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2008: Most Blogged about Gadget Rumors

ipodwheels ipodwheels writes  |  about 7 years ago

ipodwheels writes "After the success of the MacWorld convention with Steve Job's keynote address and the recently prank-filled CES Convention hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association, myriads of gadget rumors blogged about and circulated during the previous year were dispelled or confirmed. For one, instead of the popular concept of the Macbook Nano, Apple released Macbook Air, presumably the world's thinnest notebook to date. Every one is still waiting for a version 2.0 for the iPhone, and there exists no confirmation for talked about gadgets like, Sony's PSPhone, Microsoft's Xbox Ultimate, Casio's 60fps high speed camera and Asus' bamboo Ecobook laptop. Indeed, this year will prove to be an exciting one for gadget buffs, gamers and geeks all over."

20 Yet Unreleased Gadgets for Geeks

ipodwheels ipodwheels writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ipodwheels writes "The following are the devices that I feel will be a part of the future's digital lifestyle. From infrared keyboards, to edible music media, these will surely have you drooling. The following has been a compilation of gadgets still under development at NEC. This story later inspired the "List of Gadgets not Sold in the US" on the Auto Parts Blog which on the other hand listed gadgets that are "banned" for distribution in the US."
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