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How Do You Job-Hunt If You Work Overtime?

irony nazi Re:Take sick leave. (442 comments)

be careful with supabeast's advice. Remember that once your employer has the suspicion that you are looking for other jobs, there's no turning back. What i mean is that you may or may not leave your current job, but you can't take back the fact that your employer is now suspicious. Personally, i think of it as an ace-in-hand. I think it's better just to keep it secret until after you've accepted an offer and are almost ready to resign. Remember, that you don't want to burn bridges... even if you hate your current employer. You would be surprised how small your industry is. Even if you change industries, you may run across your former employer again in a different life. I used to get into arguments with one of my bosses on a regular basis. He was ridiculous... but i left under good circumstances, to do something that was "better for my career", not because i hated my job/boss. That boss still calls me about once a month just to see what's up and we bounce ideas off of one another. He gave me a glowing review recently for a different job.

More importantly though is your current situation. You don't need time to interview for other jobs, you just need more time, period. Once you take a few 'sick afternoons' to go interview or leave for a long lunch interview, you may realize just how easy it is to leave you job at a reasonable hour. I had a job that used to make us stay late and work long hours. I was very unproductive. One day, because i hated that job so much, i left early (granted early=6:30, 8:30-6:30). I started doing it every day. One day, as i was leaving my manager stopped me and said 'i noticed you've been leaving at 6:30' (he dare not say 'early'!). I told him, matter of factly, that tonight i was meeting a friend and had to get ready. I made no excuses for the other nights. After that he learned to have more respect for the time i was in the office. He knew that i would be the 1st to leave the office and he would make extra efforts to make sure that i would have everything i needed to finish my projects before 6:30. He knew i wouldn't stay one second later, unless it was an emergency.

My coworkers were jealous that I got to leave 'early' and they had to stay until 9-10pm every night. I told them it was their own doing and they could leave when they wanted. When bonus time came around, my billing was on target and my bonus reflected that. I got more done during 8:30-6:30 when i felt good about my job, than i ever got done working 8:30AM-10PM and hating it.

This is one of my great revelations. It was beginning of restructuring my social life, getting physically fit, starting bike racing, and generally getting my life in order.

about 9 years ago


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