and no flow control with the option to up the speed in the device config.

more than 4 years ago

If Everyone Had To Pass A Particular 101 Course, It Should Be About...

inicom the first three should all be required (1142 comments)

of course, anyone entering college should already have those skill sets.

more than 4 years ago

Programming With Proportional Fonts?

inicom RPG (394 comments)

I've tried, and I just can't keep the columns straight when programming RPG with a proportional font. Anyone got any tips?

more than 4 years ago

OMNI Magazine Remembered

inicom Re:Hot Alien Chicks (131 comments)

I was a early subscriber to OMNI (I still have the first few issues somewhere in storage). I loved it, and there were many things in it the encouraged me in science and was more accessible than Scientific American (which I subscribed to concurrently). It also led me on all sorts of incredible tangents for intellectual exploration. Basically, in many ways for me it was replaced by the Internet.

I would call Mondo 2000 the better example (versus Heavy Metal) of a more frivolous version of OMNI - tackling similar themes but with reckless and entertaining abandon.

more than 4 years ago

Bono Hopes Content Tracking Will Help Media Moguls

inicom Re:From Wikipedia (569 comments)

It's well-known fact (tm) that the smaller artists don't make a penny from the royalties. Only the biggest acts are able to extract their royalties from BMI/ASCAP/etc. Bono is speaking out of self-interest and self-interest alone.

That doesn't excuse or justify piracy - but if you do care about the smaller artists then purchase music directly from them. Any markup on recordings will far exceed what they get as a royalty.

more than 4 years ago

What is the Current State of Home Automation?

inicom Crestron (409 comments)

Do you want your home automated and have a working & stable system, or do you want your house to be another mish mash of hardware and software hacks? If the latter, by all means, go with an open-source DIY solution. In the long run, you'll have a much more satisfying, braggable, stable, wife-pleasing, supportable and low-maintenance system if you go with Crestron. I'm a long time hacker and Unix guy (I started on Unix in 1981) and generally love DIY approaches to things, but I'm also a designer and programming of Crestron systems - they are stable, reliable platforms. I've done Crestron systems that have worked flawlessly for years at a time, and only have to be touched because DirecTV changes receivers, or the DVD gets upgraded. I've seen Crestron systems that were installed in the mid-80's that are still going strong (a luxury hotel in South Beach uses a vintage Crestron system for their hotel and lobby lighting system). If you value your time at all, the upfront cost of a Crestron system is really not bad.

more than 4 years ago

Did Chicago Lose Olympic Bid Due To US Passport Control?

inicom Re:I'm sure it didn't help. (1040 comments)

One glaring hole in the pseudo-increased-security is the major vector for most smuggling - Airline and Airport employees. Baggage handlers, flight crew, cleaners, food service and ground workers all have less per entry security screening than you or I. "Oh", I hear some of you, "They passed background checks!". So did every terrorist or would-be terrorist at least once.

more than 4 years ago

Did Chicago Lose Olympic Bid Due To US Passport Control?

inicom Personal Example (1040 comments)

I can give you a personal example of this - my father is a 76-year old western european citizen, and has been to the US easily a hundred times and was a US resident for over a decade. And as a merchant, he's spent easily many hundred of thousands on goods in the US over the past 40 years. Last Christmas, he came over to see us, and at the local International Airport he was pulled aside, patted down, his baggage and items gone over in detail, and interrogated for 20 minutes. Why? No reason given. As a result, he doesn't want to come to the US at all any more, so we have to go visit in Europe or rendezvous in another 3rd country. Yea, I know, we get to go to Europe more often, but it's a lot more expensive & difficult to coordinate schedules and take the family than to have one person travel here.

I spent a lot of last year overseas on projects - and I heard over and over again from people that no longer think it's worth it to come to the US for shows/conferences/travel because of the travel restrictions and attitude toward non-US citizens by customs and immigration.

more than 4 years ago

45-Year-Old Modem Used To Surf the Web

inicom Netronics Elf II (622 comments)

I still have my Netronics Elf II computer - the first one I owned. RCA 1802 processor, Hex keypad, 2 7-digit LED display!

I no longer have the OSI C2P that was my second computer, or the thermal printer/terminal with APL keyboard and integral 300 baud acoustic modem I used throughout college. I even had a beautiful ADM3A terminal for while.

more than 5 years ago

Let's Rename Swine Flu As "Colbert Flu"

inicom Re:Choosing name on similarity (607 comments)

I think you're on the right track, but LIMBAUGH FLU would be most appropriate!

more than 5 years ago


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