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Seagate Ships First 8 Terabyte Hard Drive

ionymous Re:Get Perpendicular! (258 comments)


"Check me out! I'm dancin! I'm dancin!"

I still quote those occasionally and my family thinks I'm weird.

12 hours ago

Fugitive Child Sex Abuser Caught By Face-Recognition Technology

ionymous Re:This Juggler's Only Crime (232 comments)

Yes, but some of us think child abuse is so disturbing that even this word play is not funny.
I'm sure you wouldn't say that joke to the abused child's parents.
How about to some random parents?
Some parents you know?
Your own parents?
Your close friends?
Your spouse?

I draw the line at myself, and even still feel wrong thinking it.

We've got freedom of speech but that doesn't mean you have to say everything that comes to mind. Define a filter for yourself.

about two weeks ago

FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars

ionymous Driverless cars? (435 comments)

You mean ground drones?

about a month ago

Tech Workforce Diversity At Facebook Similar To Google And Yahoo

ionymous Re:See: Morgan Freeman (265 comments)

"I can smell you" - Morgan Freeman

about 2 months ago

Blowing Up a Pointless Job Interview

ionymous Re:stop whining and... (692 comments)

My 15 years of professional employment at 4 companies has been much different than yours.

about 7 months ago

Blowing Up a Pointless Job Interview

ionymous stop whining and... (692 comments)

just answer the questions like you're talking to another human, because you are.
You're too elitist if you think someone's question is stupid. Not all people are geniuses, and most employees aren't trained in interviewing.
Plus the question might be weird on purpose to see how you react. Don't be an ass.

about 7 months ago

Excess Coffee May Be Linked To Early Death

ionymous may be? (220 comments)

That was true before the study.

1 year,10 days

China Says Serious Polluters Will Get the Death Penalty

ionymous Re:Thou hast angered thy King (260 comments)

After some of these responses I was about to decide never to post on the internet again. Can people really not get that I'm joking? See... dead people can't commit crimes! Ugh.

Then I just saw "Score 5: Funny". (sigh of relief) Thank you. My faith is restored. sheesh!

about a year ago

China Says Serious Polluters Will Get the Death Penalty

ionymous Re:Thou hast angered thy King (260 comments)

Well ok Mr. Dictionary... as long as you agree that I would think twice AFTER I was executed. WTF???

about a year ago

China Says Serious Polluters Will Get the Death Penalty

ionymous Re:Thou hast angered thy King (260 comments)

Well, I can only speak for myself. If I were executed for a crime, I would definitely think twice before committing that crime again. It's just not worth it.

about a year ago

China Says Serious Polluters Will Get the Death Penalty

ionymous Re:Thou hast angered thy King (260 comments)

On the contrary. Dead people are less likely to commit crimes.

about a year ago

Comcast To Expand Public WiFi Using Home Internet Connections

ionymous Re:How about no (203 comments)

It's not "extra" electricity, it's the amount of electricity you agreed to pay for by signing up for Comcast's services.
They are not forcing you to use their service.

about a year ago

Do Developers Need Free Perks To Thrive?

ionymous pay for what you use (524 comments)

My company took away the free soda. Work continued and it was not a big deal. Why would anyone expect for a company to pay for their groceries anyway? Technically, if the logistics were realistic, I'd have no problem paying for my toilet paper. Paying for what I use makes sense to me.

about a year ago

Microsoft Unveils Xbox One

ionymous Awesome! (782 comments)

It seems like all the comments here are skeptical or negative.

I've never owned an XBox, and I'm not a Microsoft fanboy, though I do own several Windows PC, but this sure sounds like an awesome piece of engineering.
Nice job Microsoft?

about a year ago

Black Mesa Released

ionymous Re:BEST GAME EVER (130 comments)

Why do you think he's taking them?

about 2 years ago

Korean Artist's Intentionally Useless Satellite To Launch This December

ionymous 20 years ago... (151 comments)

when I was in school, one day in English class we were handed a sheet of paper to write or draw anything we wanted to be sent up to orbit in a space time capsule. I thought it seemed like a bad idea to put things in orbit that don't need to be there, so I drew a picture of Earth with a bunch of garbage cans, garbage bags, and debris floating around it. I wish I could see that picture I drew. Google helped me determine the program was called SpaceArc and the messages were carried to orbit on tape in the DirecTV 2 satellite in 1994. But I wish the contents of the tape were available for viewing online.

about 2 years ago

Dutch Artist Admits Faking Viral 'Human Bird Wing' Video

ionymous It's real! (125 comments)

I believe this may be a fake hoax.

more than 2 years ago

Michael Bay To Remake TMNT As Aliens

ionymous What the... (481 comments)


more than 2 years ago

TSA Makes $400K Annually In Loose Change

ionymous light bulbs? (289 comments)

I hate how companies tell us where some specific source of income goes. Even if it doesn't just go into a big pool of budget money, then some part of a budget somewhere is changed so that other money is available for other purposes.
The bottom line... if $300k can be added to the overall budget, then that's $300k more that can go to paying a CEO's bonus.

It's not like they weren't going to replace light bulbs without this money.

more than 2 years ago


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