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Giant Paramount Auction of Star Trek Items

ipsuid Entirely off topic... but... (225 comments)

I noticed that one of the tags on this article is "gay"...

I am up to here with this 1984'esque redefinition of words. If you want to say "I hate gay people" then fucking stand up and say that... And if you don't, then why are you absent mindedly throwing around the label of a group to mean something sucks? Words hurt.

Think about it for a second. Would it be appropriate to say "That's so black" or "That's deaf"?

And before someone mentions it - yes, calling something "Retarded" really hurts when someone you know has a mental disability. Fuck political correctness --- but there is a difference between hate speech (even "unintentional"), and saying what you mean.

more than 8 years ago


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A hot summer day... in April

ipsuid ipsuid writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Today is an extremely hot day - but really nice. Spent most of today in the sun, working, and getting a tan. Maybe this year I won't look like someone who sits in front of the computer 100+ hours a week.

Did some spring cleaning yesterday. Am celebrating day 8 of not smoking today. Played around with some concepts of namespaces, distributed filesystems, and tuple spaces a few days ago. Tonight I will try to sift through the information on these subjects and attempt to cull out what I need. This seems to be a key piece of the class framework for this game.


Oh look ma, a journal! (Another one!!! Whap!)

ipsuid ipsuid writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Its somewhat amazing what one stumbles across while bored and randomly clicking through slashdot. I wonder how I never noticed this.

Well, at anyrate, it is a boring day. What is it Saturday, Sunday?? Saturday it looks like. Yeah, I must be bored - I'm not even paying attention to what time/day it is.

I guess I should try and get something done. So, off to read more research papers and tap out some more game code.

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