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DARPA Cyber Chief "Mudge" Zatko Going To Google

invictusvoid Re:In other news (30 comments)

hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahaha :) in other words... lmao :P

about a year ago

Raspberry Pi Production Heats Up In UK Surpassing Chinese Production Soon

invictusvoid which is better? (108 comments)

Chinese or British ?
--- Mplayer makes making more media players a useless thing to do .. unless of course u are using windoze .. --

about a year ago

The Hacker Lifecycle

invictusvoid All the project links (77 comments)

point to the same project page .. is this deliberate? :S

about a year ago

Google's Idea of Productivity Is a Bad Fit For Many Other Workplaces

invictusvoid google rejected Con kolivas (167 comments)

Google rejected Con Kolivas because of his "Lack of breadth" . Once a company gets bigger and successful ( financially ) rigidity and bureaucracy creeps in invariably . It's like the cycle of dominant species on this planet ..
-- Don't take that long haired barefoot hacker called Stallman lightly ..

about a year ago

Take a Sonic Tour of the Brain

invictusvoid The final brain map symphony (16 comments)

The final part where they play the brain map symphony was awesome.!! Where can I find the whole track / more of it ?

about a year ago

Dell Offers Ubuntu Option With Alienware Gaming Desktop

invictusvoid But where are the games? (135 comments)

where are the Linux games ?

about a year ago

The 'Linux Inside' Stigma

invictusvoid er how about .. (366 comments)

how about Google gnu Linux .. They are using gnu stuff aren't they? :P
--------- Give Stallman his due!!

about a year ago

Microsoft Creative Director 'Doesn't Get' Always-On DRM Concerns

invictusvoid microsoft should make (572 comments)

vacuum cleaners ... powered by windows 8 .. sucks more than any other OS ever made :)

about a year ago

TSA Log Shows Passengers Say the Darndest Things

invictusvoid people suffering from (427 comments)

people suffering from constipation would be detained because of their facial expressions?

about a year ago

GNOME2 Fork MATE Desktop 1.6 Released

invictusvoid Gnome is cool but .. (86 comments)

Gnome is cool .. no doubt . But All I really need is xterm :) ;) ------------ --- brotherhood of command line users ----

about a year ago

Cyber Criminals Tying Up Emergency Phone Lines Through TDoS Attacks, DHS Warns

invictusvoid Trace the automated calls? (115 comments)

Cant they trace where these "automated calls" are coming from? and get to the source? . AFAIK , DDOS attacks are run through a global network of compromised machines and hence are difficult to trace .. So is it a network of compromised phones now ?? When it's dark enough you can see the stars. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson,

about a year ago

BlackBerry 10 Can BBM Anything You're Watching, Even Porn

invictusvoid BBM? big bodied mama? (104 comments)

I dont get the value of black berry in the current context of the androids and iphones .. why is blackberry still selling? there's a phone called blackcherry from china which pretty much delivers the same lame. ..

about a year ago

Valve Starts Publishing Packages For Its Own Linux Distribution

invictusvoid Re:Finally (310 comments)

Now i believe that there are moron moderators in this forum ... for sure ..

about a year ago

Valve Starts Publishing Packages For Its Own Linux Distribution

invictusvoid Finally (310 comments)

There's probably just one reason left for windows to exist .. Nobody makes games for linux . I just hope finally .. finally .. no more windoze ever ever again ...

about a year ago

Systemd Ditches GNU C Library for Their Own

invictusvoid I truly honestly (92 comments)

I truly honestly hate April the 1st . Totally unnecessary . Sometimes overdone like in this case . and many a times outright irritating ....

about a year ago

Windows Phone Actually Gaining Market Share In Some Countries

invictusvoid Re:This was real (114 comments)

No body has the money to buy the iPhone in India .. and then to buy the cable , stickers , cover , logo , smile , yawn , apps , updates etc from apple ..

about a year ago

Windows Phone Actually Gaining Market Share In Some Countries

invictusvoid I'm sure it's (114 comments)

I'm sure its gaining market share in the US .. around the Redmond area .. I recently had the fortune of evaluating a friends windows phone .. and as soon as I started using it I knew it was Micro$oft . I doubt any other product / service has such a strong identity ..

about a year ago

Fairy Penguins Send First Email

invictusvoid mouseover event turning it into french 'd be cool (68 comments)

Otherwise its kinda OK .. a little below slash-dot standards i'd say .. sometime ago i went to digg .. digg got so pathetic that i came back to slashdot ... in spite of their april fool jokes :)

about a year ago


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