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Video Game Conditioning Spills Over Into Real Life

ishark Re:And, yet... when violence is involved... (232 comments)

This could be also because while studies have shown the effect of games in some cases (like this one, even if I fail to see the importance of being a video game, or other cases where people with phobias are "trained" around them using games), studies which find links between videogames and violence are non-existant. And still, it should be VERY easy to prove, just by looking at the percentage of minors in jail for violent crimes which are avid violent videogame players. I'm also sure you remember the statistics (posted here on slashdot) showing that in the years after the release of Doom, violent crime went down.....

more than 5 years ago

South Korea's Free Computer Game Business Model Hits the US

ishark Re:An interesting market experiment... (159 comments)

Another Korean MMO player here (I play rappelz).
The business model is interesting: basically there is nothing ingame which forces you to buy anything, but buy-only items help in leveling or make you more powerful for a short time, or provide decoration to personalize your character. From what I've seen it works well. There's a large part of population which is ready to spend a lot of money (I've heard people hitting the cap, which is something like $500/month) either for powerleveling or just to have the cool gear. Another approach is to use this as a money-making approach: want to buy some nice item? Go buy stuff with real money and then sell/trade it to get the nice item you want. This happens a lot, and makes game maker hate RMT ("gold farmers") because they cut into their profits.
What is not clear is the long-term effect. I mean: as the server population increases in level, they have access to a lot of in-game money, allowing them to buy basically anything, and lowering their need to spend real money. Unless there's a fresh arrival of new players who will spend money for the buy-only items the profits will go down. Also, there's a "saturation effect": the decorative items are often buy-once-use-forever: when everyone has one then it's over, forcing the company to keep putting up other (usually more powerful) items.

more than 6 years ago



ishark ishark writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ishark (245915) writes "The torrents of the newest release of the Mandriva Linux distribution have appeared on the Mandriva website. Apart from the usual improvements and new versions, a notable inclusion is the full suite of 3D-enabled desktops: compiz/beryl/metisse. A complete tour of the updated distribution can be found here."


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