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Augmented Reality Treatment May Alleviate Phantom Limb Pain

irving47 Re:That House episode (30 comments)

Yeah, he had lost the lower half of his arm. House set up a box with a mirror in it that when both arms were inserted, made it look like he had two complete arms/hands.
When House told him to clench as tight as he could, and soon after relax, I guess his brain finally told the bad limb to stop clenching or doing whatever it thought it was supposed to be doing.

about 7 months ago

Federal Court Kills Net Neutrality, Says FCC Lacks Authority.

irving47 Re:See what happens when leftists are in Charge? (383 comments)

Republican here Ralph Wiggam is righ- umm.. Correct. :)
One thing Obama's administration has gotten right is an FCC that is at least TRYING for net neutrality. I own stock in AT&T and think what they are Verizon are doing is a bunch of crap.

about 8 months ago

Police Use James-Bond-Style GPS Bullet

irving47 Re:ghost in the shell (210 comments)

I came across some nekkid Klingon chicks a few years back... Need the link?

about a year ago

Police Use James-Bond-Style GPS Bullet

irving47 SO OLD NEWS (210 comments)

Not slashdot's fault... This is news from around 2009!

about a year ago

Finally, a Bill To End Patent Trolling

irving47 Re:NO it won't stop anytng (162 comments)

Yeah, but a business owner that receives one of those letters is still going to fear going to court... If it were me, I'd fear the size and integrity of the trolls in question. What if the suit takes MANY months or years? I still have to pay lawyers in the meantime... When I DO come out victorious, how long will it be before a patent troll is on the up-and-up and pays the fees in question? Or will they just disappear into the night via some fakey bankruptcy or dissolution by a parent company?

about a year ago

Fusion Reactor Breaks Even

irving47 Helium? (429 comments)

I don't know a lot of about fusion, but I've read Helium is a byproduct of fusion reactions. Once these things start getting run more and more, will we be able to harvest the helium generated to stave off the coming shortages?

about a year ago

Matchstick-Sized Sensor Can Record Your Private Chats Outdoors

irving47 Re:Yawn (90 comments)

Looks interesting. Wouldn't it have been cool if his character's name had been Edward Lyle (Enemy of the State)

about a year ago

Google's Scanning of Gmail To Deliver Ads May Violate Federal Wiretap Laws

irving47 Re:Oh for crying out loud (325 comments)

This is the part I don't get. You're right. Isn't it pretty well spelled out in the EULA's that you're giving away your right to name your first born, let alone any "privacy" in the email? Add to that the fact that the feds recently said, "screw you, you don't have any expectation of privacy on these email accounts because the servers aren't under your direct control." Wiretapping implies surveillance without knowledge... In a lot of states only one party need know their call is being monitored to make it legal.

about a year ago

Homeless, Unemployed, and Surviving On Bitcoins

irving47 Re:Oh my god (403 comments)

I'm not sure what to think... I'm in Pensacola, and I'm seeing job listings for IT personnel that by all rights should be a minimum of 60K (VMWare Hypervisor and all other IT tasks, including database admin.)... Offering 30.

about a year ago

Obama Asks FCC To Make Carriers Unlock All Mobile Devices

irving47 Not "ours" (378 comments)

Verizon's smartphones are already unlocked... ATT will unlock as soon as we've paid for the devices in full.
I'm probably over-generalizing.... A mandate like this is going to prompt them to find a way to screw us over. Remember what happened with the portable numbers? We all ended up with a $1.75 "regulatory recovery fee" on our bills for quite a while.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Hands-On Activity For IT Career Fair

irving47 Crimp! (121 comments)

Let them crimp some RJ45's onto cat5.

