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Ask Slashdot: Does Your Employer Perform HTTPS MITM Attacks On Employees?

ip_freely_2000 Maybe the company's not actually doing it? (572 comments)

I'm not sure why they would need to do that as a routine task. It's fairly broad and consumes resources. It'd be pretty funny if you mentioned it to their IT Director and he replied with "huh?"

about a month ago

Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

ip_freely_2000 There's a reason I'm not up in arms (794 comments)

I have never heard of Whole Foods. If people want to eat some organic stuff, why would I care?

about a month and a half ago

Rolls Royce Developing Drone Cargo Ships

ip_freely_2000 I'm sure pirates will like them. (216 comments)

In the middle of the ocean, any kind of 'cops' would be days away.

about a month and a half ago

Should Everybody Learn To Code?

ip_freely_2000 So very, very dumb. (387 comments)

The Association for Computing Machinery wants everyone to code? I wonder what The Association for Fixing Your Car, Association for Small Repairs Around The Home, The Association for Recognizing and Stopping Child Abuse, The Association for Common Courtesy and The Association for Reasonable Adult Relationships would think. All worthy, imo.

about 2 months ago

Grand Canyon Is "Frankenstein" of Geologic Formations

ip_freely_2000 A lot of religious people... (132 comments)

...say the Grand Canyon was formed last Tuesday, or something like that. Carved out by the Arc, that sat lower in the water because of all the dinosaurs on board. You betcha.

about 3 months ago

Accenture Faces Mid-March Healthcare.gov Deadline Or 'Disaster'

ip_freely_2000 That's an easy question to answer! (215 comments)

"What are their odds of success?" We're talking about Accenture, so it's an easy question to answer: Zero. Worst company I ever worked for by far. In six months, people are going to miss CGI.

about 3 months ago

NSA Collect Gamers' Chats and Deploy Real-Life Agents Into WoW and Second Life

ip_freely_2000 They only look for chat in Uldum (293 comments)

Because that's where it looks like the terrorists would hide. Well, maybe Tanaris too.

about 4 months ago

Thor: The Dark World — What Did You Think?

ip_freely_2000 Meh (233 comments)

It is what it is. Not the best Marvel movie but I didn't mind the admission price. One thing though....why is it the heroes always run into the one, only and correct cave on an entire planet? Thor and Jane avoid a storm and run into the one place with a time/space wormhole. Almost as bad as Kirk getting chased into the only cave on a ice planet that had Spock sitting in it. ( First ST/reboot movie ).

about 5 months ago

Was Google's Motorola Mobility Acquisition a Mistake?

ip_freely_2000 Everything was fine yesterday.... (189 comments)

No one blinked an eye when Google paid what it did for Motorola. Now, one judge has brought out the critics and the second guessing. Unless you have a time machine, or can talk to every judge with a 'what-if', you can only do your due diligence. It's time to move on and look to the next problem, not rehash the past.

about a year ago

German Copyright Bill Would Let Publishers Charge Search Engines For Excerpts

ip_freely_2000 Just stop indexing them (114 comments)

Google, Bing, Yahoo et.al. should just stop indexing German news sites. Let's see what happens to news revenue when that happens.

about a year ago

Cambridge University To Open "Terminator Center" To Study Threat From AI

ip_freely_2000 You people watch too many movies (274 comments)

It seems to me that AI would be focused on a function: Buy a stock. Diagnose a medical problem. Determine a better way to deep fry a donut. I hardly think it'll become sentient one day and say "Humans already have a well prepared donut. The next thing to do is.....KILL THE HUMANS!!" I'd worry more about HUMANS KILLING HUMANS before I worry about robot sharks with Lasers on their heads programmed to bring us to our doom.

about a year ago

With Pot Legal, Scientists Study Detection of Impaired Drivers

ip_freely_2000 Friend's wife was killed by a driver that was high (608 comments)

and her two year old son spent six months in the hospital with a brain injury. This is why I'm opposed to legalization. I don't care if people smoke their brains out at home, but like alcohol, they can't be trusted not to drive. I think there's enough impaired drivers on the road already. Until there's a quick test for impairment, and good long sentences to throw offenders in jail, it's use should remain illegal.

about a year ago

David Cameron 'Orders New Curbs On Internet Porn'

ip_freely_2000 I have no problem with this (345 comments)

Asking a one time question seems reasonable. Given the lack of expertise or even care about internet access, this seems like something that won't hurt. As long as the settings or filters can be dropped on demand, I have no problem with it.

about a year ago

Review: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (video)

ip_freely_2000 Excellent review (204 comments)

and i completely agree with comments about the future of the game. While I've had fun running two toons to 90, the grind for my other toons may not happen at all. I'm tired of it. Blizzard needs to make XP and rep for alts, once you've run through content once or twice, greatly accelerated. Then I'd have more fun with the end game content.

about a year and a half ago

Publisher of Free Textbooks Says It Will Now Charge For Them, Instead

ip_freely_2000 well, duh (156 comments)

In a perfect world, everything is free and we have an endless supply of lollipops. I bet it's not even a real hard realization that you need to make money to continue operating. What gets people pissed is when companies take obscene profits -- the catch is that we all can't agree on what obscene means. For me, that means I don't buy Apple or soda at the movie theater. And I look for my textbooks second hand ( I like the margin notes, anyway )

about a year and a half ago

The Case That Apple Should Buy Nokia

ip_freely_2000 "...knock Microsoft on it's heels..." = bad tactic (286 comments)

Microsoft is *already* on it's heels. Apple is worth far more than Microsoft and appears to have a better strategy going forward. Taking any opportunity to knock Microsoft down makes no business sense and distracts from their mission.

about a year and a half ago

Dice Buys Geeknet's Media Business, Including Slashdot, In $20M Deal

ip_freely_2000 Sold for 1X revenue? (466 comments)

Did someone have a casino loss to pay off?

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: What Tech For a Sailing Ship?

ip_freely_2000 Have a safe trip? A high-tech .50 cal gun... (340 comments)

....mounted right on the bow in plain site. Good luck off the coast of Somalia, the Indian Ocean and pretty much all of the waters around Indonesia and the Philippines.,

about a year and a half ago


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