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There's No Wind Chill On Mars

ironduke-particle Re:"an average winter day in southern England" (110 comments)

I did misread the post, but not the day/night thing ... the clue was in the article's title, "Martian Windchill in Terrestrial Terms" ... in the absence of windchill, subjectively it should feel far warmer because of reduced heat losses.

about 3 months ago

There's No Wind Chill On Mars

ironduke-particle Re:"an average winter day in southern England" (110 comments)

Dear Lord... so I followed the link. It even says "Summer afternoons in the tropics of Mars might even feel as comfortable as an average winter day in the south of England" in the paper's abstract. Tsk.

about 3 months ago

There's No Wind Chill On Mars

ironduke-particle "an average winter day in southern England" (110 comments)

Mmmm no. Southern England may be at the same latitude as Minneapolis, but because of the North Atlantic Drift (branch of the Gulf Stream) the climate is very different. -20C is generally not encountered in Southern England even on a very cold night in a very harsh winter.

about 3 months ago

Using Speed Cameras To Send Tickets To Your Enemies

ironduke-particle darker practice ... England ... duplicate plates (898 comments)

Er, no.

Making duplicate plates is hard work. What those people do is mostly steal your plates. It is vital to report such thefts immediately to avoid being held accountable oneself for assorted traffic offences committed by the thieves.

In principle, one ought to be able to demand in court that the prosecution's images be shown, and then contest them. In the UK, this causes the prosecution to allege that you have modified your vehicle in an attempt to avoid conviction. This sort of thing continues in spite of high profile cases where someone is charged with speeding offences in a part of the country entirely different to the remote location where one uses one's tractor.

So yes, it is entirely possible both to obey the law and fulfil your social responsibilities, and yet still get prosecuted.

Automatic numberplate recognition is wonderful -- but it should be an addition to policing, not a replacement.

more than 5 years ago

New Results Contradict Long-Held Chemistry Dogma

ironduke-particle Valence electrons are a fairy tale anyway (316 comments)

I recall being taught at university over twenty years ago that neither the ionic bond nor the covalent bond were real; rather, that they were occasionally convenient approximations of how some linear combinations of atomic orbitals often behaved.

The idea that for some elements, especially the lighter ones, electrons other than those in the outermost shell do contribute significantly to LCAO should surprise nobody competent.

more than 6 years ago



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