1 year,19 days

My SSID Is...

irving47 Two of my favorites (458 comments)

I've had to do a lot of site surveys and have seen literally hundreds of lists with 30-40 SSID's each...
The two that stand out most were
"NachoNet" and "GrumpysRevengeNetwork"

1 year,28 days

Colliding, Exploding Stars May Have Created All the Gold On Earth

irving47 Re:Old news? (133 comments)

New host? Are you going for some sort of super-deluxe, double-catch-22 in reference to the word new? :)

Yeah, I miss Art Bell a lot. I liked Barbara Simpson, on the weekends, several years ago, too. I haven't listened in over a year, since our cumulus station switched to Red-Eye Radio. It sounds like it's gotten worse? Does he still have Ed Dames and Steve Quayle?

about a year ago

Apple and Amazon End Lawsuit Over the Term 'App Store'

irving47 patents (79 comments)

I bet a shiny quarter that somewhere in the agreement, Apple gets a break on the 1-click purchase license that Amazon got the patent on way back when. Apple was among the first, if not the first, to license that farce for their store online.

about a year ago

Teenage League of Legends Player Jailed For Months For Facebook Joke

irving47 freedom... (743 comments)

I'm surprised it's come to this. I was sure that when I went back and read the summary more carefully, it was going to be Australia or the UK, not Austin, TX.
Who in their right mind viewed that as a credible threat?

about a year ago

Nook Failure, Lack of Foot Traffic Could Spell Doom For Barnes & Noble

irving47 Staying out of both... (330 comments)

I won't shop in a Barnes & Noble or a Booksamillion anymore because of the constant upselling at the register. If I say no thanks, and I'm not interested even ONCE, I don't need to hear the 60 second speech they have memorized.

about a year ago

It's Time To Start Taking Stolen Phones Seriously

irving47 Re:But, But... (282 comments)

Forgot to mention the reason we suddenly got the databases... They were "voluntarily" created by the companies a few weeks (or was it days) they got called in front of congress wondering about what could be done...

about a year ago

It's Time To Start Taking Stolen Phones Seriously

irving47 Re:But, But... (282 comments)

You're dead-on close... I used to work for a couple of resellers and it made me mad we didn't have databases at all when I knew as well as you what the ESN's and IMEI's could be used for in this regard.
We do have stolen device databases now... I believe they're still carrier specific at the moment, but they were to be combined this year or next, I think. Yeah, a marketing manager like that doesn't surprise me at all. Too bad the carriers wouldn't come up with that on their own, but hey, money is money.

about a year ago

It's Time To Start Taking Stolen Phones Seriously

irving47 Re:But, But... (282 comments)

Well, *theft* is... in these cases... But maybe you're worried about people that hobble up to you on a wooden peg-leg and say ARRR Matey... I'll be takin' yer phone, and there's a musketball with yer name on it if ye give chase!

about a year ago



How do we sway a mega-corporation from obsolescing your gear?

irving47 irving47 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

irving47 (73147) writes "As reported and discussed in many reports, Apple is redesigning its iPhone charger from 30 to 19 pins.
Worse yet, the scuttlebutt is every device will need a chip or hardware key to work with the pending new iPhones. This pretty much guarantees the end of 3rd party car chargers, docking stations, and hordes of other accessories that don't want to pay Apple's licensing fees and pass the cost on to we consumers.
My question is: How do we pre-emptively make it completely clear to Apple that this is unacceptable? There is the obvious, "don't buy it" argument. In fact, I'm sure that will be a significant percentage of the comments below! But... Firstly, that's a reactionary, too-late response. Also, the fact is, a lot of us are attached to the iOS in much the same way as we have been Mac OS for years now... We don't WANT to change it, but we don't want to get screwed over, either.
Would you buy a simple 30-19 pin adapter if it meant continuing to use your favorite accessory? I would, but replacing every device because of a hardware key would be an expensive proposition."

Ask Slashdot: Moving away from the IT field?

irving47 irving47 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

irving47 (73147) writes "With the economy the way it is, it's a little iffy to even think about switching careers completely, but lately, I've gotten more and more fed up with trying to keep up with the technical demands of companies or customers that are financially and even verbally unappreciative. While I might be good at it, and the money adequate, I'm curious to hear from slashdotters that have gone cold-turkey from their IT/Networking careers to something once foreign to them. How did you deal with the income difference, if any? Do you find yourself dealing with people more, and if so, how do you feel about it?"


irving47 has no journal entries.

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