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Should Nuclear and Renewable Energy Supporters Stop Fighting?

inputdev Re:No, because they are not compatible (551 comments)

Fusion isn't some magic free energy source. Fuel is not the major cost of energy. Infrastructure and maintenance are the main source of energy. Fusion, let alone any free energy source, wouldn't actually lower the cost of energy much. People would still need to have to build desalination plants, power lines, roads, etc. Hydroponics will use just as much if not more chemicals than normal. Vertical gardens and robots are a pipe dream that would cause more enviromental damage in building them than our current growing methods. Energy has nothing to do with people dumping their garbage. We could get the same benefits from nuclear energy if it would actually solve anything.

"Fusion isn't some magic free energy source" - true, but that's like saying that fire isn't some magic heat source... it may as well be for a caveman. Of course fuel is the major cost of energy, see for example coal, gas, nuclear. Renewables are a different case, but the amount of energy is typically orders of magnitude less, so the "fuel" cost (not sure how that would be defined) is negligible compared to the equipment, but there is going to be a maximum amount of energy to be extracted that doesn't scale up - i.e. you can't just throw more coal onto the fire, you're stuck with the amount of sunlight, wind, wave energy, etc. that you have. Vertical gardens would cause more damage than mega-farms? why? Energy has a lot to do with dumping their garbage, although I do think it might have an opposite effect to the GPs suggestion (more energy, more waste produced)

about a year ago

Sorry, Larry Page: Tech-Industry Viciousness Is Here To Stay

inputdev Re:Hypocritical coming from Google... (201 comments)

It feels like I just read your post the other day.
Really, contrast? I think there is an element of advertisers wanting their ads to look legitimate - there are many competing interests. I can still tell the ads on google, maybe because I'm young enough. That is not quite enough for me to consider google evil.
DRM - drm still sucks, will continue to suck, and I don't see the end any time soon. I don't blame Chrome from DRM, I don't get why you do, other than saying that chrome is going to make sure that netflix works?
agreed that the web is owned by the corporates, and pretty much everything else is owned by the corporates...
It's simpler than people 'believing in "open" and "do no evil"' - people use whatever is available and good enough for what they need. You don't have to believe in Google to benefit from gmail.

about a year and a half ago

Rice Professor Predicts Humans Out of Work In 30 Years

inputdev Re:How to live in a post scarcity world? (808 comments)

we'll come up with another arbitrarily determined valuation system to peg individual worth to

I'd say that this is well underway. Our wealthiest and most popular people are far removed from the people that perform the most "work", especially in a more conventional use of the word work.

about a year and a half ago

Leaked Microsoft Video Parodies Chrome Ad

inputdev Re:Jealous (243 comments)

I'd pay $10 a month - the problem is this: I know that if they charged $10 a month, most people would leave, and the email service would stagnate. The whole reason gmail is the best is because they have so much continual improvement. As soon as that stops, I'm going to move on to the new best thing. I did that when MS stopped being the best, and I will when google does as well. At the moment, I think the best thing going is Google Apps, running in Chrome, on a Macbook Pro. I'm not religious about it, I just haven't found anything I like better. I'm open to change though.

about a year and a half ago

Book Review: The Plateau Effect: Getting From Stuck To Success

inputdev Re:Seems familiar (121 comments)

While we're sharing, the part that annoys me is:

At the start of the book, the authors use the term acclimation to refer to the plateaus that many of us reach. This is the inability to notice changes in the environment around us.

No it isn't... acclimation is when something settles in to new surroundings, it has nothing to do with ability to notice changes.

about a year and a half ago

US Senate Passes Internet Tax Bill 69 To 27

inputdev Re:bollocks (678 comments)

there simply will not be ANY JOBS for the population of this planet.

This is wrong - there will be new jobs. Think of it like any other advancement - increases in efficiency will make new possibilities and we will have even more to do. The jobs that can be automated can go away, and there will still be plenty to do. When was the last time some time saving advancement gave you more free time? Examples that come to mind are interstate highways, air travel, telecommunications, copy machines, printing presses, etc. These big advancements all disrupted what was there before, but it is never like "Hey, now that we can print these books on this press, we don't need monks to transcribe books anymore, we can just wake up, live with family, go to bed, repeat"

about a year and a half ago

Turbulenz HTML5 Games Engine Goes Open Source

inputdev source available by nature? (27 comments)

First off, I admire this effort and the choice of MIT license, but I am also wondering whether the source is already available to anyone who plays the games, since they are run on the client? Am I missing something?

about a year and a half ago

Google Glass Is the Future — and the Future Has Awful Battery Life

inputdev gas power? (473 comments)

what about generators that run off of cigarette lighters? Here's my attempt at a calculation:
Butane lighter ~ 70kJ (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100426110511AAIvSgM)
hmm... I also see 600J, here (http://cadlab6.mit.edu/2.009.wiki/anchor/index.php?title=Butane_cigarette_lighter)
which is it???
assuming 50% efficiency, that leaves 35 kilojoules = 9.7 Wh
or from the second reference 300J = 0.083 Wh
the iPhone 5 has 5.45 Wh battery...

about a year and a half ago

Windows Store In-App Ad Revenue Plummets

inputdev How much money do devs make from ads? (196 comments)

I never am able to get a straight answer - if you put out a popular indie game, for example, and you decided to make it free and ad supported, for example, let's say you get 100k people to download it, and 10k people are playing it regularly what kind of money do you make? $100/month, $1000/month, $10k/month? anybody know?

about a year and a half ago

Can You Really Hear the Difference Between Lossless, Lossy Audio?

inputdev Re:No (749 comments)

Yet suckers keep paying money for $500 speaker cables and $1000 bottles of wine. Just stoking ego at that point.

