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Orrin Hatch to Lead Senate Panel on Copyright, Patents

isolation Re:for (i=1;i++;) (534 comments)

I'll bite on this one. I vote LP and here is why.

The left is all over the map depending on who gives the money. At least the right has some "core values" that the politcos cannot take away such as school choice, limiting abortion and anti-gun control.

Issues such as gay marriage, c/states//civil rights, balenced budgets and drug law shows how much of a mess the right is in as well.

What is a "liberal or progressive"? Most on the right want school choice which sounds like a "liberal" idea to me.

Heres a "progressive" idea for you, how about that state not being involved in marriage at all? My union with my wife was a act of God and it sickens me to have the state have any sort of legal authority over it. There is something like 500 extra contract and tax right that being married gives you in this country. The notion of granting more rights to someone that is married as opposed to someone that is single should be ruled unconstitutional. Try getting the state out of marriage rather than keeping this insane unequal application of the law that is marriage going. Whats next? Why can't a marriage be three people? Should all three not have the same rights? The state being involved in my marriage which is a union before God is on part with a 1st amendment violation of the establishment clause.

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