I completely agree about the speaker cables - and while I don't have enough money to spend $1000 on a bottle of wine to know for sure, I do think that there is a psychological phenomenon similar to a placebo effect that actually makes drinking the expensive wine more pleasurable. Here's some cool research: http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/news/research/baba_wine.html
You're still probably right about stroking ego, but if I had billions of dollars, I might try the $1000 bottle. :)

about 2 years ago

National Security Letters Ruled Unconstitutional, Banned

inputdev Re:"Secret Government" is a huge threat to us all (231 comments)

don't judge people by their titles, judge by behavior, if you must judge. It doesn't sound to me like he/she has anything to be ashamed of.

about 2 years ago

National Security Letters Ruled Unconstitutional, Banned

inputdev Patriot Act is unconstitutional (231 comments)

It's nice to see checks and balances. I wondered what happened to those.

about 2 years ago

Free Wi-Fi: the Movement To Give Away Your Internet For the Good of Humanity

inputdev Re:but my LAN security! (505 comments)

Another guy had 8GB of photos of his kids and family.

You don't sound like you were trying to be malicious, but didn't you consider not snooping on other peoples machines? I still like the idea of having unlocked doors and not needing security systems on houses, etc. I expect other people to have a moral compass and not walk in and go through my stuff. I get your point, but I wish you would elevate your mentality to where you aren't violating peoples privacy and feeling justified because they didn't actively prevent you from doing it.

about 2 years ago

Interviews: Ask Ray Kurzweil About the Future of Mankind and Technology

inputdev Programming language(s) of the singularity? (244 comments)

Which programming languages will be the most influential for progress towards the singularity? Will there be particularly important methodologies? (i.e. object-oriented, functional, asynchronous, whatever you call Lisp, strongly (or not) typed, etc. )

about 2 years ago

Mystery of the Shrunken Proton

inputdev Re:bound state QED and QCD (171 comments)

I believe most computations of the bound state are currently just assuming things about them (charge is a point source, nothing about quarks).

This is my suspicion as well, specifically about the charge distribution. I think a 4% effect could easily be explained using a model with distributed charge.

about 2 years ago

Microsoft Surface Pro Arrives Feb. 9

inputdev Re: Looking forward to this. (268 comments)

I have to agree here as well. You can't write on an iPad as it is. I'm curious about the Galaxy Note series - anybody know how good the stylus is? Resolution or input rates? I think frame rates of apps are too low for handwriting, so the hardware will have to help. I'm thinking around mouse rates 1sample/8ms might be enough.

about 2 years ago

Blizzard Reportedly Planning A Linux Game For 2013

inputdev Re:Roll their own distro (353 comments)

You're right, and I'd switch to it on one of my machines immediately. There is nothing I particularly enjoy about Ubuntu.

about 2 years ago

IBM Creates Commercially Viable, Electronic-Photonic Integrated Chip

inputdev Re:Fast, Cheap n' Frigid (71 comments)

In economics people like to discuss job creators and wealth movement, trickle-up and trickle-down, the loss of businesses, poor people and rich people... but they fail to understand wealth. Take the "shop locally" thing... if you have a local bookstore versus Amazon, people tell you to shop locally because it "keeps the money in the community." Problem is the local bookstore is crap, they order from the big publishers and distributors, etc; some folks argue Walmart or B&N are as bad as Amazon and not like a local bookstore, but their stores still pay local taxes on their income, they still pay rent, hire sales people, and order from the same distributors. Now let's say you order from Amazon because it's $10 cheaper. That money leaves the local community, but $10 stays ... you're $10 wealthier. The local bookstore has terrible selection and is expensive... it goes out of business. Meanwhile you've got a local farmer's market and you shop there with the extra $10 you have. That's wealth creation: you have the same goods (a book) plus more money ($10) to buy other goods (fresh food). If this is the general trend, the Farmer's Market garners that much more business, expands, and replaces the local book shop's place in the community--the community demand for a farmer's market was higher than a local bookstore, the community is now wealthier.

The problem is that the local bookstore doesn't have to be crap to go out of business, and why does someone who decides to save $10 by buying from amazon decide to shop at a farmer's market (less convenient, can be more expensive) instead of a grocery store? I know you have a good point about what makes the community wealthier, but there are advantages to having retail stores in your area beyond price and selection - I like having a downtown to stroll around and look at things in shops, and I know I'm not alone - I don't want to see a bunch of failing businesses with scary homeless people begging for change (this is the way it's headed) with the "normal" people isolated in their suburban house getting goods shipped to the house.

more than 2 years ago


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